2017 Christmas Miracle Love Tree story.LibertyUSA Operation: Free Santa’s Palace

A Message from our Golden Age Christmas Tree
Once upon a real time there is a tree that can speak
In the tongue of each and every human being.
She spoke in the tongue of everyone
As she spoke in the language of which we call Love

Everyone could understand this magical speaking tree
as if receiving direct messages just for each He and She.
She is called by many names including
The Miracle tree of WE,
And she holds our Human family Tree,
As well as the celestial realms above
and this is her story for Love

human being
Thank you for sitting with me
For this signals an auspicious time for your humanity.

So dear ones, it’s time you hear my voice
For a great gift has been given you
but you are destroying it with your free choice
This precious human life Is so difficult to find

And is but a fragment of the fullness of your true nature mind.
So if you are to make full use of the gift of which has been given
please listen to these words
to help you live in more of your heaven

As you sit beneath my branches
you will develop an ability to see and feel my view
So please, relax and let me take you on a journey into me
You may close your eyes, lean against me,
and allow my words to lift and carry you

As you can see I am rooted in the Earth.
This is my home. And its yours too.
Look up beyond what your eyes can see
My trunk reaches to the Heavens and the celestial cities
I am the Mother Tree in the forest of Life
holding all your family trees throughout time
and my branches hold all the beings in your Nations,
as my fruits.

I speak in a language that all of you can hear
because you are all a part of me
you are my family of which I hold dear

I am speaking because I am sick and need you to heal
When you arm with firearms and throw missiles and bombs
it burns Me, and your family and devastates Mom’s.
You are killing me and yourselves unnecessarily
And This is not intelligent activity

I am also known as the Tree of Logic
Because my view is unbiased
and rooted in love
I can use logic to point out to you what does not make sense.
In hopes it will uplift your intelligence.

I have been given the power to speak
And you the power to hear
And Because we are interconnected
a piece of me is in you,
therefore you have the seed to comprehend me,
your Spirit Mother tree

You will innately trust me
Like infants trust their Mothers
You are all my children as well as
My sisters and brothers.

I am intelligence to help you see
Enlightenment on our Family tree.
You are all seeds of potential fruits
And It’s time for you to bloom.

I speak to talk you out of your weaponry
So you can engage in being miracle workers for the Tree
Working to grow Mountains of recycled weapons
Catalyzing a Golden Age for your humanity
And reducing the pain of life on Me.

To give you an idea of what could be
I will sing you a song
To Offer your gun to this Tree
I will show you how to transform such things
Into Beautiful Iron Mountains for mans sexual and spiritual healings.

Please visualize A bootcamp man dance –
And see the men of all Nations Dancing their victory Dance –
allowing Brotherly love to WIN all wars
laying down the gun at the doors of life
so hate doesn’t have a chance.
To separate brothers ever again.
~ Mother

What would love man boot camp be?

I will tell you on this Tree tv

Open your ears and rest your mind

On what I say to you tonight



Lets go.

Are you ready soldier to stand

Up for being a divine man

Do you want to be treated with care

And touched with love oh everywhere

Well brother now I do decree

That would be the service of LIBERTY

To guide you back into you heart

And help you make your divine start

Countdown 5,4,3,2,1

Transform Gun

That’s right you heard just what I said

That weapon there is a tool of dead

It brings nothing but pain again

So please offer your gun now to say

I Pledge Allegience as Man to Man

I am here as a Man freewill

to tell you, brother,

I will not kill.

I will learn to speak and deal

With my feelings and keep it real

I am Tantra man evolving now

With this promise and my vow

I want to taste my heart alive

And know how to love all the days of my life”


5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I offer this tree my gun

Now it’s time I taste true fun!

~ may all words be offered to bring light and benefit to our suffering world. Karmapa Chenno ~

Julie Christine