Compassion Campaign 2016 Wednesday, Apr 8 2015 

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Please visit our website for ideas about World Campassion Campaign 2016.  Our human rights to vote, make changes, and free ourselves from hate and war and enter our freedoms to express our hearts, love, creativity and serve Olympic Friends of Nations activities.  With hopes and prayers for Mothers Love, Justice, and Peace I offer my inside thoughts to our outer world.


Patriotism to Guns is enslavement to Hell. Join Compassion Campaign 2016, serving our Heaven Wednesday, Apr 8 2015

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Please don’t get angry at me if you are an American Christian or Chinese Communist citizen connected to the military.

I write for World Compassion Campaign 2016.  I have a vow to speak the truth as i see it.  Please allow me that freedom of speech to express and know that in so doing that it is with intention to help us bring true peace and true happiness.  Unity in our hearts and break the tradition of weapons and violence upon ourselves and our neighbors.  We have a human right to serve love and train it and make that our Patriotism.

and we have a right to awaken true love into Christianity. By looking at ourselves. Truthfully.

If you do not like what you hear, or agree with what is written about our addiction to weapons,  it doesn’t change the fact of what is reality –

you, WE, are a CountryReligion at War and China is flat out genociding Tibet.  With weapons, crackdowns and ‘Law’ of Patriotism.  America, my family,  War is neither an act of Freedom, peace, happy or heroic.  So, Even if you don’t like the sound of reality, don’t get mad at the person point out ‘what is’ now, because as we see it truthfully, we can change it, and then we can not be offended.  But right now, i ask you try not to get offended but see this article as an opportunity for real change for the better. If we say everything is fine and it isn’t we are missing a grand opportunity to improve our lives on Earth.

See, i think Westerners, We the American people, like to think we are good and doing good and tell ourselves that alot in many different ways,  but what i would like to see is us living our good so that we are actually inside the good rather than it being just a concept that sounds nice, but since we don’t look at reality clearly we overlook our not so good mind and activities that are short circuiting our heart feelings. i write so that our hearts can start thinking and making decisions, not our fear or lower minds.

We have to mature (ascend) out of what we have been taught to think or what we are patterned to think. (i.e. patriotism, or war is ok, etc…)  I ask you to view a topic i bring up from your hearts perspective.  What does your heart think about war?  Jesus was all about love, but if we are not even listening to our hearts, how can we be following him?  We must learn to speak from our hearts.  and MORE important, Think from our heart.  Ask it to speak to you.  Or ask your heart, What would Jesus do.  or if Chinese, What would Kuan Yin do?  We have to tap into our inner red intelligence & army of loving activities as human beings…we have this intelligence inside us, but we have not fully awakened & united with it directly with our thoughts and feeling.  The time is now.  OUr hearts intelligence as mass #’s of humans are already awake and we are collectively making profound changes for the better on our planet.  Now, we must address violence and the right to kill.  Please do not salute your right to kill your neighbor.  It is a wrong.  By pointing out a wrong we can unite and make it right.

We have to analyze what we have been taught

and ask truthfully if that is serving the good or are we just saying it is and wanting to believe it true.

Blessed Human family.  We Humans in one way or another have made a tradition out of making the act of taking life something they can’t give up. but they can.  I have heard it said that it will take lifetimes to end war. Why?  because we can’t save men by teaching them not to kill each other? Yes, we can.

 Releasing weapon and violence as law is saving life.  All Life.  It’s like we Joining a Savior plan (save life) rather than serving Satan plan (take life and steal resources) or in the East we see the choice

LIke the Dalai Lama mind of serving Love and Nonviolence
Or Communist male mind serving invasion and murder

Humans could end hell on Earth tomorrow.  like the game hot potato.  One day people might wake up and join the no gun day.  Recycle weapon day.  Grow amazing jungle gyms and hotels and chairs and other friendship forms with the material of weapon.  When we decide to empower love rather than Gun as your protection we will be taking a step to true and authentic freedom.  As a religion and as a Country.

Do you believe we have a right to kill?  Did Jesus teach killing?  I think if we are saying you are following Jesus but involved in war it is an example of not telling ourself the truth.

Armed forces is built upon two things – fear of someone taking your life and taking their life first (or taking their country and resources) It is also a mind stream that wants to protect what it has stolen from someone coming to get them so it uses more armed force to surround it’s borders to prevent others from getting what they got. it’s a very selfish and destructive life sucking system. Each Country or “religious’ group that supports killing other human beings as their ‘service’ to some better world is eating the lie.

Armed forces needs to be looked at. the first word Armed. Armed with what – yes, a product. A product linked to money and death. And then these products get linked with survival in a fear state. So they become false Gods. worshipped and lived for. Money and Weapons become the protection and the service. We are here in Amercia to stand as human race citizens and renounce killing humans. Renounce weapons. Embrace and Embody wisdom. Love. As it was meant to be. how? by analyzing truthfully while non judgmentally seeing the Wrong thought and correcting with right thoughts based in the truth of your heart making the decision.

