Welcome.  This site is dedicated to our Age of Enlightened Activities.  Above is a link to my Vimeo account where I have spontaneious video journaling discussing these fantasies of a higher service for troops for our 21st Century Age of Enlightenment.  It is a work in progress (as am I) but as one girl, I am at least trying to offer some new ideas to break old patterns of war & violence as a service to my Country and world.

The Ultimate Dream – Global Disarmament and Spiritual Olympics – Friends of Nations and affliliated business ventures begin with ideas…A Mother based training for what means To Serve Our Country  

Mother Training:  You are interconnected human race sharing a planet wisely and intelligently.   Much prosperity would flow – happiness and long life too.  here is a little video prayer

Military training:  how to invade and/or protect from being invaded


Mother Principle:  You are here as a human brother training for friendship

Military:  You are here as a soldier training for war


Mother Mind is based in equality.  Military mind is based in supremecy.


Mother mind is training in Unity.  Military Mind is based in Separation.


Mother mind is based on Love.  Military mind is based on Fear.


Mother service to humanity and Earth.  Military service to a country and corrupt money business


Mother mind is awakening and sharing.  Military mind is suppressing and taking.


Mother mind is peace.  Military mind is violent.


Mother mind is training and growing caring forces.  Military mind is training and growing cruelty and force upon others.

Mother mind is free.  Military mind is enslaved.

Mother mind works for harmony.  Military mind works for domination.

Mother mind is Life.  Military mind is destruction to life


Mother:  Your neighbor is your friend and family   Military:  Your neighbor is your enemy.

Do you have any more awarenesses you can share?  I believe this is how we can use our powerful human forces to work together rather than continue in separation training in the art of violence.

 All men are created equal and no matter what country they live and serve in the armed forces – they all have the same needs and they all have been given the same mind training and violent dress code and orders from above to use force and violence as their power.  That is why to address some is to address all.  To lift the mental obstacle of separation is a key to unity.  Fictional writing is one way.  to show what it could be like.

Please feel free to explore and add more ideas to the differences between Military and Mother Boot camps.  Where one has been done over and over and over again throughout time…..watching thousands of men march like nutcracker soldiers obeying orders, invading, and beating and killing other humans as their ‘duty.’   Isn’t time to try for a change? 

I welcome ideas or comments even if negative.  I will always be contributing ideas to break patterns from the past and end the violent cycle.  One person can do very little but that won’t stop me from doing as very much as possible individually – because then when we come together – we merge all our individual efforts into one huge energy of transformation….I can’t bear to see the past continue to repeat in a destructive way.  Not when we have so much potential for healing and co creating a beautiful life on

this is what Liberty consciousness has done to me.  If there were such an entity as I would be proud to serve and work for it!

That would be a change I believe in.

Chapter One of Mother Boot Camps – The Experimental Vision  is coming soon. 

Peace and aloha to you and yours this Holiday Season!