may our LOVE magnify in USAll this Full Moon Friday, Oct 18 2013 

Living Our Best Lives, Peace, Love, Joy Today is the Full Moon.

When the moon is full the emotional body is turned up.

May the Moon in the intensity of energy of LOVE she (feminine aspect of our emotional body) is helping us feel –

may we use it in powerful ways to calm ourselves, heal ourselves, and transform ourselves

I think that is a healthy emodiment of the words that Obama used in 2008. Responsibility, Change. Transparency.

Full moon is strong for me today.

Today in Medicine Buddha Mandala Art class with Lama Gyaltsen –20130514_211251I couldn’t use the compass right and felt I drew the dharma wheel above the gate all wrong and I left class 20 minutes early – sorry Lama la. this is my first mandala before class today 20131014_230855
I drove to where some of my political spiritual art is being stored (and a beautiful picture of the Potala Palace) and brought them home to resurrect more Holiday wish and Love art for my blog.

my emotional body is connected to world politics Womens rights animal rights and Free Tibet.  it is ok to feel many feelings, what is important is what one does with the feelings.

i tell myself One can feel discourage is discourage is what is there, but important thing is never give up and use the energy of weakness you feel to grow stronger

May we believe in the human good potential seed in US all. May we empower Love in our lives – personal, professional, political and of course, spiritual!
with gratitude to have the ability to feel, write, think, pray, and blog.
with gratitude to Love teachers
Love leaders
and loving intentions
and daily acts of love and kindness we all participate in everyday more and more
I whole heartedly participate in that service and intention.
with love,
United States of Awakening
Peace (& Love) blogger


Journal Entry to my inner self ….now intimately shared Friday, Oct 18 2013 

Unity in Peace prayers for we the people of all tribes  
this is a photo from the archived Liberty file long time ago!

Ok Inner self – time to talk of What ‘Is’ in this moment – to listen to the feelings and thoughts which feel Bad, those that feel Good, and also any Wise thoughts and give them a voice and of course, tell the truth what is going on inside – don’t sugar coat it for me


What is bogging you down? Why don’t you write anymore?

Because I am over trying to explain to the outer world posts and art

which make perfect sense to me but I have this feeling of like

I can’t get it quite right other wise it would resonate with others

so I am feeling a writers block. ok, now to dig for the root.

a feeling of failure.

talk to it.

get to know how it thinks

ok. failure feeling what are you thinking and feeling?  well, I guess taking on War and the Law was a big task emotionally and I am feeling it today

I also feel insufficient in what little I have done to try to help and how selfish of me to get discouraged – this awareness actually makes me feel worse but’s it’s ok b/c I know how to get out of the feeling – but I must give it voice .  I feel like I am not doing enough b/c what I am doing is drop in the bucket what others are enduring and doing and have done. 

How to transform this feeling of failure to help Tibet thru Amercan Law

thinking I am not doing enough adds another layer I also feel mentally  tired when it comes to mustering passion to write something that could help, with fun and love. 

To many pots on the fire and I don’t know which story base to begin and flow  with …like do I write tantra fiction stories (like for troops) so they get taste of what could be

or do I write letters to political minds to help us come out of dark ages of repeating deadly patterns and break us out of denial? It feels like too many words and not enough center. 

Do I write about Tibet in a fairy tale story? 

Do I not write at all and make a video or art instead?

or meditate?

 Dear God help me know what to do. (p.s. I have been writing Dear God letters to myself since a little girl and sometimes still do) 

I am so tired emotionally – I just want to sleep and I know that is not the answer and will help no one but me.  But maybe a happier rested filled with yoga me will then have her passion reawakened.  Maybe to focus on me is what I need right now?  rather than all this union and merger of outer world situations into some happy ever after scenario you sing and speak about every day.  it is a use of emotion and there is a reason you feel emotionally drained and the energy of frustration sometimes.  it is normal and ok. 

in my brain, I am Trying to use symbolism to unite – wake us up – singing songs with all my heart energy in the spontaneous moment – writing my feelings through the years has brought me to this point of yet again – facing failure and looking directly in the mirror and feeling Tibet calling out for help.  Awaken the dream they say on Oprah and in New Age books and I think Life Coaches encourage the Dream to awaken to – yes, awaken the dream, but then prepare for the aftershock to your heart after it awakens and then has to deal with reality of others not wanting to awaken from the nightmare.

This is not helping – I feel like I am yet again wasting valuable time.  Forget this. 

June 8, 2013  Good thoughts

Please forgive me allowing these failure thoughts a voice, but I am also aware of the victory voice – I just have to truthful what is here now as I grow.  Please forgive me, Kalu Rinpoche, for getting discouraged sometimes with my self talk.  I think there is long lineage inside me of woman feeling body who has felt ultimate betrayal and ultimate truth body Guru Love in her tantric relationship with men throughout time.   I used to write about it, but then I realized in hearing the teachings that it is not all about ‘me’ so I stopped writing what was going on with ‘me’ to me.  Now I sit and am writing again but computer making heating fan noises and very hot – something wrong maybe so I stop writing and back to inner out quiet dialogue with the 35 Buddhas and the world of ‘we the people’ – I speak to both and no one 24/7.  Free speech.

Tibet. You are free.  My wish to Marry Your Country to My Country has come true.  Love wins and all nations rejoice!  A love story can awaken the world of Love….which is this world.  Welcome now

To our new world order on OWN

Declaration of Interdependence

I declare I am interconnected to every other sentient being

I declare to serve compassionate intentions

I declare I have a right to serve Love and and be served love in return

When tyranny strikes it is up to the people to recognize it and with recognition they can use the law to uphold spiritual law

The American Dream is to merge spiritual law with the material world – church and state united under the Higher laws of the Universe

If agree for $1 Bill of Human rights Tree and would sign the declaration of Interdepences as a citizen of the New World Order (i.e. code for OWN & Co. )  we plant the international voice for peace and human rights tree at White House.  The Thomas Paine quote comes to mind of the Liberty tree a quote used on an alchemy love experiment I did with 33 men 10 year ago life review
‘In her hand (Oprah’s)she carries a tree she plants the tree…..

2012 Camara 195

June 4, 2013

note to self: Remind self write 10 year review

b/c/Good to see patterns and sometimes it’s interesting for me to look back and read.

and learn from

The Little Yellow Flower: A prayer for soldiers Wednesday, Oct 16 2013 

notes for a story i am going to write about a little yellow flower as a key to Soldiers Freedom.

I am on a green path

I am in the jungle

I am following 3 men

they are dressed in red and yellow

they are Powerful and Peaceful and I feel Safe in their presence

sometimes a woman in the jungle with 3 men like in Vietnam can be a totally different feeling

so I am grateful to witness moments in the Jungle with a Lama Rinpoche & Geshe




Image We are in Huelo Maui heading towards the first Stupa in the West (a monument of the Enlightened Mind of Buddha)

inside my heart I carry within me a prayer for all soldiers

<p seems I am obsessed with blogging and thinking and writing and singing to soldiers in my heart. I walk as a woman but also I feel inside like I am walking for man too since for some reason I am always thinking about soldiers.

