Calling all Superhero’s! – Tinkerbell’s meeting
The poster was posted everywhere in the magical world

‘Help Save a real Palace!

CHRISTMAS Emergency!
Calling all Super heroes, Transformers, Prince & Princess, and knomes
Calling Mickey Mouse & Friends
Barbie and Ken! Please come out of your homes.
Emergency Union meeting of all mythical Fairytale land creatures!
You are all needed. Please attend.
Pixie Hollow Secret temple Halloween Night’
Thank you,
Tinkerbell, aka ‘DharmaTink’
Google the Great Tree Guardian for directions and passcode to enter

Word spread through the magical Kingdoms pretty quickly.
‘What’s the Emergency about?’ Spiderman asked Batman?
‘Dude, I have no idea! I haven’t heard from Tink in forever!’
‘Are you going?’ Spidey asked?
‘Of course, I am, I heard Tinkerbell has been in a special school for the past 10 years to grow her magic and light powers so maybe it’s about that? Anyway, I’m definitely going because Tinkerbell is not the type of fairy girl to be overly dramatic, so something must be up. And ya know, well, cuz I also really want to see Tinkerbell!’
Yea you and everyone else!
She’s an interesting fairy.

Like how she took that job to sacrifice going to all the fun parties
So that she could focus her mind one pointedly on tinkering to benefit all beings.’
I never even thought of doing something like that! All I think about is where is the next bad guy and going after him,’

‘Oh, boy do I relate to that! Spidey said.
Tink reminds me of another world outside of this world we live in where we are always having to fight bad guys.
I like how Tinks mind is always tinkering when you’re with her and filling our heads with light and magic.
Superman said, ‘I’ve missed that goofy fairy around these parts. I definitely want to hear what she has to say,’ and both Spidey and Batman agreed.

Hey guys, lets go down to the Princess city palace and make sure everyone in their Kingdoms know about Tink’s meeting.
‘Great Idea Superman!’ I will drive us in the bat mobile.

The Princesses were in a yoga class when the Superhero fighters arrived.
Immediately Barbie met them at the door.
She was dressed in blue sparkly yoga pants and matching top and headband. Very 80’s!
‘Hey you guys – Namaste she bowed – you know there is no fighting allowed in here. We’re all good!
‘Oh hey Barbie, we are not here on assignment, we are here to spread the word about Tinks emergency meeting,’ Spidey said.
Yes, We saw her poster in our feed today. Sounds pretty urgent.’ Ken and I are definitely coming and we’re going to report back to the rest of my friends here in Barbie Ville what Tink says.

Cinderella came walking over looking a little tired and sweaty, ‘well hello Superhero’s, what brings you to princess land today?
Hey Cinderella, you’re looking glowy as ever!’ said Batman.
Oh I’m just a mess Batman. I’ve not been coming to Barbie yoga for many years and I’m having to work extra hard to catch up, Cinderella said breathlessly.
‘All the Royal Kingdom princes and princesses are going on a journey around the Sacred Mount Kailash and I have got to get into shape or I won’t make it all the way around, I just won’t. I’m an old princess ya know.’
Awww Cinderella, you are ageless and timeless and you will make it I’m sure!’ We are here,’ Spidey continued, ‘to make sure your Kingdoms know about Tink’s meeting.’
‘Well, I will certainly spread the word, ‘ assured Cinderella. ‘Prince Charming just so happens to be with the Shrek, the 7 dwarfs, Aladdin, Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear and others right now out on a Mars expedition. I will let him know and maybe they can come back early. Otherwise, you can count on me to be there and I will text Prince Charming any pertinent information if the fellas can’t get back in time.’
Sounds wonderful, I think Tink will be happy we are coming. Too bad the secret Pixie Hollow temple is out of range
Otherwise we could text her and let her know we’re coming.
‘Oh, I’m sure with her intuition she can feel that we are coming!’ ‘You know Tink,’ Cinderella said.
Yea, she’s always getting those ‘feelings’ she’d say of what is coming next so I bet you’re right Cinderella, I bet Tink can feel that we are coming.
Since Halloween night isn’t until tomorrow what do you recommend we do tonight while here in the Royal Kingdom?