So, how do we wean off Patriotism and Armed forces?  The battle amongst Man.  Father to Son passed down lineage of battle and weapon. fighting became heroic and the way to save your family or serve your country.  We know our history by now, but we don’t have to keep reliving it.  We can see beyond our past now.  the entire mind of killing that which you don’t want rather than transforming it needs to end.  we don’t become the chemotherapy to conquer death.  plus you you can’t kill the bad guy – by killing you contribute to the bad and it multiplies.  which is what bad wants -b/c it falsely feels safe being bad then bad doesnt scare it….or something like that.  

A false sense of safety and happiness is sold to the military. Rather, we need to focus our energies on transforming that which we call Enemy into friend

and develop our intention to do so.  and then Hire someone to help us.  As American Christian we have to humble ourselves and ask for help out of war.  The fact that our hearts don’t have a problem with it tells us where we’re dead or numb inside.

How. first we learn what friends do.  We learn how to use our words as men.

we don’t speak our language of power and communication with other man with a weapon between us.  we could do a meet and greet instead.  we don’t have to battle.  We don’t need guns. It’s not a necessity for life. Yet, we have made guns so much a part of our christian life that ya’ll have gunshows like it’s Disney.  Buying selling, and using.

This is only us stuck in a pattern

It’s a false God, a false idol.

See it and bring your Religion into a higher ethical and spiritual awareness of your hearts aligning with Jesus’

That is having your born again expeience.  We have to fall in love with loving.  Dedicate to be a loving being and serve that as our new way to serve Christ.

It is the heart that gives you the power to break patterns of pain. War is just an example, but a powerful one that will shift everything once we get it right, so it’s why i focus on it one pointedly.

So we have to be willing to acknowledge we have a heart and we want to awaken it’s ears, eyes, and speak its words.

S0 what does your heart say about War?

as humans is something we see and evolve out of. destroying destruction is impossible.

as little girl i am taught that to love my country is to love the military and support war
as little girl i am taught that Jesus taught to love our neighbor as ourselves.

remember in Vietnam when the civilian stood in front of tank to stop it and the tank driver ran over them. or Brian Wilson the veteran who was hit by military weapons train that was not going to stop. This is how strong the mindset is once it gets the training of military.  something inside gets very allegienced and self identified.

Conquering and battling yes has gone on for seemingly ever, but really?  is that the best we got? i think something got desensitized in their heart to be able to serve and uphold orders and that being to engage in war with their neighbor country or religion.  Like America dressing like a terrorist to ‘fight terror.’  Oh give me a break. Or Chinese red army  crackdown on a Tibetan monk.  Or another religion or hate group somewhere else wanting to kill for whatever reason.  Patriotism to weapon is our enslavement to Hell.  Please wake up to our LOVE.

whatever the reason each group of people is taught – be it – the reason they tell themselves that killing is the noble act. Taking life is not the noble act. When we recognize that as truth and don’t judge ourselves as evil but recognize we have been doing evil while telling ourselves it was Gods work or good work or service to some religion or country that was just giving you mind reasons to make your same mistake in the mind until we learn. now we learn. Virtue, loving, communicating with words (as opposed to weapons) restoring life, mending bridges, healing hearts, this is the good work. We have to be able to renounce serving country or uniform when it i giving you arms. force. weapons. trauma. post trauman and past trauma. now we don’t want future trauma. everyone keeps jobs but the uniforms get new training and new job duties.

We love our family that has served but we renounce the service. weapons is not the enlightened, evolved, advanced age of humanity. we have a chance to live in that age now, but how can we if we keep dressing the same, serving the same, holding onto weapons the same? it’s noble and virtuous and leads to happy if you serve a service serving these types of activities. humans don’t need a border of guns around us (national security, airport security, etc…) in order to keep us sane and safe. What We need is sane and safe beings on the borders – not ones dressed like mutants carrying force and violence. No.  Not in America or China we not not allow fear and weapon to be the Law.

we need a radical paradigm shift. if we can do this we have magnificent miracles made by humanity to taste. like the chocolate of love we can experience in our human life on Earth. can you imagine the joy in ending world hunger? we can do it. can you imagine the joy witnessing enemies become friends? or weapons transform into huge hotel and man caves with transferred weapons jungle gym outside to play on? can you imagine the joy of all children getting to eat and have clean water and shoes to wear and go to compassion school anywhere on this planet.

Every religion, every country, every race. needs to empower compassion. within ourselves and within our world. we need to fund it, learn about if, awaken it, fuel it, live it, rejoice in it. recognize that it is what the love aspect is that Jesus spoke of when he said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. It is but if you keep serving the Kingdom of Hell but telling yourself you’re not and Jesus will save you – what can Jesus do? Each has freewill. Jesus can only expose the deception to help guide you to see your hearts truth.

