To His Holiness Dalai Lama on his 80th Birthday and to ‘We the People’ of our human family Wednesday, Jul 1 2015 


Dear Your Holiness the Dalai Lama, Divine Father, Lord of Love and Friend to Humanity,

On the auspicious occasion of your 80th birthday, I write to thank you for the compassion you show to all sentient beings.  From my Christian roots I see that as God loves his Son, you have loved us All.  I stand with you and pay homage to you and your unwavering commitment to peace in Tibet and worldwide.    May this auspicious occasion mark a profound movement for awakening and change in our human family.

Your kindness and wisdom inspire me not only today, but every day and in all aspects of my life, and with that inspiration I hope to help inspire my country to stand united with you in nonviolence.  May we rise into our hearts and stand united in our human right to Love, our right to train in it, honor it, and embody it.  I believe to love is our basic divine human right like instinct from Mother to child.  or Heavenly Father to Son. Or YOU to USAll. Same love. 

May China and American People (i.eihuman beings) and all Nations join in a Friends of Nations Network and organize ourselves to do our sacred dances for your Birthday and for World Peace.  May these dances be expressions of our awakening our love inside us through loving you and each other in organized activities.


I see people understanding that we can use our intention to make the pure lands out of our toxic suffering Earth by working together doing purifying work.  I see an unarmed Red Army of Loving activities and a happy Chinese with clean air. I see the World celebrating a free Tibet because i see the worlds people joining on a Tantra love network and exiting the terror, militarized, armed force age.  Your Birthday is a Day we can all sign up for the same service.  To serve our heart. To save our hearts.

As the center of all that is good, around you I see new activities as our human race joins together to help dispel each others misery as our life purpose.  We thank you as children to Father for walking the path of Love, holding the energy, and we humans who feel a real spark of love inside our hearts when we see your face, hear your name, or even just think of you, join in one flame.

may that spark they feel of authentic feeling of happiness or love be our primary basic human right we protect.  Now we the people come to value Our right to love and feel authentic true love.  Our expressing our love to you as a Global human race is a key to our humanity surviving and the world sees how China Government is trying to censor our love for His Holiness.  that is undermining our very human nature. This is beyond politics. It’s a fight to save our humanity with the thread of love that connects us to our humanity.

Now more than ever, I pray that all of us global citizens who feel the spark of love inside our feeling body when we think of His Holiness to join as one from all over the world.  This is a massive number of people and energy!  May this movement help Chinese soldiers feel too as we invite them to be at liberty to speak love and feel care and giggle, and be friendly humans.  May we have a system that can retrain and reboot the heart of humanity and armed forces.

I pray on His Holiness’ Birthday all men and women from whatever Country, use it as a day to honor & practice loving kindness.  On that day, may we speak our I love You’s, and our I’m Sorry’s to each other and catalyze a world healing.  That is what love does.

We the People could try it for just one day.   We pick a time when we caused Death to another and take responsibility for it and apologize. Rather that righteously hold onto to a wrong.  Example:  America apologizes to Vietnam, Middle East.  President Obama, I ask you to speak on behalf of this type of ‘Responsibility.’  China apologizes to Tibet.  Germans apologize to Jew. White to Black. Black to Black.  Man to Woman.  Woman to man.  Mother to child.  Child to parent. etc….We the People cannot wait for our leaders to lead to Peace. They won’t. They will keep us armed and in the same paradigm of fear and destruction.  We the People in each Nation must extend the olive branch and break the patterns of violence.  We can catalyze Olympic of Love activities all over the world.  Love can do this. On your Birthday your Holiness, I hope we do loving activities on Earth.  I pray that one day all armed forces/uniformed personnel could join in a world team activity that does not require carrying a weapon, but rather clean water, food, etc….  This is a video demonstration of such a tantric dream for us all

I believe we the Humans are recognizing this core, root spiritual value of love that we must resurrect in our World now. Our human right to love is our most precious resource, our most valuable commodity!  So I say to China, if wearing a Tshirt saying I am a Friend of His Holiness the Dalai Lama or I LOVE the Dalai Lama is against the law, we see the crazy.  It is unacceptable.  I believe now the world is awake enough and connected through the internet enough to see that any regime making love illegal must not prevail and those caught in service to that system are not free!  So I pray on your Birthday all can taste the freedom to love and be loved.  A Compassionate day and service.  A compassionate tantra boot camp service and training.