It is an honor to walk behind these men and I would follow them anywhere

I trust them

I love them

they are love.

Rinpoche stops and picks a tiny yellow flower and carries it with him towards the stupa. the vastness of the power of Rinpoche mixed with the delicate power of the flower and mother nature was beautiful to witness –


October 2013 052now every tiny yellow flower (and there are bazziollion in Maui) reminds me of each Man being a dot of the Sun. a drop of Love just waiting to bloom. I notice the flowers everywhere now! I took a picture the other night thinking of Rinpoche and the little yellow flowers representing minds of soldiers now when I see them and how they mirror the pure love in every man just waiting to bloom! and the wish man touched no harder than a flower to each other and had those kinds of training experiences in the boot camps I dream about for you

October 2013 134
I will take you back there with me,brother soldier,to a happy place, a happy feeling, because you were with me. I will write a story about a prayer we prayed for your freedom

I will write you a poem, soldier but now I will just write myself some notes on this blog for the story about A little yellow flower and your freedom. The Rinpoches prayed for all sentient beings

October 2013 057
I was holding my tiny part of a specific prayer for Human Man, soldiers

a prayer for liberation from war and killing

needless pain and suffering

an awakening into the training of your heart

and the awakening of your mind



instead of terror

my prayer always that all men at liberty to feel their heart and allow it freedom to speak

to know himself inside and to know what love is inside

how it feels

how it thinks

how it loves to love

I pray you can free yourself to see the power in holding a flower like Rinpoche

rather than a gun like are you are doing

I prayed you would trade in your guns to a recycling camp for Iron Mountains and receive something in your hands that will bring you more love, like a flower

mother nature wants that for your too

deep down you want it

you just don’t know that other feelings are possible right now because you are trapped

and trained not to think or feel your emotions

and especially not love.

that is why I write these words b/c I believe everyone

has a human right to be treated and trained

in the magnificent power of love, how would brotherly love boot camp look like?

I prayed for such a camp for you.

watching Rinpoche move through the forest I wished all men could also feel as serene and safe

as we did in that moment

October 2013 078I wished the feeling to be felt by all veterans

of  all wars

our past and present  trauma can be healed

by imprinting a non traumatic, loving  experience to balance out the trauma.

Holding a flower like Rinpoche rather than a gun like a soldier could end all wars

get dressed but do not accesorize with a weapon – wear a flower

all men could feel how nice it feels to offer your teacher or your enemy – it applies to both –


not bullets.   Sanity.  not insanity.  love

As I saw Rinpoche offer a flower to his Teacher the second Buddha of our Age

Guru Padmasambhava October 2013 058I prayed all men could do same

it felt wonderful to hold that thought

I can see a day where we marry our freewill to love as men and women

of all nations

we marry ourselves to nonviolence as individuals and counries or religions

that is why I merge the spiritual sun of Tibet on the American flag
Atlanta 2013 064

because it is a symbol allegience with nonviolence

 and I can see the Tibetan flag

being allied with in all we the people of Nations.

I can see the sun flying on all Nations flags
and I see the Spiritual Sun shining over the White House

and one day no one is attracted to accessories of weapons

we are too busy filling our hands with with flowers

food and guitars and surfboards and countless other

meaningful and helpful dress code of the Protectors

if the soldiers would trade uniform and gun

in for tantra spa robe and a flower

I wished they could have that opportunity

especially in China and Tibet and the Middle East. and everywhere 

I wished for every man to be able to have 3 days of

true freedom and live without the weapon

to surrender it freewillingly and come into the hotel

or tent or wherever

I wished every soldier

3 days of love camp

reboot his heart camp

it was an honor to be in the presense of such true and powerful men

who use their power to benefit others

that is what I believe man is here to do….

benefit others

and woman is here to love man.

these things are keys to true happy

we love with our mind and our activities

I believe we need to infuse love into our governements activities

no matter what land we live in

we are all part of human tree and one earth

nonviolence benefits everyone

especially soldiers

one team


following their nonviolent loving wise leaders, spiritual brothers, Rinpoches into Compassion.

please may there be a flower day where every man is paid to pass a flower

rather than touch a gun.


October 2013 072 />that was my prayer

at my first visit to the first stupa in America

in Huelo, HI

now I shall write a little poem about the Little Yellow Flower and will post ….tbc





Liberating our Human Rights Walk to the White House 10.7.13 Dear Oprah, Tuesday, Oct 1 2013 

{a writer trying to meet some unmeetable goal of perfection of not offending anyone as I write about We the People changing our history by taking Authentic responsibilityJulie's Camara 163for our past mistakes rather than repeating them. would never get her essay posted today if she doesn’t eventually just trust and click ‘Publish’ so i post ‘as is’ – with editing to come as needed – pls. forgive me anything which had intention to help but became offensive or too long, too short, too this or too that}

The intention of this writing is to help us merge all our missions for proactive human rights, Womens rights, civil rights and animal rights into ONE WALK with TIBET with OWN.

‘The question is not whether or not we will be an extremest but rather what kind of extremist we will be? Will we be an extremist for hate or love? Jesus was an extremist for Love Truth and Goodness and thereby rose above his environment. Perhaps what Our World is in need of now is creative extremists for Love.” MLKing

I believe Union with Compassion is our Power and our Freedom. May we pledge alligence to this flag of the United States of Mind. Which unites we the people of the separate stars and stripes with the Spiritual Sun of Love. A merger representing Human rights, Justice and Love in the red white and blue and our risen voice as We the People serving Nonviolence, Love and Truth. Friends of Nations Friends of Tibet.
front-imageAtlanta 2013 064

“Inviting all Humans to Walk the Dream”>
‘We churches have a responsibility to raise our voices and seed every creative means of protest possible. It is time to stand up for what your conscience tells you is right.’ Rev. Martin Luther King

“A free people cannot survive under a constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong.” Principles of Liberty #2 National Center for Constitutional Studies

“The most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous people.” Principles of Liberty#3 National Center for Constitutional Studies

“The majority of people may altar or abolish a government which has become tyrannical.” Principles of Liberty #11 NCCS

“The United States has a manifest destiny to be an example and a blessing to the entire human race.”  Principles of Liberty #28  NCCS

The time for change is NOW. This letter is a compilation of thoughts about arising the MOTHER love and Uniting with our Spiritual Father of Nonviolence in the present moment. phone 2012-march2013 075 This is a compilation of thoughts directed to Oprah Winfrey and OWN.
Atlanta 2013 052
I see the Oprah Winfrey Network as a possibility to represent a One WORLD Network. If she will help catalyze a reemergence of Dr.MLKIng’s mission for freedom and nonviolence with the Tibetan walk for Freedom to the Whitehouse as ONE Mission. We merge our civil rights with human rights and we bring forth a new Government based on our rights to CARE not kill. We empower our humanity and move an Enlightenment team and mission to the White House and Congress. We transform America by the people as the people for the people…with Oprah’s help.

I just recently listened to Dr. MLKIng speak about our complacency as humans. Let the time be NOW that we stop being complacent. May we join as one in our hearts and help become saviors and savioresses of a planet in peril.