Our hearts already hold the perspective of empowering love, but our identity to fear and enemy separate thinking keeps us in uniform and in battle – very high tech profitable battle with many networked financial entities involved – literally money used for destruction, extinction and spreading disease (often by making a disease and spreading it so then the pharmaceutical ‘cure’ will be purchased)  All based on dependency.  Not independence & Interdependence.

We all know there is a money chain linked to extremely destructive dark work using humans to destroy life. it uses our ignorance and lack of feelings or willingness to think deep along with our insecurity to keep us locked into fueling this destructive activity. It feeds us weapons scenes in movies and we become addicted to the vibration and also unknowingly participating in our OWN suffering and destruction. By patting the insecure soldier on the back and saying “Good work son, (or daughter) you belong to something, you did good serving the country’ Then the soldiers insecure self feels good. but deep down he feels bad. Because we witnessed first hand the bad service.  But they can’t speak of it or they will be court marshalled.  It’s very dark what Military does.  We humans do ourselves a disservice passing the lineage of battle and destruction of each other down through time.

It’s time we grow up, mature, and come of age as humans. Graduate out of armed force.

Enter into Love force. Sign up. Sign on.

Tantra troops.                nightliberty.jpg

Green 3rd Party Spiritual values Political Party for We the People

With Mothers Love and in service to the Mother’s Love awakening in USAll.

We can Join/co-create a Liberty Tree Party and Network

values of Compassion, Ethical treatment to Neighbor, Animals, Self, and Mother Nature, and growing our Liberty Tree root of LOVE

Aloha and Peace.

a prayer for Losar Tashi Delek New Year 2015, Compassion awake in We the People Saturday, Feb 28 2015 

Campaign Compassion
Prayer for We the People

on this Eve of Tibetan New Year
our opportunity draws near
to rise together as a We the People
of many tribes gathered here

as ONE

moving together touching our innate compassion
like our hearts feeling the light of the sun
The Spirit of Love within us all
to rise from our fall

i pray to Mother Mary and all she holds dear
I pray to Jesus and his heart so clear
I pray to the Angels to guide us to see
I pray to the precious 3 Jewels
the Buddha times three
I pray to the human root of this our Family tree
I pray to the innate purity deep within We

I pray to all the thus gone ones
who deeply felt love for all sons (and daughters)
I pray to the Presidents whose hearts are heavy
I pray to the soldiers whose burdens are great
i pray to the past to reveal our new way
as we look back proudly and say
never again. it was a mistake
we renounce killing our brother
in every way
we renounce Vietnam, we renounce gun
we renounce hate and torture of anyone
we renounce and remorse our past mistakes
and make that where we unite as a human today
of any race. of any religion
i can see White House Change from War to Peace
like we died and went to heaven
in this life
good news
the majority rules
and the majority votes for Love and Compassion
as our Freedom. As our rule. As our quality we study and practice on Earth School.
our Spirit of Love alive.
when we stop killing life lives longer
it technically is a miracle bring the dead back to life
by inspiring the living to quit killing
we see the benefits of a better life. a better service, a better dream.
Pretend the White House is a Pearly Gate, (1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C.)
We the People surround the Whitehouse with love
(us with candles or lights or solar powered lotus lights)
we make Love and the Law merge, We value love in Church AND State, unite with Love as your intention. We walk with Tibet and His Holiness Dalai Lama to the White House as humanity.
I pray to the human not repeat those same mistakes which clearly caused pain
to pledge allegience to bringing healing as our united vow and change
I pray to our human race to stand and see
the vast benefits of serving a higher army
i pray to Christians who lost their way
bearing arms against thy neighbor as we pray
i ask ye please to serve a God of Love
rather than Gun
i pray to all those with karma with Jesus
who forgot about the Love of Christ within them
ready and willing to radiate out to all beings each day
and to recognize love beyond a religion
and to see the heart of the man beyond deception
what is being radiated out with a church and state united in weapons and war
while pointing the finger out calling terrorist.
i pray we see
and i pray to our wisdom to practice our kindness love and care
train in it as a service to country
regardless of nation gender or faith
there is inside each of us a happy place
I pray we see leaders who practice peace
i pray we follow the leaders who practice peace
not kill or steal in the false name of bringing peace
i pray our logic intelligence clicks in
as we recognize our own sin
and vow not to repeat
and may Peace leaders be the ones we follow on the open sea
this sea of love and liberation on which we sail
if we can but recognize our sea of suffering of which we create
and vow that we the people shall purify ourself, land, air and sea
as we nonjudgmentally recognize how we have polluted
our life and our world
and now vow to purify.
if you are in a state of rightousness
pointing to others as terror
yet are legalizing war and torture
please see church and state mistake
that is the truth. the other truth is that these types of
telling the truths to ourselves and having realizations
about our mistakes
makes change for the better possible
it makes possible the beauty of the divine plan
our best life, Oprah