I see all brothers dancing their sacred dances to each other and to you. Like the Earth is a World Peace Birthday cake and we are heart flame candles dancing on the cake…i see all army of Red and Red, White and Blue getting paid to do healing and helpful activities under the new command of a Motherland Compassionate Commander in Chief.  I see the Red Army dancing in a Zumba street Olympics of Peace parade and giving a flower to a Tibetan.

Your Holiness, your love has touched us all over the world and we have reached critical mass.   Now, it is my prayer that this flame of love we feel for you as citizens from around the world – we can recognize we are meeting in the heart of our humanity and By celebrating him we are resurrecting lost love in ourselves.  The more Free He is the happier we all will be.  Love expands when we do loving activity.

My wish is for you to go home with the royal blessing of We the People of China, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Russia, America, and all peoples of the world. May we forget about how it will happen, just put faith in love and know that it will happen because it is what is right.  OUr hearts feel it.  China’s heart feels it.  The Worlds heart feels it.  I can say this because We are all interconnected and my heart feels it.  Let us end our dark age and officially begin our Age of Light.  I offer my spark of light to the Spiritual Sun that your aspirations to benefit all beings be fulfilled in this life.  I see how the benefits can happen for people and for business but i am already writing too much.

Your Holiness, May you return home to your Potala in a Happy Free Tibet and a Happy Free China.  May a Love Olympic torch or spark of light in our hearts be felt directly and in that feeling….may we trust in it and connect with each other.  This is a Fire Olympic event and as we raise the Spiritual Sun of Tibet with you is lighting up our Compassion as power in our humanity.

In service to the cause of Peace on Earth and helping make Purelands in our world now as a business model and intention. Your Holiness ignited my faith in goodness in human and to you and your divine qualities I bow and I serve…and may Spiritual Mother Amma and sister Oprah add their flames to this movement and prayer.

your heart daughter,
Karma Yangchen Lhamo,
Julie Christine,
aka Libertyusa

October 2013 075

as usual i have written lengthy. i apologize.  May Love & Compassions seed ripen in us humans and prevail now.  Om mani peme hum.  May there be auspicious circumstances and may we See you in Tibet as we humans pull together to restore our planet to her bounty and rise out of these dark ages.  May suffering be dispelled by us dispelling misery rather than creating it.   May there exist a Tantric global network doing the good work.


Compassion Campaign 2016 Wednesday, Apr 8 2015 

Julie's Camara 163

Please visit our website for ideas about World Campassion Campaign 2016.  Our human rights to vote, make changes, and free ourselves from hate and war and enter our freedoms to express our hearts, love, creativity and serve Olympic Friends of Nations activities.  With hopes and prayers for Mothers Love, Justice, and Peace I offer my inside thoughts to our outer world.

Patriotism to Guns is enslavement to Hell. Join Compassion Campaign 2016, serving our Heaven Wednesday, Apr 8 2015

2008 743

Please don’t get angry at me if you are an American Christian or Chinese Communist citizen connected to the military.

I write for World Compassion Campaign 2016.  I have a vow to speak the truth as i see it.  Please allow me that freedom of speech to express and know that in so doing that it is with intention to help us bring true peace and true happiness.  Unity in our hearts and break the tradition of weapons and violence upon ourselves and our neighbors.  We have a human right to serve love and train it and make that our Patriotism.

and we have a right to awaken true love into Christianity. By looking at ourselves. Truthfully.

If you do not like what you hear, or agree with what is written about our addiction to weapons,  it doesn’t change the fact of what is reality –

you, WE, are a CountryReligion at War and China is flat out genociding Tibet.  With weapons, crackdowns and ‘Law’ of Patriotism.  America, my family,  War is neither an act of Freedom, peace, happy or heroic.  So, Even if you don’t like the sound of reality, don’t get mad at the person point out ‘what is’ now, because as we see it truthfully, we can change it, and then we can not be offended.  But right now, i ask you try not to get offended but see this article as an opportunity for real change for the better. If we say everything is fine and it isn’t we are missing a grand opportunity to improve our lives on Earth.

See, i think Westerners, We the American people, like to think we are good and doing good and tell ourselves that alot in many different ways,  but what i would like to see is us living our good so that we are actually inside the good rather than it being just a concept that sounds nice, but since we don’t look at reality clearly we overlook our not so good mind and activities that are short circuiting our heart feelings. i write so that our hearts can start thinking and making decisions, not our fear or lower minds.