Dr. King quoted ‘perhaps the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in moral crisis maintain their neutrality.’ Dante

I will paraphrase Dr. King to relate his words then to our current global crisis and Tibet now. ~~ He said there comes a time when silence is betrayal. The mission of Jesus and His Holiness Dalai Lama is one where they call us to live our inner truth. It is a most difficult one . Men do not easily oppose their governments policy especially in a time of war. Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the conformist thought of apathy within ones own bosom. Mesmerized by uncertainty and told for our protection. The calling to speak is a vocation of agony but we must speak . Vietnam millions opposed it. There was monumental decent. This revealed millions of human hearts have chosen to move beyond the patriotism based upon the mandates of their OWN conscience. It is a dark day in our nation Desent of war and violence is associated with disloyalty and when high level authorities will use any method to silence dissent. ~~

It is world known fact that China authorities silencing those in who stand in allegiance with His Holiness and Freedom and nonviolence for Tibet this issue affects all humanity and is the same madness that DrMLKing and Jesus tried to help all of us rise above.

Dr. Kings march is our march now. Freedom is for humanity. Freedom from hate and killing. Invasion and War. We must stand and we must speak. It is how we free the troops, our sons. Peace, civil rights, and human rights all united in the freedom of all peoples. Those uniting in nonviolence are the soldiers best friends and hopefully soon soldiers will see globally if they are to stand up to evil they do so by courageously laying down (the weapon and their body) for Peace. May the walk in 7 days include the police and veterans and current soldiers – may we walk as human brothers saving and extending the Life of Man not fueling fear, destruction and may we war no more.

MLKing called for America to Come Home. ‘no more sad the word is too late. procrastination a thief of time and lost opportunity. The book of life records vigilance or neglect. I call upon Washington D.C., Man and Woman of America today to take a stand today for tomorrow may be too late.’ MLKing (pls. forgive if i omitted any words accidently)

for those of us with a karmic connection to Jesus – let us walk with Tibet in nonviolence. Please, Oprah. Help this happen. It has been said that In 7 days God created the universe – We if America says in God we trust – and God is live….let us see what Love can do in 7 days through us. Let us see what God + Goddess + Oprah + Tibet +Jesus +MLKing + Gandhi + Ammachi + LIFE Coaches + We the People can co create in 7 days. If we put our minds and efforts to it – we could end world hunger and host of other ‘miracles’ of restored life could be seen.

As we begin to harness and actualize the potential power of Love within “We the People” – when we empower the Power of Love to bear your heart and soul rather than a symbol of fear and violence as your power you empower true freedom. True freedom for all troops symbolized by the Spiritual Sun power flag flying in America’s 3 chakra and crown chakra. Our minds thinking deeper and symbolically mirrored by we the people aligning our understanding of power, heart and mind and join a movement of human rights to rise this power of nonviolence, love and care for all beings into our hearts and our governments which are just made up of human beings. nothing more nothing less. when troops quit – governments leaders are held to questioning by the world court of we the people. All things are possible to we that believeth (in the power of love)

Lama la spoke recently to be Mindful of our body feelings. I write this with many feelings from Hope to Pain. I am being mindful and I am also relating it to how  Mother Earth must feel too.  Tired.   Tired of witnessing resistance to change for the better.  Tired of War on terror.  Tired of witnessing extinction of animals and poisoning of the air and soil and water.  Tired of feeling and seeing the global contamination and low willingness on human part to radically shift (i.e. veto war, disarm, stop poisoning each other and food sources, stop pollution of air and torturing of animals – in the present moment. I see the change and shift needed as the USA Government law to now have a ‘come from point’ Ground Zero or moral law and intention to be one with love and caring and helping life live, rather than fear, poison, killing.

People say , well it’s been going on since forever.  Others say it is necessary for beings to work off their karma to let it be and not try to change it.  These all may be true, but from an awakened mother instinct of protection and love it feels like there is no time like present to make love, clean and beautiful this nursery of ourselves and our earth like treating a newborn except it’s us and our earth.


Reawaken Love as our mission and purpose and duty and Country or just as human. Seems It is a mother instinct to love what inside. then she messes up too, but returning to our primal mother instinct. We are all a piece of mother light and earth and all the elements inbetween. A Mother consciousnes. She holding the space for our home and our bodies. The primal mother instinct, our first mother impulse is to love what she gives birth too. for those who believe in God. If God created creation Goddess had to see okay. If both GOd and Goddess are concepts of Love then our human duty as part of their creation is to live our spiritual parents love. homecoming is returning or awakening LOVE. Awaken the MA. (Om MA NI Pe Me Hum is mantra for union of wisdom and compassion.

Me too. I have that instinct even though not given birth.  Men and Women alike can all awaken the inner Mother.  The instinct to provide what it needed when hearing the cries.  The instinct to not numb out to the cries but to soothe the cries and solve the issue creating the distress.

Symbolically when a birth mother hears baby cry it’s instinct is to make what is needed.  Food.  Her body does this automatically.  Just like mother earth grows fruit on trees.

Nonviolence is Power. Violence is weakness. Nonviolence is of the King and Dalai Lama and Gandhi and Jesus. These are true power in Man. If we are to serve man or country, If Man is ruler, make sure he is of the true power. Looking back upon human history, there is a long standing history of mistake of projecting dominancy or supremecy over another race. but also gender and supremecy into every realm of human life.  Once the insecure mind wants to be supreme it will lead to a host of evils.  Male to female supremecy will then lead to male supremecy within his own family of man and result in competition for who is One World Order power.  Which huge group of weakness being strong in the ways of dominating and creating suffering, invasion, pillaging the Earth and stealing life.

We are paying the prices globally for empowering gender supremecy in our societies, religions, governments, and personal inner programs.  Equal does not mean same.  Both male and female have equal rights but express ourselves in our inner powers to express compassion, feel love, and work for the greater good and attain Enlightnement we may do differently.  It is time for males and females to work together as human team.  We need to move the Mother into the WhiteHouse along with the Spiritual values of the Spiritual sun as our collective voice of change.  We as a people of humanity 2013 are ready to empower love.

We are ready to stand up for our right to Love our neighbor and our Enemy – rather than the current empowerment symbolized by Barack Obama and Hu Jintau to kill the enemy. I pray we Fire Barack Obama. (I bet Donald Trump would love to be the chosen one to deliver the message ! LOL)  Replace him with a wisdom male voice.  1st step in global announcement from America to the World that We the People are the change we believe in and we believe in Love and respect for life.  ALL LIFE.  Not just our own in our Country but Life on Earth.  Interconnected awareness that what America does ripple affects to all.

Tara is female to have said she will live as female enlightenment.  We need both – male and female awakened hearts and minds.  Tara showed you can be on the path of enlightenment and at the same time be feeding the kids, stopping war, suppressing sickness, stopping bad dreams by imprinting the minds with loving dreams, and on and on it goes.  Bringing enlightenment into the worldy world.  I believe we all have a piece of a Mother Tara (Mother Mary pure mind) and activity in us just waiting to be experienced. Men and Women. We need the Mother in the Government not Guns.