when mirrored in the activity of America Government
we the people will be authentically fulfilling the American Dream
religious freedom plus people of any religion, or no religion, who also value compassion
as our basic instinct.
if we have a concept of God
we allows for the American dream
to establish laws in accordance with our
intelligence as it matures
We the People is the unspoken of 4th branch of the government
and the most powerful.
A higher dream for all peoples.
A compassionate dream of life, love, liberty and pursuit (and attainment) of Happiness.
Root ethics and values will plant seeds for activities.
The dream of America has yet to come
the dream is that when people change, law changes.
it allows the flexibility to redefine law as people redefine our humanity

if we serve weapons as service to your country as protection
you are being deceived saying you are serving God or Jesus.
The truth is you are serving fear and Guns.
Making the weapons your refuge rather than a Lord of Love
or a Leader of Love
or A Troops of Love.

If we speak of God as a concept of Love
and saying in God we trust rightously on our money,
but really
trusting in a State of Armed Force as Law
Weapon as protection
then the truth is as a Nation
We have not yet used our freedoms wisely

Looking out at human business
We are all a mixed ground of serving love and care
mixed with serving war and destruction and toxic.
The Statue of Liberty platform stands on the ground
that we can shift and stand on the common ground of serving love and care
as our service to country and business.
be it politics or religion.
I pray we see where we are now – and where we want be
by telling ourselves the cold hard truth about where and who we are now
is ground to discovering deeper truths
of who we are within.
if we are church or state of violence and pointing finger at violence
and spending money to kill violence – and thats just one example –
of where logic and love is missing.
then we rejoice that awareness.
see the violence for what it is. mistake
then stop thinking in the same way about right and wrong
and your perception of bible or whatever holy book we hold.
we need to address our false right to kill.
we need to take responsibility for it if we are Christian.
We need to actually follow our teacher.
He we help us see world war and bloodshed links us
and can unite us and heal us.
Christians follow Christ when they renounce killing.
and give their body and service to loving themselves and their neighbor.

may we not carry the dark gun through the dark tunnel as your protection.
as you hope to see the light.
you live the light within when we serve the light
and dress as Jesus would if you are a Christian.
unarmed. with love, forgiveness, and believe in a Heaven on Earth.
i pray we see past mistakes for what they are
mistaken veils
i pray they now can become clear
that we as a human tribe can commit to a happy new year
i pray the soldiers can be retrained
to directly touch the compassion inside their own brains
i pray we fund that which is regenerating life
to restore to the Earth her bounty and pure
to network as one to truly see
just what can be done on the human family tree
the miracles which await us to taste the fruit
when we work together to see what we can do
end hunger and awaken love could be the first business to address
in this call for tantric boot camps sos
i pray this day for these things and more
to manifest and walk through the door
where in the past militant broke through
the iron gates of our heart in the red white and blue
i pray we now can clearly see the intelligence in our chakras waiting to be set free
i pray it opens and shines a new day
on the feelings of all us human beings
i pray we can envision, enact, and engage in world peace
to transform our pain and our weaponry.
i pray we see the benefits of financial change
when the feelings of the Mother directly touch our brains
i pray in all things that we do
that our natural purity will come shining through
i pray for a golden age to land
in our time and in our hand
i pray we do something great
as co creators at heavens gate
i pray we catalyze a harmonic vibe
with celebrations of an Olympic size
Friends of Nations
and Green Platform of WE
the People of our human family tree.

blooming loving thoughts and ideas

activities and events


and benefits for all

this or something greater

this is what i pray

I pray for Free Tibet in Every Way

where we the people stand and say

yes we serve compassion today

compassionate values

and compassionate laws

and create compassion boot camps

like an Olympic 4 year Event of Compassion and commerce

Money and love

if you like what you see

would you put a dollar on a tree

to say,

I agree?

would  you join this $1 ONE platform politically?

and grow,
love, & miracles,
Liberty Tree

WordPress Daily Prompt: The Power of Touch Saturday, Aug 23 2014 

The Power of Touch can be Powerfully healing or harming.

There is also power in no touch.

I believe humans need to train ourselves in compassionate touch

rather than weapons training (i.e. military training)

I believe humans need to re awaken in ourselves a Mothers loving touch

and as troops practice feeling the feelings which accompany loving mothers touch

like how she holds infant…

Tantra troops training for how to touch each other as human beings.

Sexual touch needs to be studied.

Brotherly love touch as opposed to rebellion in violence

How to touch with compassion and respect….how to touch child, planet, opposite sex,

how to touch with our mind and our intention

No touching can also be Power – for example if women took a vow of celibacy for one year – we could focus on healing the sexual feminine, get a handle on over population, and channel our energies into other areas of human life.  We humans could create in each city a place for men to go – for healing and energy exercises for his sexual parts – like an iron mountain.  both genders awaken inner mother more and focus energies to make sure all living children have food and shelter for one full year before the Universal mother in each woman open up her garden for human seed planting.