We have to mature (ascend) out of what we have been taught to think or what we are patterned to think. (i.e. patriotism, or war is ok, etc…)  I ask you to view a topic i bring up from your hearts perspective.  What does your heart think about war?  Jesus was all about love, but if we are not even listening to our hearts, how can we be following him?  We must learn to speak from our hearts.  and MORE important, Think from our heart.  Ask it to speak to you.  Or ask your heart, What would Jesus do.  or if Chinese, What would Kuan Yin do?  We have to tap into our inner red intelligence & army of loving activities as human beings…we have this intelligence inside us, but we have not fully awakened & united with it directly with our thoughts and feeling.  The time is now.  OUr hearts intelligence as mass #’s of humans are already awake and we are collectively making profound changes for the better on our planet.  Now, we must address violence and the right to kill.  Please do not salute your right to kill your neighbor.  It is a wrong.  By pointing out a wrong we can unite and make it right.

We have to analyze what we have been taught

and ask truthfully if that is serving the good or are we just saying it is and wanting to believe it true.

Blessed Human family.  We Humans in one way or another have made a tradition out of making the act of taking life something they can’t give up. but they can.  I have heard it said that it will take lifetimes to end war. Why?  because we can’t save men by teaching them not to kill each other? Yes, we can.

 Releasing weapon and violence as law is saving life.  All Life.  It’s like we Joining a Savior plan (save life) rather than serving Satan plan (take life and steal resources) or in the East we see the choice

LIke the Dalai Lama mind of serving Love and Nonviolence
Or Communist male mind serving invasion and murder

Humans could end hell on Earth tomorrow.  like the game hot potato.  One day people might wake up and join the no gun day.  Recycle weapon day.  Grow amazing jungle gyms and hotels and chairs and other friendship forms with the material of weapon.  When we decide to empower love rather than Gun as your protection we will be taking a step to true and authentic freedom.  As a religion and as a Country.

Do you believe we have a right to kill?  Did Jesus teach killing?  I think if we are saying you are following Jesus but involved in war it is an example of not telling ourself the truth.

Armed forces is built upon two things – fear of someone taking your life and taking their life first (or taking their country and resources) It is also a mind stream that wants to protect what it has stolen from someone coming to get them so it uses more armed force to surround it’s borders to prevent others from getting what they got. it’s a very selfish and destructive life sucking system. Each Country or “religious’ group that supports killing other human beings as their ‘service’ to some better world is eating the lie.

Armed forces needs to be looked at. the first word Armed. Armed with what – yes, a product. A product linked to money and death. And then these products get linked with survival in a fear state. So they become false Gods. worshipped and lived for. Money and Weapons become the protection and the service. We are here in Amercia to stand as human race citizens and renounce killing humans. Renounce weapons. Embrace and Embody wisdom. Love. As it was meant to be. how? by analyzing truthfully while non judgmentally seeing the Wrong thought and correcting with right thoughts based in the truth of your heart making the decision.

So, how do we wean off Patriotism and Armed forces?  The battle amongst Man.  Father to Son passed down lineage of battle and weapon. fighting became heroic and the way to save your family or serve your country.  We know our history by now, but we don’t have to keep reliving it.  We can see beyond our past now.  the entire mind of killing that which you don’t want rather than transforming it needs to end.  we don’t become the chemotherapy to conquer death.  plus you you can’t kill the bad guy – by killing you contribute to the bad and it multiplies.  which is what bad wants -b/c it falsely feels safe being bad then bad doesnt scare it….or something like that.  

A false sense of safety and happiness is sold to the military. Rather, we need to focus our energies on transforming that which we call Enemy into friend

and develop our intention to do so.  and then Hire someone to help us.  As American Christian we have to humble ourselves and ask for help out of war.  The fact that our hearts don’t have a problem with it tells us where we’re dead or numb inside.

How. first we learn what friends do.  We learn how to use our words as men.

we don’t speak our language of power and communication with other man with a weapon between us.  we could do a meet and greet instead.  we don’t have to battle.  We don’t need guns. It’s not a necessity for life. Yet, we have made guns so much a part of our christian life that ya’ll have gunshows like it’s Disney.  Buying selling, and using.

This is only us stuck in a pattern

It’s a false God, a false idol.

See it and bring your Religion into a higher ethical and spiritual awareness of your hearts aligning with Jesus’

That is having your born again expeience.  We have to fall in love with loving.  Dedicate to be a loving being and serve that as our new way to serve Christ.

It is the heart that gives you the power to break patterns of pain. War is just an example, but a powerful one that will shift everything once we get it right, so it’s why i focus on it one pointedly.

So we have to be willing to acknowledge we have a heart and we want to awaken it’s ears, eyes, and speak its words.