If we can see this we can use this as a means to unite men and women on Earth.  Stop the country and religion fighting.  Simplify to male female relations, power, and how we live to practice enlightened mind.  Love and wisdom united. we can co create boot camps for all soldiers ( SS Life Camps re booting the hearts of Man and retraining them in the art of LOVE)

I believe our world needs to encourage men in the true courage path to tame his violent impulses and train his heart and mind and live a life of care. Soliders are enslaved to training of uncaring and this I believe can change with our peoples walk to the White House.  Global Females need empowering her motherly impulses and instincts…I don’t mean making more babies I mean an inner investigation into the instinctive love which arises from mother to newborn and we expand that as a gender and to all sons, brothers and fathers.

SAdly in human histry, Males have long since denied the mind or spoken word and/or feelings/emotions/advices of female and deemed it as lesser or not important.  Segregation was just an appendage of the primal wounded mind of supremecy. American law ‘allowed’ female voting in America not that long ago which shows us all humans the situation of how ‘normal’ humans have made it that the male is the leader.  Women seem to follow along voting into the still male dominated system.  Seems we have been trained to understand that male is head of house and then women  vote for whatever man was offered, yet not seeing they still enslaved to following male impulses of power even if  the male lead was violence.

If All Women will unite and walk for Nonviolent Man to have power we can tame the disease of supremecy mind. The mind of his Holiness Dalai Lama – the mind of Jesus is supreme and that is the mind of Man Law we need to enforce. Armed forces should not be what is considered the law. We must retrain and tame our selves and free soldiers. First we walk with our homeland flags in our hands as we move with TIBET with nonviolence. United with Tibet frees all nations.

Supremecy is a cause suffering. Equanimity is the cure.
and we can begin to see the feminine with new respectful eyes as men. See her as the source of all that is good or necessary for life to flourish and help her flourish rather than tear her down, abuse her or silence her to civil service to you.  expanding our roles of what we see in men and women will help us empower the divine in both.

Men could as for a female commander in chief to take orders from. who would she be? can they even imagine? what is Mother and what is Love? The female form – See her as spiritual storehouse of love beyond time space and person – pray to mother to get needs filled.  Mother instinct in all humans will  awaken and start fulfilling each others needs.  And then war will not be possible.  We will be too busy feeding the children and cleaning the world.  And offering each other wonderful foods, clean waters, and ears for listening to each others past pain and loving eyes and energy to help the being remember the present moment holds mothers love and care awakening energy –and man and woman practice awakening mother and praying to spiritual mother in all of life every day.

May men and women bow to each other willing to see and empower our goodness and equalize supremacy mind because  that will neutralize the supremecy which then comes within male countries of which one is dominant and most supreme.  Once the root of male supremecy occurs b/c the genders then within the male group they will compete for suprmecy.  As is clear with wars and one world order plans of military control and poison and pain.

When America and China and Africa and Middle East and everywhere has it’s mother nature empowered and in charge =  like having a 1st mother of a nation election and mother nature can be found in Male or female but we vote in each nation for the being who is most kind, feeding caring and taking care of life instincts..  like His Holiness Karmapa.  I would trust his instincts to rule the nation or the Earth any day of the Week!  He is love in man and would make wise loving decisions to benefit beings.  20130621_130806A true protector.  As opposed to Barack Obama or Hu Jintau.  With leaders like the Karmpa or Coach Clowminzer in America – men with awareness of and awakened inner mother.  To be beneficial and not to harm as their motivating intentions.  They would never cast war.  Just the opposite they would lead us to peace….but we would have to be willing to follow like them – unarmed.  Thinking and feeling and caring for beings.

Then, we could begin the female use of words rather than force to communicate as a neighborhoods on earth and saying no more hurting each other starting today.  No need.  We are hurting so much.  America must vote no killing.  Yes to nonviolence.  Today.  NOW. Speak of disarmament and pouring our energies into loving the animals and allowing finance to follow the love.   In the name of male supremecy let us see that making His Holiness Dalai Lama supreme qualities of man and bow to him as our leader, our guide, our Father who art in Heaven on Earth just waiting for us to join him and co create heavenly activities for mutual benefit here and now.  That is why I say Free Tibet means Free Humanity.

We can use all our negative karma to take on jobs FREEwillingly to work off our karma by doing the opposite as a government mission than we have none in past.  Radical and fast.  Otherwise I feel closing cycle of existence in the failure way.  Humans erode an earth.  The gave rise to the dark and allowed it to rule.  They voted yes to killing and war and didn’t feel connected to all.  They spoke words of change freedom enlightenment and liberation but co created with their dark fear.  I get tired and after our prayers this morning I felt drugged so tired and just wanted lie down.  Ok with death but with a feeling of failure to help while here.

Whenever my inner mother wants me to do something but I don’t do it or do it right to affect a protective change for the better for other  – I have noticed I have these inner feelings arise – all from connected to loving intention – but it feels drained and aware how much anti mother activity occurring in so many ways.  It sees the little pigs cowering in fear as the human with the stud gun shooting huge bolts bigger than the ones nailed in Jesus into the pigs brains.  They watch this happen. And know they are next.  Chinese military unliberated red army also lines Tibetans up and tortures them one by one.  Something has died in our hearts because we have undermined the mother instinct, taken dominion in a destructive way over mother earth and devalued the feminine as power.

Military mind off ALL countries/religions teachings rooted in kill thy neighbor because you have turned them into the enemy in your mind  has empowered the  inner fear/evil/beast/demon/satan mind as Law and Activity(not Buddha – not Christ – Nor Divine Mother) and allowed ourselves to freewillingly co create a society and humanity that gives ourselves as spirits the OK to murder.  To war.  To genocide, to torture, to famine and sickness by creating GMO disease by the  raping cell membranes of plants and animals and mixing them and trying to play god of creation and dominion over life and death.  We must take responsibility as humanity to make a unified change to let good win in our minds and our world scene.  (i.e. voting yes to war rather than uniting in nonviolence as your human right and right use of democracy is also empowering the inner beast to triumph.

The American government is not a protective entity as it was designed to be.  There  is for one reason.  We are the disease perpetuating violence and we are bieng resistant to being the cure. We are  allowing like some mad scientist disease of a movie our real life create all sorts of warped food and rape mother nature in her natural perfection.  we cut baby boys which also is violating mother nature and her ability to not only make the perfect form – man – but to want to protect him from pain.  The deep inner equanimity to all – (i.e. no want anyone or anything to be tortured) is a quality of what I call the universal mother. .  Children (birth to 26) you make up 50% of the Worlds population.  You lead the way for your own future and the adults will have to follow.

Nonviolence.  Compassion.  Love.  How can you better the planet and yourself and discover all your amazing qualities with your life?  Male or female.  All of you have a right to be free but these big 3 are the Root of true freedom.  They are also the golden foundation of your values as you  live your life.  They are the base  of true happiness too.  Please understand you have a right to weave and intentionally and freewillingly choose to unite with these as WHO YOU ARE – make them part of your DNA  – the big 3 into your soul – and then become the best Engineer, Chemist, Doctor, Reiki Master, Yogini, Artist or whatever you choose to do to share your talents with the world.  Co creating your heaven on earth.  We must break the violent cycle. Violence is a violation of the rights of others.  If it has been done to you then you are the ones to end it.  Stand up for the true power in your gut.  In your center.  In the  End the dark ages.