Brainstorming: Mother Mind / Military Mind Tuesday, Nov 19 2013

Welcome.  This site is dedicated to our Age of Enlightened Activities.  Above is a link to my Vimeo account where I have spontaneious video journaling discussing these fantasies of a higher service for troops for our 21st Century Age of Enlightenment.  It is a work in progress (as am I) but as one girl, I am at least trying to offer some new ideas to break old patterns of war & violence as a service to my Country and world.

The Ultimate Dream – Global Disarmament and Spiritual Olympics – Friends of Nations and affliliated business ventures begin with ideas…A Mother based training for what means To Serve Our Country  

Mother Training:  You are interconnected human race sharing a planet wisely and intelligently.   Much prosperity would flow – happiness and long life too.  here is a little video prayer

Military training:  how to invade and/or protect from being invaded


Mother Principle:  You are here as a human brother training for friendship

Military:  You are here as a soldier training for war


Mother Mind is based in equality.  Military mind is based in supremecy.


Mother mind is training in Unity.  Military Mind is based in Separation.


Mother mind is based on Love.  Military mind is based on Fear.


Mother service to humanity and Earth.  Military service to a country and corrupt money business


Mother mind is awakening and sharing.  Military mind is suppressing and taking.


Mother mind is peace.  Military mind is violent.


Mother mind is training and growing caring forces.  Military mind is training and growing cruelty and force upon others.

Mother mind is free.  Military mind is enslaved.

Mother mind works for harmony.  Military mind works for domination.

Mother mind is Life.  Military mind is destruction to life


Mother:  Your neighbor is your friend and family   Military:  Your neighbor is your enemy.

Do you have any more awarenesses you can share?  I believe this is how we can use our powerful human forces to work together rather than continue in separation training in the art of violence.

 All men are created equal and no matter what country they live and serve in the armed forces – they all have the same needs and they all have been given the same mind training and violent dress code and orders from above to use force and violence as their power.  That is why to address some is to address all.  To lift the mental obstacle of separation is a key to unity.  Fictional writing is one way.  to show what it could be like.

Please feel free to explore and add more ideas to the differences between Military and Mother Boot camps.  Where one has been done over and over and over again throughout time…..watching thousands of men march like nutcracker soldiers obeying orders, invading, and beating and killing other humans as their ‘duty.’   Isn’t time to try for a change? 

I welcome ideas or comments even if negative.  I will always be contributing ideas to break patterns from the past and end the violent cycle.  One person can do very little but that won’t stop me from doing as very much as possible individually – because then when we come together – we merge all our individual efforts into one huge energy of transformation….I can’t bear to see the past continue to repeat in a destructive way.  Not when we have so much potential for healing and co creating a beautiful life on

this is what Liberty consciousness has done to me.  If there were such an entity as I would be proud to serve and work for it!

That would be a change I believe in.

Chapter One of Mother Boot Camps – The Experimental Vision  is coming soon. 

Peace and aloha to you and yours this Holiday Season!

Fiction writing for Iron Man Boot camps for a Golden Age … a work in progress this Holiday Season Monday, Nov 18 2013 

Greetings.  Welcome to my blog.  This entry  is the beginning of fiction story  and  plan for IRON MAN Mountain LIFE Camps (the opposite of Military boot camps and SS Death Camps) .…sponsored by a fictional  One World Network (OWN) made up of Mother minds made up of We the People who have networked our resources and skills to help make this or some greater vision for Union manifest in our 21st Century reality to graduate out of destroying our precious human life and break these patterns of violence to our neighbor and our Earth.

If anyone reads this  and wants to collaborate, encourage, or participate in the fueling of this vision, please contact me via this blog or my email    If  you feel inspired  to give me a boost, an idea, a prayer or a healing activity I can write about for this fictitious boot camp – please do so!  If not, I will still keep at it because  at least writing fiction for Freedom for free is an outlet for my heart to freely express…..and if someone likes my heart as a result and sees a way I can be useful to you or your project – please let me know. Like an online resume of the heart and mind.   Until then, I will add to this story as I am able this Holiday season and hold Peace on Earth as a vision of our manifest destiny because it contributes to a light vision for our future as human brothers and sisters and selfishly it makes a happy energy flow through me.

I desperately want to help our humanity come together rather than war and funding trillions of dollars and life forces into destructive paths because a spirit of Mother awoke in me and it wants to help. Nothing more, nothing less. …and I do believe it possible but the inner and outer obstacles are massive and I see all the guns and loyalty to violence and it is taking all my strength to continue on this creative writing path because I am tuned in to the global pain and suffering and it takes energy to transform that pain into something positive.

