Greetings. On behalf of Our Liberty I write an answer: More details are given in blog video’s

We do it MENTALLY first. We must Check our OWN mind? Do you believe in World Peace. Do you believe humans can live without killing each other? If you do believe in it…when do you believe it is to manifest? not in your lifetime? how do you see it happening? what would have to happen? deep down do you believe in the power of Love or Gun ruling? etc. etc. My point in writing is to point out as Individuals and as a Collective… if WE can’t conceive it, and believe in its potential reality in our NOW, then it can never birth.  Individually, as a Country or human race. That is why I write. So we can recognize our obstacles in our mind to our World Peace and remove them/dissolve them/disempower them. First comes the recognizing of the obstacle thought.

Let’s go back to WW2. Hitler said kill and death happened. The power of the word then human activity made it manifest in the world.  At the same time His Holiness Dalai Lama is saying Love, Benefit, Care. Jesus too. They are mirroring and saying to humanity to empower love. When we do then divine life on Earth can manifest. Its always here we just haven’t aligned fully with it. and that is why i write.

Taking this logic to our current ‘politics’ in America and China.  War is manifesting killing.  America is Hitler.  China is Hitler.  We the People are Hitler until we say no to fear and reasons to bear arms against each other.  The crime is the same. Can we see that? Equalize the crime, we can equalize our liberation from the crime with our Logic of common sense of cause effect. Its not rocket science!

Liberty Tree: Grow a Tree of Life of all those who mentally can agree with the thought. Disarmament. Love as Power. Humans as Friends of Nations. Networked in 21 Century Healing activities. Elect an American Leader who values Love, Equanimity, Compassion and Joy will follow for USAll.