We are deep in the rabbit hole.  One thing and one thing only will get us out dalai-lama-in-front-of-tibetan-flag …. (more…)

What a Heart has to say – Day 1 of a Poem a Day Monday, Apr 1 2013 


to write a poem a day is the challenge I accept

and each day i will ask each chakra what it has to say
today is the hearts turn 

because all day it feels it wants to cry

so i lovingly ask it now, Dear Heart, why?

well, with head in hands the heart feeling the pain in so many lands

it sits and feels and keeping it real but wonders is it really true

that the more you love the more you see what love can do?

i feel naive and thought love could heal all

i felt the dream and the promise land spoke of  by MLKing  

but war is pain and not the dream

 and bullets sing

a false freedom song.

i still believe in love

but losing faith in the we…

maybe writing words will help these feelings

transform the energy

because it is brave to open the heart wide

and no one tells you how much struggle there will be

when one feels the plight of others

in the heart and feels the agony

which arises when it bravely witnesses our human family tree

dying by it’s decisions made by leaders of audacity 

needless suffering created by humanity

of course an open heart feels it

like our Tibetan family who honor Chenrezig

a vow of compassion unites these beings

 who have been invaded by violence and guns

and they try to escape over icy mountains

dodging getting shot and risking torture too

how can these things be happening and

will they soon be happening in the red white and blue?

in this 21st century of our democratic New Age hearts

why do we pay for war but think we are free

and what is a heart to do when it feels this misuse of democracy?

and how to stop writing once i begin

as the feelings arise and want to pour out pain

and the tears flow to wash away our sin

the heart feels our goodness, our light and our care

but it doesn’t know how to process human warfare.

they say it’s part of life and the way things are

but i think it’s  a bad dream like we have fallen from a bright star

and if we did fall then how can we rise

how can our humane hearts literally come back to life?

to not think about others

or dwell on Earths pain

is a strategy many recommend me each day

but this i say to thee

when the heart is open it is wide and free

and it cannot block out it’s global responsibility.

now what to do but write a poem a day

and pray.

and pray

and hear tomorrow what the heart has to say

or maybe tomorrow i will ask my toe

toe, do you have a voice and want to speak?

and it says ask me tomorrow and wait and see

in the meantime breathe deep

send love and care

to our precious planet, animals and humans

to end needless warfare


some thoughts on Compassion from March 2012 Sunday, Oct 28 2012 

Compassion itself is not masculine or feminine, but i believe it is experienced differently in each gender.  With this awareness and examples, perhaps this article will help us see that while both men and women are carriers of compassion, the feminine heart mind is linked with the feeling of compassion without training, the mother.  The mother response is also available to men, and many have it, and many mothers don’t.  My point in writing is to help us recognize the gifts women have and help us strengthen those innate gifts and then we are able to share them with Man.  The path to freedom involves an awakening of compassion within us and our world.  

What if we make World Politics a game of ‘Battle of the Sexes’ – Tantra Olympics – whatever we call it.  We redirect our focus from cruelty, fear, and past pains, to compassion, love and healing.  As man, we focus on woman.  As woman we focus on Woman.  To empower love and compassionate energy in woman to awaken and flow is what the world needs.  Males receive the energy of female so it is logical and beneficial that if male is supporting and empowering and respecting female power of compassion they will feel it directly.  If compassion is the root to enlightenment – i believe both genders have offerings. 

I vote Compassion Ticket 2012.  No more cruelty to selves, neighbors, environments, etc…..  When compassionate action is spending the money and directing projects- everything benefits.  So, in Love Olympics we need to recognize Male compassion leaders to put in political leadership positions.  Then we focus on other.  Woman.  We as men, grow our compassionate feeling by what woman has endured from man since beginningless time. 

To seek compassionate feeling one will find it.  It feels rooted in what i would call beginningless and endless love which is instnct and held for everything b/c it is beyond things – it’s just an all pervasive energy – a feeling.  no sight, no sound, no taste, no words, but a pure, feeling that is rooted in what one would call, Care.  an instinct of care.  When this root instinct awakens in humanity  we will have our new world which is this world just an end of the cruelty world and now in the compassionate world.

in the battle plans  there would be compassionate hotels for those who freewillingly want training in compassion and love enter of their own freewills and first thing to awaken compassion is to treat the being with compassion – just like a mother greets her newborn.  this would be the greeting into the compassion boot camps and then of course mother feeds and makes safe sleep.  Militaries are not given these things and compassion gets short curcuited and we become able to inflict harm on others or drop bombs or shoot each other.  We begin to co create a living hell.  which is where humanity is when we are in the cycles of war, faminine, sickness, and premature death. 

 We can end that cycle and there are creative ways to end it

an exerpt from a prayer by His Holiness Dalai Lama Sunday, Feb 19 2012 

This is a blog about LOVE and the spirit of Love, I offer one paragraph of a vast prayer written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, February 28,1999. 

by His Holiness Dalai Lama

“……..Throughout all the worlds, may war, conflict, famine, and evil thoughts and actions be eradicated, so that even their names are no longer heard. 

May the minds of beings be infused with Love! 

May signs of virtue increase throughout the environment and beings! 

and may an ocean of happiness and well being pervade throughout the whole of space……”

May all His Holiness Dalai Lama’s wishes and aspirations be fulfilled and may ‘We the People’ of our precious human race on this precious Earth recognize the profound power we have within us to make these words come into manifest reality 2012 as our mission in America and for all nations. 

When it comes to Enlightened Leadership – it seems clear to me there is no greater guide for our humanity than His Holiness.  Beyond religion, country, or race, he is our human mirror and embodyment of pure LOVE and Wisdom. 

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been the center of all ‘my’ political spiritual art as His heart can touch US All and we can use that loving connection to unite around, heal from world wars, and reconnect with our own humanity and deep love and compassion for all beings as our instinct.  He is my hope for our future  World Peace in the now.  I offer praises and prostrations to great love and the great power of His Holiness the Dalai Lama...and a prayer for a happy ever after for humanity 2012

Learning from my mistakes Sunday, Feb 19 2012 

I titled this blog entry before writing it because I am in the midst of feeling – and maybe this is what they call a midlife crisis – that I have made monumental mistakes in my attempt to share my heart and offer the inner global visions which came through my heart out to the world via blogging.  Perhaps the best way to bounce back from mistakes – is to own up to them – to self and others.  Life is about learning and I am definitely learning.