Also,  for whatever reason, (probably b/c my spiritual path has been about learning about independence and making peace with being alone)  I have very little support in this ‘call to duty’ I feel with the awakening of my heart and my sense of duty to soldiers and alternative Boot Camp training…Tantra Iron Man Boot camps (training in healing and freeing and uniting heart energy with  body, speech, mind and activities on Earth).

~~~~~~~the dream ~~~~~~~~~~~~~MOTHER BOOT CAMPS:  Opportunity for Freedom for MILITARY SONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Introduction:  Truthfully Seeing where we are can help us break free of denial and see where we want to go from here.

The ending of the dark ages had been occurring since 2000 but the dark force within humans were fighting to keep the dark within them alive as if it was their life support.  One could see it everywhere in the media and the computer games and even the commercials.  The end of the Age movies with violence and destruction and then the lie of showing how ‘the good’ guys fight the destructive forces with destruction and weapons and ‘win’ had captured the attention of the masses.  The humans had literally programmed themselves to desensitize and believe that weapons and destruction was the path to excitement and displayed it as a path to heroism and a ‘call to duty.’  Duty to what?  The Beast? Fear? Evil?  Anti Life? What sort of mind would you call it when you see using humans to destroy themselves.  With their freewill. Breaking the cycle is the true call to duty of Love because this destruction age is the ultimate failure and there are trillions of dollars supporting such causes globally.  But then the change.

I write this as support for humanity to show them how they will escape their own evil and rise forever out of the dark and into the light.  Humans are in dire need to recapture their humanity and awaken and stop empowering the evil within but rather, the innate life force of love within.

It may seem obvious but it is important to recognize that humans come in two forms.  Male and female.  Each has their own predispositions to evil patterns and good patterns.  Each has their own duties in the awakening and world freedom.  Both are required for paradise on Earth.  The inequality between the two genders is the root of our suffering and the root of our mistake.   Fear and supremecy and controlling others with violence or mind programming  are dark forces within the minds of humanity and each gender must see the global past gender mistakes and use that awareness to reclaim a higher path now in the 21st century.  We must break the cycle.

There is power in seeing the truth and taking responsibility for it in each individual mind because only then can that mind have the potential to free itself.  We might think that the problems are so massive (they are)  there is no escape (there is)  but that is a lie the evil or beast or satan or dark force wants you to believe.  This essay will expose the beast within the law of man (humanity) so it can see the deception and lie and free itself.

This is Fiction using truth.  I write this from the future looking back to the year 2013 and will show how the Mother Freedom boot camps – the tantric Iron man refuge camps –   were built for man to free himself from the iron chains of karma and evil deception coming from serving the Beast.  This is how it happened.  This is how humanity freed itself and forever closed the dark ages and entered the prophesized Age of Enlightenment.  Golden Age and claimed 1000 years of Peace.


As the poles of planets shifted in the galaxy so did the powers and intelligence shift on Earth.  From drone to Deity.  From Anti Christ to Christ.  From Beast to Buddha.  From Military to Mother.  This shift was gradual at first and then through the power of the goodness in humanity it quickened and became a natural way of life.  The birthing years of the polar shift of power was 2013 – 2016.

Going back….It is now the year 2013 on Earth.  Massive numbers of people are recognizing their power to manifest a New Earth, Harmony, Healthy, and prosperity in the ways of interconnected intelligence of the heart and minds working together to promote long happy healthy lives.  There were also massive numbers of people who were blindly participating in the suffocation of the life force and extinction of plant, animal, and mother earth.  The inbred hate and misery had manifested out in globalizing darkness.  Even glorifying it.  The people, whether they could see it or not, were being used to fuel their own destruction and captivity by the dark mind forces that preyed on humans insecurity and need to belong.  They preyed on the humans discouragement and hopelessness.  They preyed on the young for their sexual purity and joy.  Yes, it was a very dark time on Earth but as we all know where there is dark there is light.  Where dark forces have played out their plan with global military, global poisoning the soil, global poisoning the minds, so are the Light forces working to conter act and save the beings caught in the deadly pain cycle.  This is how those caught in their own trap of dark karma where able to free themselves in this life and attain a higher state of mind, daily activity, and vibration….with their own freewill.

Mother Boot Camps.  Recruiting the soldiers to participate in male bonding rather than bondage, competition but with compassion root of all exercises, healing rather than harming and brotherly love exercises for pay.  An intention of a boot camp and job retraining to liberate their heart and tongue to be free to speak.  To be liberated from uniform and false allegiance to a death destructive forces. To liberate their creative expression and unique offering to the world. To enter at their own freewill and experience being treated with compassion and rebooting their hearts and minds out of patriotism, weapon, and pride. A life camp, with life activities, and a huge prayer to Medicine Buddha and Jesusand all light workers to help with all the details of helping care for the brothers and sons of Earth to help them heal and awaken their happiness. (by the way, by saying Buddha and Jesus does not make it religious – it makes it in alignment with those who have come to help us liberate from suffering and I would be foolish not call on their help to channel ideas out to the world)