‘Well,’ Cinderella said, ‘my best recommendation is go check out the Live Comedy Princess theatre – it’s an improv theatre where Princesses and Princes go to develop our personalities because as you know, sometimes are characters are a bit shy and some of us don’t have our true Princess voice yet if you know what I mean. ‘
‘Sounds very interesting.’ We will definitely be going there tonight.’ Agreed the Super hero dudes high fiving as they agreed.
‘Great I will be see you there because tonight is my night to perform, I go on right after Snow White,’ Cinderella said.
‘You will enjoy it’ Cinderella continued, ‘Moana is hosting the show because she won last years competition for public speaking and comedy. She’s hilarious and a very outspoken Princess!’
Miss Piggy is visiting here from Muppet land to give us all some coaching this afternoon so I better run along.’

‘Ok, Bye Cinderella!’ the Superheroes said. See you tonight!’

(More on the Princess Improv night later….)

Directions from the Great Guardian Mother
When anyone from the Fairytale kingdom Googled Pixie Hollow Secret Temple for directions,
They found a note from the Great Tree Guardian Mother herself.

‘Hello dear beings who live in me,
Way up high on my trunk beyond the sky
Of the human realm’s eye
To the Far East one will find the Pixie Hollow city of Light
Just follow the Green Ray straight up once you pass the Red Forbidden City
The Green Ray will take you from there.
When you arrive you please sign in at the
Great Tree Guardian Station
And when asked what your business is to visit the secret temple
You will say
Operation ‘Save Santa’s Palace’
Thank you all for coming to Tinks Meeting.’

One by one the story time characters arrived at the magical realm
Of the Secret Golden Temple and Tree Pixie Hollow.
The ground was made of light yet had a firmness and green color just as the ground in an Earth City does
This green ground sunk down gently as one moved on it giving the illusion of walking.

The city had many smaller trees surrounding a Golden Temple & a Golden Green Tree with chairs and benches set up all around.
Clearly the Fairies were expecting a large crowd and they were right,
There was a steady stream of family faces entering the thru the Great Tree Guardians door.

It almost felt like a reunion except there was an air of something very heavy in the air and even though you could tell everyone was enjoying seeing each other; they knew it was not a reunion, but rather, an emergency. The seriousness of the occasion was palpable in the air.

Snow White was crying and she didn’t even know why. Others were too. There was a very strong energy of sadness that was felt and even though many hadn’t seen each other years, they were not really talking to each other. There was a silence that was moving through the temple and everyone seemed to feel it.

One could see that the vibe was waking many of the characters up in a new way than they had ever experienced themselves, which started taking affect as soon as they arrived to this magical temple. One could see an inner seriousness that was washing across many faces.

Apparently word had spread into the cartoon world too because Bugs Bunny and Tweety bird were in the front row and looking especially somber.

Fairies were flying about making sure everyone had seating and adjusting the lighting and testing the microphone,
‘Testing, testing, 1, 2 3
Testing testing 1 23
Welcome, welcome.’

Then there was silence. It was the kind of silence that can’t be planned, it just suddenly appears and the longer it remains the deeper it goes, capturing the attention of all. Stillness followed. There was hardly a movement in any of the guests. It was as if time stopped for a moment and then as if manifesting herself from the silence, Tinkerbell appeared on the stage which extended off of a branch of the Golden tree about half way up. She was tiny and could hardly be seen. She was just a dot of light to most at the meeting.

She stepped up to the microphone and even though she was difficult to see her voice was clear as a bell.
‘Greetings to you all. Thank you for coming.’
As many of you know, I have been away for many years
‘And I have learned many things. One of which is how to expand and condense my body,’ at which point she suddenly grew 100x larger than she was a moment before and became the same size as Cinderella and was clearly visible for all to see.
‘Whoa! Cool trick!’ whispered Batman to Spidey.

‘So now that you all have come, I will not waste your time.
This meeting is urgent and each and every one of you is needed. This just may be the greatest assignment of your careers.

As you may or may not know, we are summoned to here to help the Humans. It has come to my attention that while our stories have brought much joy in the minds of children and inspired much play and creativity, we are being exploited and we are being used to cause and grow an empire of money of business which is empowering the using of weapons to destroy happiness, forests, and is truly wiping the Light off the Map of the World.