My first mistake was probably to go by the aka Libertyusa.  Probably a turn off, yet the energies of unity for humanity which my heart was feeling these last 9 years (the name was borne as George Bush was waging the ‘War on Terror’)  needed a way to express without using a personal name yet I guess using the name Liberty was just too much about a ‘me’  rather than to be understood as a dream for the ‘We.’  i.e Liberty (freedom from war) USA (United States of Awakening)

Second mistake was to put my dream for change for the Nation onto the backs of Life Coach Greg Clowminzer and Oprah Winfrey as a team.   If i could talk to either of them personally, I would apologize.  It is tricky business trying to be a voice for change without it being about ‘you.’  So, I made it about ‘them.’  I had the profound and life changing experience of working with Greg Clowminzer for almost a year and came in direct contact with authentic enlightened leadership qualities.  I grew up watching Oprah inspiring the country for my entire teenage and adult life, so it seemed natural to me (and my heart) that these two together would be magic. 

Needless to say, they have their own life plan and me trying to project them into the White House is clearly not part of their plan.  How unfortunate for America and the world because if Oprah would work with Greg and take her next step in her Enlightened Leadership awakening I am certain they could do far more for this country than George Bush did (it was back in 2004 this vision came) and Barack is doing now.  War is simply outdated and the fact that the ‘free world’ is still funding it as a solution to any world problem is a sure sign that we need some serious awakening – and Greg and Oprah could have brought it, or so i thought.  They are serving the world differently than i was envisioning and I am thankful they are doing what they are doing and recognize my American dream for them in the White House isn’t their dream. 

It is tricky when we are encouraged to awaken our dreams and live our dreams and ‘best life’  and then our dreams involve others to do what we see for them…..i learned my dream needs to be what i see for myself…..which is another trap because when one reaches a certain level of selflessness it becomes about what one wants for others not for oneself.  Yet, we are told to take responsibility for our own mind and actions and words – so it forces one to make it about oneself. 

That is where the Libertyusa came into play – it was about me, but about the part of me that is interconnected to the WE. 

Third mistake – was not editing my work and not getting feedback from others and at times writing when i had had a puff or two (no more than that) of marijuana.  I can say this current writing is completely pure.  I say it was a mistake, but maybe it wasn’t.  Let me explain, the ‘problem’ with me writing when I had had a puff of marijuana is that the volume was turned up on the feeling of unity and love in our world being a lived real experience for us.  I would feel the peace and love within me and all of us a bit more deeply and optimistically and it took the door of impossibility off of the writing of the dream.   With or without marijuana, to my mind clear and loving mind,  it is far more dangerous and a crime to the mind and heart to make guns and war  legal and rational and ganja illegal…but that is for another blog. 

Fourth mistake was to stop writing because i felt maybe I could help affect a change with my voice and prayers behind the scenes rather than on twitter, facebook, youtube and blogging because i felt my communication skills were turning people away rather than uniting us.  I became saddened to think my style of sharing might be harming the cause of Tibet, Peace, and uniting America. 

I stopped writing and tweeting my thoughts as a strategy to do some inner reflection because i got discouraged because as a person i was repelling the cause and I felt that maybe i could help the cause more by being a vibration and voice in the quietude of my life and car and disappear from social media – but when i think about how many lifetimes woman’s voice has been silenced or how many have died just trying to have the freedoms of speech and the liberties of free expression – it seems a crime not to stand up as myself, brush myself off, and get back on the proverbial horse – before it is too late – and use my voice, heart, intelligence and social media to reach out and do my part to uplift and unite America – because to me, America is a melting pot of the fabric of our human race and our world religions and in that larger perception of ‘We the People’ we can create a third party for the 2012 Elections and be a voice for change and evolve out of this very limited 2 party system and these shady politics which quite honestly is an embarrassment to what I see America could be.  

When i tune in, i see clearly we need Enlightened leadership and we can have it.   I am willing to keep it real and I am willing to tune in and step up when i see what is happening – even though i’m a nobody with no financial backing – i have heart and authentic care and that is what is needed for authentic political world change.  

I don’t agree when i hear people say to ignore or  ‘tune out’ the world of politics and the election process and don’t pay attention to the news and politics.  In case we haven’t noticed, the politicians are making LAW and WAR.  To not stand up, tune in, and be a voice for humanity and change is for me, death.  Adolf Hitler once said something to the affect of ‘how fortunate for Leaders that people do not think.’ 

We have to think and more importantly we have to FEEL.   and we also have to be willing to do something about what we think and feel and as our hearts grow and expand the small minded world of politics and war and ignoring the truth of the underbelly of American Government simply will not do.  I have great hopes for humanity 2012 but what i see so far for the politics of America 2012 ain’t gonna get us there but there in lies a profound opportunity.  I see every problem is just an opportunity for a solution and i will propose real solutions as my heart and mind feel them and i will not allow the doubting voice to keep me silent or tell myself it’s not my place to get involved in politics simply because i have no experience or funding.  I have heart.  and I am human.  All international relations boils down to the very real reality that it is human relations.  I don’t have to know all the details of the historyof the problems – I need to have clear sight into the realities of the solutions.  So often knowing too many details of who is fighting who and why simply keeps us bogged down in the details of the fight.  I will focus on the aspects that unite us as humans in my writing and campaign for Love in the White House….even if i have to put myself in the picture and rearrange certain aspects of the dream vision

I have learned that paying attention to our personal lives mandates that we also pay attention to the larger picture – because if we don’t – it will destroy us – because the system called government is like a parent to the people.  If it is unhealthy – it is up to the people to bring Healthcare to the system.  not ignore the system and carve out a temporary happy life for ourselves filled with material comfort at the expense of ignoring the unethical business ontop of our heads.  

So, I am back in the game of sharing my thoughts, but they will be only about me and what i see for this Country America and the human race 2012.  I will leave Oprah and Greg Clowminzer out of it.  It is time, as a woman to stand up and offer my plan for healthcare and home land security and international affairs – because i am a citizen of America and an interconnected part of our human race. 

I as one person connected to all others am part of the awakening prayer and it is not ego which writes – it is empathy, compassion, responsibility and evolution.  So, whether anyone reads this blog or not – I am going to write post after post after post until my heart feels like i have written enough – and then i will write more.  I will relieve the inner pressure – and if Oprah ever reads and wants to join in to my campaign for Love and Justice in the White House – great.  If not, at least i tried.  I know a Presidents power is more about the authentic values he or she represents as a mirror of the people and that is what i believe if missing from the White House.  Values.  Valuing truth, life, harmony, peace, and true care for our Earth.  

spontaneously and warmly written with love,


preparing a State of the Union Address – Thanksgiving 2011 Tuesday, Nov 22 2011 

Hello blog.  It has been so long since visiting you that i forgot my password!  I wonder if i still can blog as effortlessly as before?  Topic:  Love.  should be easy enough.  Sit still.  go inside my heart and allow what the heart feels needs saying – to speak – or write, as the case may be.   Lately i have not been active in social media with my thoughts, prayers, ideas, and realizations.  I have done less writing and more spontaneous speaking when i find myself alone, away from other human beings.  Even though i have been away from social media, my focus on Love, Change, Responsibility, Justice, and the White House ‘change’  has not changed. 

What has been a change is I have let the pressure go that always felt i had to blog in order to reach others.  I believe praying and singing and speaking spontaneous prayers in the privacy of one’s one heart and quiet life may be just as meaningful than being public speaking or public blogging.  A balance of both.   I want to use the precious gift of free speech and blogging to the utmost opportunity as i know just how precious freedom of speech is and with digital technology our messages – if they can touch our hearts – have the freedom to be spread to each of us nearly at the speed of light now with all our computers and linked up cell phones.  The internet makes possible our ability to come together in the same moment and share the same moment or thought.  Whether we are able  to make that happen is up to us humans.  The internet just makes it a possibility. 