S0 what does your heart say about War?

as humans is something we see and evolve out of. destroying destruction is impossible.

as little girl i am taught that to love my country is to love the military and support war
as little girl i am taught that Jesus taught to love our neighbor as ourselves.

remember in Vietnam when the civilian stood in front of tank to stop it and the tank driver ran over them. or Brian Wilson the veteran who was hit by military weapons train that was not going to stop. This is how strong the mindset is once it gets the training of military.  something inside gets very allegienced and self identified.

Conquering and battling yes has gone on for seemingly ever, but really?  is that the best we got? i think something got desensitized in their heart to be able to serve and uphold orders and that being to engage in war with their neighbor country or religion.  Like America dressing like a terrorist to ‘fight terror.’  Oh give me a break. Or Chinese red army  crackdown on a Tibetan monk.  Or another religion or hate group somewhere else wanting to kill for whatever reason.  Patriotism to weapon is our enslavement to Hell.  Please wake up to our LOVE.

whatever the reason each group of people is taught – be it – the reason they tell themselves that killing is the noble act. Taking life is not the noble act. When we recognize that as truth and don’t judge ourselves as evil but recognize we have been doing evil while telling ourselves it was Gods work or good work or service to some religion or country that was just giving you mind reasons to make your same mistake in the mind until we learn. now we learn. Virtue, loving, communicating with words (as opposed to weapons) restoring life, mending bridges, healing hearts, this is the good work. We have to be able to renounce serving country or uniform when it i giving you arms. force. weapons. trauma. post trauman and past trauma. now we don’t want future trauma. everyone keeps jobs but the uniforms get new training and new job duties.

We love our family that has served but we renounce the service. weapons is not the enlightened, evolved, advanced age of humanity. we have a chance to live in that age now, but how can we if we keep dressing the same, serving the same, holding onto weapons the same? it’s noble and virtuous and leads to happy if you serve a service serving these types of activities. humans don’t need a border of guns around us (national security, airport security, etc…) in order to keep us sane and safe. What We need is sane and safe beings on the borders – not ones dressed like mutants carrying force and violence. No.  Not in America or China we not not allow fear and weapon to be the Law.

we need a radical paradigm shift. if we can do this we have magnificent miracles made by humanity to taste. like the chocolate of love we can experience in our human life on Earth. can you imagine the joy in ending world hunger? we can do it. can you imagine the joy witnessing enemies become friends? or weapons transform into huge hotel and man caves with transferred weapons jungle gym outside to play on? can you imagine the joy of all children getting to eat and have clean water and shoes to wear and go to compassion school anywhere on this planet.

Every religion, every country, every race. needs to empower compassion. within ourselves and within our world. we need to fund it, learn about if, awaken it, fuel it, live it, rejoice in it. recognize that it is what the love aspect is that Jesus spoke of when he said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. It is but if you keep serving the Kingdom of Hell but telling yourself you’re not and Jesus will save you – what can Jesus do? Each has freewill. Jesus can only expose the deception to help guide you to see your hearts truth.

Our hearts already hold the perspective of empowering love, but our identity to fear and enemy separate thinking keeps us in uniform and in battle – very high tech profitable battle with many networked financial entities involved – literally money used for destruction, extinction and spreading disease (often by making a disease and spreading it so then the pharmaceutical ‘cure’ will be purchased)  All based on dependency.  Not independence & Interdependence.

We all know there is a money chain linked to extremely destructive dark work using humans to destroy life. it uses our ignorance and lack of feelings or willingness to think deep along with our insecurity to keep us locked into fueling this destructive activity. It feeds us weapons scenes in movies and we become addicted to the vibration and also unknowingly participating in our OWN suffering and destruction. By patting the insecure soldier on the back and saying “Good work son, (or daughter) you belong to something, you did good serving the country’ Then the soldiers insecure self feels good. but deep down he feels bad. Because we witnessed first hand the bad service.  But they can’t speak of it or they will be court marshalled.  It’s very dark what Military does.  We humans do ourselves a disservice passing the lineage of battle and destruction of each other down through time.

It’s time we grow up, mature, and come of age as humans. Graduate out of armed force.

Enter into Love force. Sign up. Sign on.

Tantra troops.                nightliberty.jpg

Green 3rd Party Spiritual values Political Party for We the People

With Mothers Love and in service to the Mother’s Love awakening in USAll.

We can Join/co-create a Liberty Tree Party and Network

values of Compassion, Ethical treatment to Neighbor, Animals, Self, and Mother Nature, and growing our Liberty Tree root of LOVE

Aloha and Peace.