We have all been manifested by human thought. Each and everyone of you was written into being by a human being,
And for that, we are very grateful as many of us enjoy seemingly enchanted lifestyles.

There was a general nod of agreement amongst the crowd.

Bottom line, my dear Fairy tale and magical Kingdom friends, we are contributing to massive suffering on the planet Earth and we have to participate now in ending it. It is the ground from which we were created…. the innate human heart desire to ‘save the world.’ Well, the world we are here to Save is Tibet. The Palace we are here to Free, Barbie and Princesses, Is the Potala.

‘Well,’ Tinkerbell continued, ‘it is now our turn to use our creative intelligence and powers to give back to the Human realm that created us. As you all know our life in stories is fluffy and nice but in the human reality there is a real Palace, Santa’s Palace that is under siege real people that are being imprisoned and tortured by the King who stole the Palace. There are real forests that need saving, and the Kings on top of many Countries, especially the one that stole the Palace are causing bloodshed, and fear to pervade the Kingdom. The humans are in a dark time.

We are being called by the Great Guardian Mother to no longer be a distraction for the human realm calling us pretend and making plastic toys which look like us to give to their kids and make movies about us which make millions and millions of dollars which then go back to empower the evil King Network to continue bloodshed. To put it simply, we are being used by the dark force.’

‘The Great Guardian Mother has issued a plea to us all
And I quote her, ‘we are to remind the humans of their Light and save Santa’s Palace’

‘Uh, excuse me Tinkerbell, you said we are to use our creative intelligence? How? What do you mean remind humans of their light and save Santa’s palace? We didn’t realize Santa even had a palace, we thought he lived at the North Pole.’ Said one of the attendees.

Yes thank you for your questions: let me explain.
As I was saying, we have all been manifestations of thought
And our characters have impacted the minds of humans in more ways than we realize, as we are manifestations of aspects of them. Just like Santa. He is a manifestation of an unconscious desire for a Father of Peace. Christmas celebrates a divine boy child who came to Earth to help guide Brothers into Peace. Well, just as he was real so is a Father of Peace, Who wears red robes and giggles and spreads gifts year around to the peoples of the world. The gift they all so desperately need. LOVE.

I have come to find out in my travels and schooling that this mythical creature is based off of a real human being. He is known to the World as the Dalai Lama and he is a real King who lived in a real Kingdom of the Snowlands, Tibet. His Potala Palace sits high in the Snowland Mountains where the rooftop of the world meets the Heaven’s above. Much like our mythical Santa has a North Pole workshop so is the Potala Palace a physical manifestation of a Palace of Compassion. This Palace is under siege and bloodshed has ravaged the land for 60 years.

Our characters have been written and enjoyed but toys made out of us are made by humans who are working like slave workers for pennies! Our writers write us with values of human love and care – especially you Barbie! – But the human businesses using our archetypes are making money off us and its being used to support the very business which is destroying the happiness of humanity by spreading destruction, censoring free speech, using weapons as Law, bullying the world, and killing human beings is they have a picture of the Dalai Lama. I am asking all of you to join with Santa and have your writers incorporate the values of Barbie into their business deals. It is unacceptable to exploit us anymore to perpetuate suffering for real living beings! Our toys are being made in factories of suffering under a Government that stole the Palace and killed Santa’s family. We all now must come to work for Santa and only have your fans by your toys, which come from the True Santa seal toy workshops, not slave shops. No poison on our toys like China puts on them.

I am calling you to uplift your fans by bringing our voice to not be silent about Tibet and say to your writers and CEO’s that they must align their Company’s values with the values of Compassion and not killing. No matter what the cost! Don’t let a bully who runs sweatshops in China, genocide torture in Tibet, and countless inhumane manpower activities – don’t let that bully you. We the Superhero Team stand with TIBET and we vote Dalai Lama as our Santa and we save Christmas! We help humans choose to raise the light and lay down the gun by mirroring it to them in our stories. Show them what life in alignment with the intention and instinct of compassion looks like by helping them first be law of attracted to it and second to be FREE to say align with it’s Law. This is the power of the Spiritual Sun Love of Dalai Lama – we see an authentic Santa and we join him to co create Peace on Earth. Our Law of Attraction wants it.

~ may all words be offered to bring light and benefit to our suffering world. Karmapa Chenno ~

Julie Christine