So, I write this as a preparation blog to create a State of the Union address.   brainstorming topics that i want to address.  We all have an idea of what the State of the Union is in this moment in time, November22, 2011.  me too.  I don’t need to be President of the United States to compose my version of the State of the Union.  My first thought is the word Union.  My second thought is that America is a melting pot of the fabric of the human race.  Our bloodlines all merge here, in America.  What we do with this awareness is whether our concept of what America is and what it can be.  whether our State of the Union addresses our humanity and all nations – or if the State of the union is really a state of fear, separation and lack of identity as to who we really are here in America representing a homeland ancestry, religion, tribe, and race.  The original people of the Land America are the Native Americans.  Everyone else came after.  I think everyone has a different idea of what America is and who ‘we’ are.  I see the fabric of humanity –  Native American, Indian America, Chinese American, African America, Iraeli American, Tibet American, Pakistani American, Hawaiian American, Korean American, Japanese American, Russian American, Norweigen American, German American etc….  American is not a race of people or a culture – it is a place where all races and cultures have come together with the precious opportunity to scuplt the law with their freedom of speech and voting.  

I see American law as an opportunity for Human Rights law – the voice of the human people – to rise and make profound and planet altering change.  Evolution.  The State of the Union could be seen as an opportunity for Unity.  The problem is the Constitution is only a framework for the ultimate dream for a people to pursue happiness and equality.  The people have to have the wisdom to vote for beings who will uphold the highest human law as the law bringers. 

Now, it is clear that ‘tradition’ has made an imprint in the mind of humanity that has created a world where the ‘law’ is acutally lawless.  If those in positions of power do not have the moral and ethical and compassionate truthful characters, then the law will reflect it.  If we are dissatisfied with the law – we must change the people sitting in the positions – NOT waste time petitioning them for different things.  we could do like Donald trump on his show and say ‘your fired.’  replace them.   We have the power to vote an international team made up of ‘Americans’ who speak the human tongue – for human rights.  I believe time is of the essence and humanity is in peril but we are also so close to peace. 

By America having an Awakening of our true identity as ‘We the People’ and feeling our responsibility to our humanity – and to human rights – we can catalyze a planetary change.  In the State of the union address, i am going address an American Apology letter to many nations.  By recognizing mistakes (rather than glorifying them) we have an opportunity to not repeat them. 

What if each Nations government focused not on the wrongs done to them, but on the wrongs they have done.  If we keep making ‘killing the enemy’ right, we will never have a chance to see our wrong.  I’d like to see China government apology to Tibet.  America apologize to Japan for atomic bomb and a host of other nations we have sent weapons to and have directly benefitted off of militarizing and weaponry other impovershed nations.  America has contributed to the violence on this planet in so many ways.  We should recognize this and aplogize, not sit back and think how we have short term material freedoms and luxuries at such a high cost to others. 

What if each citizen of different nations and religions took responsibility for the mistakes of their ‘own’ and wrote apology letters on behalf of their government or violence done to others in name of religion.  What if the Chinese people wrote letters on behalf of their governments wrongs against human life, animal life, Tibet, and Earth.  What if mothers of sons called them home – wherever they may be.  A cease fire and a freeing of the troops.  and arresting the leaders to participate in a heart awakening and truth telling public rehabilitation programs. They are not above the law. 

I wish with all my heart there was a huge company that could hire trained soldiers of all nations – and retrain them with better benefits, service to supporting life, and rehabilitating their hearts.  I believe deep down no one wants to be caught in the trap of violence yet, we have created the Law to be the training of militaries and police to carry the ‘moral authority’ and the law bringers.  We think this is necessary and normal in the ‘real world.’   In America we have marginalized war into our consciousness and somehow tell ourselves it is necessary or even a source of protection.  We tell oursleves – those that believe in the philosophy of kill the enemy – that war is a solution to exterminating ‘the bad guy’ or bringing a false sense of ‘justice.’  If we believe this thinking then we can actually participate in war and funding war by saying it is making others safer by battling the ‘enemy.’   

I veto war.  It is a human wrong.  all troops of all nations are the same.  they have hearts, brains, and sexual organs.  they have mouths to speak and they have been given teachings and trainings.  they all have basically the same desires.  Healing for them would also look basically the same.  I wish for every service man or woman of any nation sexual healing and spiritual awakening boot camps where humanity can come back to life by awakening our humanity. 

As a woman i believe that comes from having a safe place to come.  to be served warm loving food.  to be treated with dignity.  to be asked questions of how the person feels and to allow that person to actually FEEL.  to feel their voice connect to their feelings and feel what it feels like to express themselves with their words and even tears.  I believe deep down we are drawn to love and want love, and to be loved.  Military and Peoples republic of unliberation does not teach love nor do they mirror love for the troops which are in service with their lives to serve their country – same goes for any group of humanity armed and fighting another – like American troops.  all same.  if we give weapons the power and the law then we the people of all lands will ultimately pay the price.  

Living in fear and making pain for others and pollution for the planet is not living our fullest potential.  We humans have a profound opportunity for prosperity – we have made so many problems for ourselves and within that is opportunity to make billions of jobs into enacting being part of the solutions.  like a SAVIOR team (i.e. Save Your)  Be a Savior.  Save your Earth, Save your trees, Save your homeland, Save your life (lay down the weapons rather than hiding behind them and controlling others with them) 

Growing symbolic Iron Mountains of recycled weaponry would be the greatest event of human history and unity.  Truly life saving.  True protection.  True service to all troops.  We are humans first.  Gender second.  Then the country of which we were born.  We are all of the family human.  Men and women.  Men are fighting each other.  Presidents are commanding it.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  It can change.  If the people change.  then they change Leaders from a War leader to a peace leader and they don’t delude themselves into believing a war leader is a peace leader?  the days of delusion need to end and we need to pay attention to the facts, to what is.   

Actually, a leader is who the people follow.  They can follow anyone and then vote and put that person into office rather than have mass media and ‘the system’  give us only a certain few people within the system of which to vote for.    We determine our leaders.  and if we have a leader we are dissatisfied with ….we have power to change leaders too.  A leader is a servant of the people who i believe is a voice and activist for the people and their best interest and it takes intuition intact to know who has the people’s best interest at heart. 

