Dear Your Holiness the Dalai Lama, Divine Father, Lord of Love and Friend to Humanity,

On the auspicious occasion of your 80th birthday, I write to thank you for the compassion you show to all sentient beings.  From my Christian roots I see that as God loves his Son, you have loved us All.  I stand with you and pay homage to you and your unwavering commitment to peace in Tibet and worldwide.    May this auspicious occasion mark a profound movement for awakening and change in our human family.

Your kindness and wisdom inspire me not only today, but every day and in all aspects of my life, and with that inspiration I hope to help inspire my country to stand united with you in nonviolence.  May we rise into our hearts and stand united in our human right to Love, our right to train in it, honor it, and embody it.  I believe to love is our basic divine human right like instinct from Mother to child.  or Heavenly Father to Son. Or YOU to USAll. Same love. 

May China and American People (i.eihuman beings) and all Nations join in a Friends of Nations Network and organize ourselves to do our sacred dances for your Birthday and for World Peace.  May these dances be expressions of our awakening our love inside us through loving you and each other in organized activities.


I see people understanding that we can use our intention to make the pure lands out of our toxic suffering Earth by working together doing purifying work.  I see an unarmed Red Army of Loving activities and a happy Chinese with clean air. I see the World celebrating a free Tibet because i see the worlds people joining on a Tantra love network and exiting the terror, militarized, armed force age.  Your Birthday is a Day we can all sign up for the same service.  To serve our heart. To save our hearts.

As the center of all that is good, around you I see new activities as our human race joins together to help dispel each others misery as our life purpose.  We thank you as children to Father for walking the path of Love, holding the energy, and we humans who feel a real spark of love inside our hearts when we see your face, hear your name, or even just think of you, join in one flame.

may that spark they feel of authentic feeling of happiness or love be our primary basic human right we protect.  Now we the people come to value Our right to love and feel authentic true love.  Our expressing our love to you as a Global human race is a key to our humanity surviving and the world sees how China Government is trying to censor our love for His Holiness.  that is undermining our very human nature. This is beyond politics. It’s a fight to save our humanity with the thread of love that connects us to our humanity.

Now more than ever, I pray that all of us global citizens who feel the spark of love inside our feeling body when we think of His Holiness to join as one from all over the world.  This is a massive number of people and energy!  May this movement help Chinese soldiers feel too as we invite them to be at liberty to speak love and feel care and giggle, and be friendly humans.  May we have a system that can retrain and reboot the heart of humanity and armed forces.

I pray on His Holiness’ Birthday all men and women from whatever Country, use it as a day to honor & practice loving kindness.  On that day, may we speak our I love You’s, and our I’m Sorry’s to each other and catalyze a world healing.  That is what love does.

We the People could try it for just one day.   We pick a time when we caused Death to another and take responsibility for it and apologize. Rather that righteously hold onto to a wrong.  Example:  America apologizes to Vietnam, Middle East.  President Obama, I ask you to speak on behalf of this type of ‘Responsibility.’  China apologizes to Tibet.  Germans apologize to Jew. White to Black. Black to Black.  Man to Woman.  Woman to man.  Mother to child.  Child to parent. etc….We the People cannot wait for our leaders to lead to Peace. They won’t. They will keep us armed and in the same paradigm of fear and destruction.  We the People in each Nation must extend the olive branch and break the patterns of violence.  We can catalyze Olympic of Love activities all over the world.  Love can do this. On your Birthday your Holiness, I hope we do loving activities on Earth.  I pray that one day all armed forces/uniformed personnel could join in a world team activity that does not require carrying a weapon, but rather clean water, food, etc….

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG3V5ja3oM8  This is a video demonstration of such a tantric dream for us all

I believe we the Humans are recognizing this core, root spiritual value of love that we must resurrect in our World now. Our human right to love is our most precious resource, our most valuable commodity!  So I say to China, if wearing a Tshirt saying I am a Friend of His Holiness the Dalai Lama or I LOVE the Dalai Lama is against the law, we see the crazy.  It is unacceptable.  I believe now the world is awake enough and connected through the internet enough to see that any regime making love illegal must not prevail and those caught in service to that system are not free!  So I pray on your Birthday all can taste the freedom to love and be loved.  A Compassionate day and service.  A compassionate tantra boot camp service and training.

I see all brothers dancing their sacred dances to each other and to you. Like the Earth is a World Peace Birthday cake and we are heart flame candles dancing on the cake…i see all army of Red and Red, White and Blue getting paid to do healing and helpful activities under the new command of a Motherland Compassionate Commander in Chief.  I see the Red Army dancing in a Zumba street Olympics of Peace parade and giving a flower to a Tibetan.

Your Holiness, your love has touched us all over the world and we have reached critical mass.   Now, it is my prayer that this flame of love we feel for you as citizens from around the world – we can recognize we are meeting in the heart of our humanity and By celebrating him we are resurrecting lost love in ourselves.  The more Free He is the happier we all will be.  Love expands when we do loving activity.

My wish is for you to go home with the royal blessing of We the People of China, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Russia, America, and all peoples of the world. May we forget about how it will happen, just put faith in love and know that it will happen because it is what is right.  OUr hearts feel it.  China’s heart feels it.  The Worlds heart feels it.  I can say this because We are all interconnected and my heart feels it.  Let us end our dark age and officially begin our Age of Light.  I offer my spark of light to the Spiritual Sun that your aspirations to benefit all beings be fulfilled in this life.  I see how the benefits can happen for people and for business but i am already writing too much.

Your Holiness, May you return home to your Potala in a Happy Free Tibet and a Happy Free China.  May a Love Olympic torch or spark of light in our hearts be felt directly and in that feeling….may we trust in it and connect with each other.  This is a Fire Olympic event and as we raise the Spiritual Sun of Tibet with you is lighting up our Compassion as power in our humanity.

In service to the cause of Peace on Earth and helping make Purelands in our world now as a business model and intention. Your Holiness ignited my faith in goodness in human and to you and your divine qualities I bow and I serve…and may Spiritual Mother Amma and sister Oprah add their flames to this movement and prayer.

your heart daughter,
Karma Yangchen Lhamo,
Julie Christine,
aka Libertyusa

October 2013 075

as usual i have written lengthy. i apologize.  May Love & Compassions seed ripen in us humans and prevail now.  Om mani peme hum.  May there be auspicious circumstances and may we See you in Tibet as we humans pull together to restore our planet to her bounty and rise out of these dark ages.  May suffering be dispelled by us dispelling misery rather than creating it.   May there exist a Tantric global network doing the good work.