Chapter One – The experimental vision

to be continued

His Holiness Karmapa’s wisdom words and my commentary Monday, Oct 21 2013 

October 2013 011

I can see His Holiness Dalai Lama above His Holiness Karmapa’s head in this picture. Guru’s…two human men working tirelessly for the good of all Nations, all human beings, the planet, and to me, they are mirroring what ‘God’ is, in human male form. Men like Jesus was. Bodhisattva’s. Lords of Love.

This full moon hit my heart hard and brought to the surface of my emotional body the spiritual and political and personal issues of woman and her ‘rights’ and treatment by man. and the animals being sacrificed too – right now. millions in the name of spiritual traditions. and soon the Turkeys in the name of ‘Thanksgiving?’

I feet the pain of injustice and the male dominated law and my female instinct to Love man, forgive him, but address his mistakes. this world for the past 2,500 years has been ruled by male. His law. His religious law in the various religions and his State law in the Nations of Earth.

I will write more about it later, but first I want to offer the music to my ears spoken from the lips and heart of His Holiness Karmapa, Orgen Trinley Dorje. He links Woman to World and encourages us to shift into a state of giving back rather than taking. especially taking life. I am so grateful to Tibet and to Tibetan Buddhism for upholding nonviolence in religious and Governmental activities.

Healing the World – Karmapa’s spoken words while in America

‘From point of view of spiritual practice
There is deep connection between outer world and inner world.
If we look at Essential nature of both is same
In uncontrived state
The essential nature of mind and world are the same
They are of the nature of equality
When we Realize this it is like pouring water into water

Everything we do leaves our handprint on the world
It leaves the imprint of that action on the world
And Now is time for us to start thinking about
what kind of imprint we are leaving in the world
And in particular what we can do for the world,
because largely Up to now we have been on the receiving end of the worlds kindness
the world has given us so much
so many of the advantages and harmonious conditions we enjoy were given to us by the world
but we need to do is think about what we can give in the other direction.

The world is what gives us our life
Without World it would be impossible for us to live
So we can think about the world
and the way in which we see it
As A beautiful Goddess
or loving affectionate mother to us
So if we think about the world in that way
There will be a lot of liveliness to our attitude toward the world
and bring great motivation for us
to bring positive change to the world
rather than thinking the world is some inanimate matter’
HH17Karmapa in America.


commentary: coming soon

Bodhisattva: Journey of the 17th Karmapa Saturday, Oct 19 2013 

Bodhisattva: Journey of the 17th Karmapa

this is a link to the movie of His Holiness Karmapa on his first tour in America I just watched on this Full Moon Oct 2013…

His Holiness Karmapa is so charming and wise World Leader of love compassion and taking care of our planet and each other. May he return again and again and again and may Oprah bring him to sit in the White House and share stories and have dinner and a host of other activities to benefit USAll. 

May we make him feel America is a home away from home.  May he receive whatever permissions to travel freely anywhere on the planet to benefit us with his words, heart and silent transmissions of feelings….and may the people of America and China help His Holiness Dalai Lama and the Karmapa return to their palaces in Tibet. May human peace and love prevail. Yes, we can. I believe! I just don’t know exactly how it will happen, but I do know writing our prayers and aspirations for others must help. especially if we write to Oprah about them – she planted a seed in America to write our dreams to her – she has a way of making them come true!

may love bloom and peace prevail

Dear Oprah, Dear World Friday, Oct 18 2013 

Atlanta 2013 051

just found this letter in my files and thought it worth posting on this Full Moon Oct 2013 – I will add to it later but this is raw first copy….

Dear Oprah Dear World,  our world is in crisis and if we pull together we can make this a wonderful place and human life a wonderful gift.  The dark ages is upon us and what we must see, have to see, and be willing to change is our conditioning to the Military complex being the controller and the law.  Darkness is in weapons.  Darkness is in killing.  Darkness is in torture to other living beings.  Darkness is in bars and chains and governments/militaries teaching the world is filled with enemies and then training and recruiting men and women to fight and kill.  This is darkness. This is serving an anti life mentality and this is deception when your mind accepts that it is necessary for YOU to live free or a good life. 