Leaders mirror us – we the people.  If they are of the old paradigm of war then they are not going to be a change.  this is the end of my spontaneous downloading thoughts regarding a State of the Union address speech and Thanksgiving Apology letter on behalf of one American girl citizen who feels connected with all of life and is in service to our human rights and Peace and sharing her ideas of responsibility and change.  Inner change leads to outer change.  When we have attained inner peace- what we do for self – we do for government.  Love naturally comes with empathy and ethics.  The more we awaken a sense of connection to love and the more we give love the power and make learning about what loving activities, jobs, and change looks like – the more we will come into a natural harmony with life, each other, and animals.  Love does not want others to suffer.  Love does not make suffering for other.  Love does not  kill.

the end for now.  no editing b/c it is late.  i’m just going to be raw, transparent and trusting that what is blogged, if read, is helpful in the ways of uniting – or not – at least not harmful, because zero intent for harm.  out of billions of  thoughts and expressions – a few were spontaneously chosen.  i’d like to do this each day and sit and type for one hour the inner thoughts and prayers for the ending of the dark ages.  there are so many many ideas – it is hard to know what is most important to write.  maybe writing a little bit everyday will relieve the inner pressure or resp0nsibility as a blogger and human citizen to contribute each unique way to our global mission 0f world peace.

with deepest devotion and gratitude to His H0liness the Dalai Lama for his tireless service to all of humanity and all sentient beings.  Om mani peme hum.  may each and every one of us participate in the healing or our hearts and humanity and offering our heartfelt prayers to our world and our neighbors.  I believe offering Prayer is  not a  religion.  it is the deepest part of our hearts expressing.  The State of the Union will also be a prayer. 

until tomorrow night ~

with love

citizen of human race

Obama kills Osama in the name of Justice. I tried for Peace talks. Saturday, May 7 2011 

greetings.  Today i am contemplating the death of Osama bin Laden as warranted by American President Barack Obama.  Right now, I am revisiting a 2008 letter (with minor edits) i wrote to Osama Bin Laden in an attempt to help catalyze dialogue and begin an end to the violence on our planet with responsibility and creative peacemaking. 

 By reaching out to Osama it was an attempt initiate American responsibility for GWBush war crimes and take public American responsibility for their (our)  part of the war madness in our world rather than pointing fingers outward calling others evil while America is #1 weapons distributor to the nations of the Earth.  War is a business and I was attempting to make Global disarmament an even more profitable business to all beings and I was  requesting Osama to be a key leader in the global disarmament dream plan and attempting to catalyze a world healing competition along with truth/responsibility talks with American leader GWBush.

May 5, 2008

Dear Osama Bin Laden, A question and a challenge from an American girl aka LibertyUSA working for Peace, Truth  & Impeachment of GWBush …Hello Osama.
Through words and letters, I am attempting to help stop the militant activity coming from America & China Governments through seeking truth and impeachment and American responsibility for it’s part in violence on Earth.  In the Name of ‘We the People’ who want to co-create a Peaceful Earth  I am attempting to catalyze a take over of a Peace team into the White House.  I am joining others and attempting to Impeach and Arrest George Bush for war crimes and dig deeper into the truth of 911 not just what the American government and George Bush has presented to our Nation as the Truth of 911 and dig out our past too.

If I can help stop America’s War plans and stop the Bush terror regime (which would be a miracle b/c i am nothing more than a nobody girl who believes in brotherly love)….would you stand down and be able to stop your men?  Osama,  there is another ‘America.’  The militant mind does not speak for all of us.  I speak as a Woman of Peace, Unity, and Justice.  If I get into the White House I would work to disarm the country along with China to free our sons and daughters and ALL MILITARY of Arsenals of guns, Missils and bombs.  If I can actually get to the White House with this mission to do this, would you trust me and respect me as a woman and would you have a Peace talk with me for future betterment of our world?

I believe we can transform the gun business and melt the guns and make things that are good for the people and the Earth.  You want to stop the Madness coming from America but you think violence is the only way to stop it.   I, also, am working  to stop it, but I am using dialogue and attempting to catalyze International TV if we the people will let me walk up the steps to the White House with Oprah Winfrey and all of  ‘we the people’ of all lands gathered here who want to participate in leading the world in Nonviolent action as power.  What a world peace show it would be to arrest George Bush and place him under house (love) arrest to help bring American responsibility for its part of terror on this Earth.  IF I CAN DO THIS and help catalyze this monumental change  – CAn YOU STOP your guys? Would you stop?

What if you and me led the worlds nations in a humane competition on which group of military (human beings training to kill each other) can collect and melt the largest stockpile of Guns and get on with the business of having better lives and less rage and injustice.  Weapons solve nothing but growing mountains of iron to bring peace camps could solve everything.   let’s make a race and a healthy competion with all these weapons…and lets make a real peace party.  I desire Peace in the Middle East.  I want all men on Earth to walk unarmed because they are not training to be enemies, but rather learning the art of Life, Love, and friends with each other.  To Free humanity from being enslaved to weapons and killing is a humane dream.  To free the troops of all nations.  You and Me could lead this if you would join me in a peace truce and dialogue with GWBush/American leadership. 

I write you and ask you to help me catalyze peace b/c these wars are breaking my heart.  I wrote GWBush too.  I have to try.   If a peace team  gets in  …..what will you do?  If America terror is stopped and lays down it’s weapons.  What will you do?  Will you instruct your men that they too can lay down their weapons, or are you as George Bush portrays you to us – an evil man who just wants to kill kill kill.   He presents you as the enemy and not himself.  I think that is irresponsible of America.  Pointing it’s finger outward onto the same behavior it is doing.  If a missionof Liberty & Justice can stop George.  Can I count on you as a man to stop too? 

As a feminine voice of Leadership with dialogue and nonviolence I’m  curious about the man in you.  in your eyes i see a kindness and the people follow you.  If America is peacefully stopped, Is there any way you would instruct your men to freewillingly disarm too and all nations can witness and the world will be a more wonderful place for our human race?  it’s a dream for Peace of this one girl who writes and posts this letter and wonders if you will recieve it?   

with hope for future peace talks,
Julie Christine, aka libertyusa

Here is a copy of Osama’s Letter to America – He holds ‘we the people’ accountable for the violence our Nation Produces.  So do I.  I believe Bush is representative of the Anti-Christ mind.  I would like to discuss it on Global Free tv.  I believe insanity towards each other and taking life must stop but killing and bringing Death to anyone is NOT the way to stop it.  Jesus taught love but we don’t give Love much power in this world.  America and China are super powers built on weapons and violence.   America has killed and now Osama wants to kill back in the name of Allah.  I believe ALL RELIGIONS IN THEIR TRUTH are designed to be AT ONE with the Source of Life and Love.  Killing is Anti Life and all beings trained to kill their neighbor must recognize our timeless mistake ad use the power of now to evolve.  The only way we will every have authentic peace and happiness for all beings is if Human beings lay down their fire arms in the name of their life, their GOD, logic or Truth, Love, and Peace which can be lived out by us all.  We have that human right to happiness and peace.  WE ARE ONE (human) RACE.  I pray we can use our lives to live and love and stop Killing as a way of business?  If ‘we the people’ of all races and religions can agree to stop the killing of one another we can participate in the co creating of Heaven on the Earth – which to me is humans with peace in their minds and no intention to harm but to be happy and thrive.  I am reminded of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibet role modeling and guiding us All into nonviolence and dialogue as the only way to authentic peace and happiness.  Let us have a disarmament Olympics and the profitable business of Peace in the name of whatever name we use for God in whatever country or religion we come from.  Let us create the opposite of WW3  here is a copy of Osama’s letter to America.

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