We vs. them mentality must change.  We are a human race.  China and American military are wreaking havoc across the Earth and we the people of China and America can stop it.  Having patriotism and pride for a country that is killing and causing violence and pain to others is nothing to be proud of.  Super powers?  Money and violence is a deadly combination and it is because we have not wanted to see or take action in our minds to change our ‘political views’ that these horrors continue.  Do you even see it?  How many of us have our hearts numbed out and closed our eyes to the realities of what America and China ‘law’ is doing to harm life in so many ways and so many violations of human rights we can’t even count?  How many think America is noble, virtuous and free?  It is a lie.  America is a center for weapons mentality and distribution and yet it points it finger out to the outer world and calls ‘enemy’ or terrorist.  Americans, my homeland, my family, we are the ones who fuel horrors on this Earth.  The protective service agencies for animals, food, and international relations are not protecting.  We are in crisis and it will get worse for all beings unless we awaken.  HOW?

We warm our hearts. Right now we have hot hearts which keep us in rage or in war (hot hells) or we have cold hearts (cold hells) which keep us in a state of unfeeling or status quo of ‘who cares.’  When we warm our hearts we can see that there are ways out of this suffering.  We can transform our governments to fund activities that are doing purifying good works on the planet.  We pour our money into a network headed by a One World Network (OWN) of Human Rights (with our mind heart and activities allegiance to the human rights values of His Holiness Dalai Lama).  If you believe in such an organization – somehow lets create a symbolic Dollar Bill movement onto a Tree of Life or onto a Bill of Human rights tree of networked people and businesses …we can come together in such a way that from there we will be able to network resources of each other and then and we recruit employees from the companies doing poison deadly work to our planet and living beings to work in the World Organization of Human rights.  We hire employess and shut down businesses Like Monsanto.  Like Militaries. of every nation. We are the Country of Human. Planet Earth. We can transform their duties to civil and sane and the weapons into sexual healing spiritual awakening forms.

Dating all the way back to the barbarian age to clash of the titans, to now Chinese unliberated red army  to American war on terror in the middle east,  we humans (men) have armed themselves for battle and killed each other.  Hitler’s army did it with a white supremmcy motivation.  China army doing it with domination with fear and violence and lies about liberating another land through genocide and sucking the resources and pillaging the land.  America doing it in the name of protection and ‘freedom.’ All the same activity. all the same training. all the same violence. all the same mistake. The beast in human wants us to kill each other and steal from each other and we are doing it.  The demon wants us to kill and we are doing it.  Funding war and allowing China to bully the world b/c it has money and willingness to murder and hurl millions of Chinese trained murderers into a nation is what keeps countries scared to stand up to the violence and to China and say NO.  The Buddha and Christ wants us to Love and we can do it.  The Mother in the Motherlands wants us to love but we have fallen into a deep sickness of the dark father.  We have choice to follow Father of Light qualities, values and virtues (His Holiness) or for Christians we could think of it as a Red Army of true Jesus followers that is nonviolent and loving rather than what we have now…. A patriarch of male leadership who leads with weapon and makes conquering and pillaging other lands for resources for money wealth it’s desire and activity is a  very dark sickness consuming our activities and our hearts. 

Money and Love can go together and all humans will benefit.  Death and taxes must go and Life and liberation (donations) can replace it.   Tonight I gave my taxes that I am supposed to pay the government to International Campaign for Tibet and Richard Gere is matching the donation.  I invest my time, energy and money to Tibet to fuel Compassion.  I heard what you fuel expands.  So I fuel love.  I support Loving intentions in Government of Tibet to merge it’s moral law into our We the People Law – as we evolve, awaken, and heal, so will our laws reflect our inner growth.




may our LOVE magnify in USAll this Full Moon Friday, Oct 18 2013 

Living Our Best Lives, Peace, Love, Joy Today is the Full Moon.

When the moon is full the emotional body is turned up.

May the Moon in the intensity of energy of LOVE she (feminine aspect of our emotional body) is helping us feel –

may we use it in powerful ways to calm ourselves, heal ourselves, and transform ourselves

I think that is a healthy emodiment of the words that Obama used in 2008. Responsibility, Change. Transparency.

Full moon is strong for me today.

Today in Medicine Buddha Mandala Art class with Lama Gyaltsen –20130514_211251I couldn’t use the compass right and felt I drew the dharma wheel above the gate all wrong and I left class 20 minutes early – sorry Lama la. this is my first mandala before class today 20131014_230855
I drove to where some of my political spiritual art is being stored (and a beautiful picture of the Potala Palace) and brought them home to resurrect more Holiday wish and Love art for my blog.

my emotional body is connected to world politics Womens rights animal rights and Free Tibet.  it is ok to feel many feelings, what is important is what one does with the feelings.

i tell myself One can feel discourage is discourage is what is there, but important thing is never give up and use the energy of weakness you feel to grow stronger

May we believe in the human good potential seed in US all. May we empower Love in our lives – personal, professional, political and of course, spiritual!
with gratitude to have the ability to feel, write, think, pray, and blog.
with gratitude to Love teachers
Love leaders
and loving intentions
and daily acts of love and kindness we all participate in everyday more and more
I whole heartedly participate in that service and intention.
with love,
United States of Awakening
Peace (& Love) blogger

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