Greetings.  Welcome to my blog.  This entry  is the beginning of fiction story  and  plan for IRON MAN Mountain LIFE Camps (the opposite of Military boot camps and SS Death Camps) .…sponsored by a fictional  One World Network (OWN) made up of Mother minds made up of We the People who have networked our resources and skills to help make this or some greater vision for Union manifest in our 21st Century reality to graduate out of destroying our precious human life and break these patterns of violence to our neighbor and our Earth.

If anyone reads this  and wants to collaborate, encourage, or participate in the fueling of this vision, please contact me via this blog or my email    If  you feel inspired  to give me a boost, an idea, a prayer or a healing activity I can write about for this fictitious boot camp – please do so!  If not, I will still keep at it because  at least writing fiction for Freedom for free is an outlet for my heart to freely express…..and if someone likes my heart as a result and sees a way I can be useful to you or your project – please let me know. Like an online resume of the heart and mind.   Until then, I will add to this story as I am able this Holiday season and hold Peace on Earth as a vision of our manifest destiny because it contributes to a light vision for our future as human brothers and sisters and selfishly it makes a happy energy flow through me.

I desperately want to help our humanity come together rather than war and funding trillions of dollars and life forces into destructive paths because a spirit of Mother awoke in me and it wants to help. Nothing more, nothing less. …and I do believe it possible but the inner and outer obstacles are massive and I see all the guns and loyalty to violence and it is taking all my strength to continue on this creative writing path because I am tuned in to the global pain and suffering and it takes energy to transform that pain into something positive.

Also,  for whatever reason, (probably b/c my spiritual path has been about learning about independence and making peace with being alone)  I have very little support in this ‘call to duty’ I feel with the awakening of my heart and my sense of duty to soldiers and alternative Boot Camp training…Tantra Iron Man Boot camps (training in healing and freeing and uniting heart energy with  body, speech, mind and activities on Earth).

~~~~~~~the dream ~~~~~~~~~~~~~MOTHER BOOT CAMPS:  Opportunity for Freedom for MILITARY SONS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Introduction:  Truthfully Seeing where we are can help us break free of denial and see where we want to go from here.

The ending of the dark ages had been occurring since 2000 but the dark force within humans were fighting to keep the dark within them alive as if it was their life support.  One could see it everywhere in the media and the computer games and even the commercials.  The end of the Age movies with violence and destruction and then the lie of showing how ‘the good’ guys fight the destructive forces with destruction and weapons and ‘win’ had captured the attention of the masses.  The humans had literally programmed themselves to desensitize and believe that weapons and destruction was the path to excitement and displayed it as a path to heroism and a ‘call to duty.’  Duty to what?  The Beast? Fear? Evil?  Anti Life? What sort of mind would you call it when you see using humans to destroy themselves.  With their freewill. Breaking the cycle is the true call to duty of Love because this destruction age is the ultimate failure and there are trillions of dollars supporting such causes globally.  But then the change.

I write this as support for humanity to show them how they will escape their own evil and rise forever out of the dark and into the light.  Humans are in dire need to recapture their humanity and awaken and stop empowering the evil within but rather, the innate life force of love within.

It may seem obvious but it is important to recognize that humans come in two forms.  Male and female.  Each has their own predispositions to evil patterns and good patterns.  Each has their own duties in the awakening and world freedom.  Both are required for paradise on Earth.  The inequality between the two genders is the root of our suffering and the root of our mistake.   Fear and supremecy and controlling others with violence or mind programming  are dark forces within the minds of humanity and each gender must see the global past gender mistakes and use that awareness to reclaim a higher path now in the 21st century.  We must break the cycle.

There is power in seeing the truth and taking responsibility for it in each individual mind because only then can that mind have the potential to free itself.  We might think that the problems are so massive (they are)  there is no escape (there is)  but that is a lie the evil or beast or satan or dark force wants you to believe.  This essay will expose the beast within the law of man (humanity) so it can see the deception and lie and free itself.

This is Fiction using truth.  I write this from the future looking back to the year 2013 and will show how the Mother Freedom boot camps – the tantric Iron man refuge camps –   were built for man to free himself from the iron chains of karma and evil deception coming from serving the Beast.  This is how it happened.  This is how humanity freed itself and forever closed the dark ages and entered the prophesized Age of Enlightenment.  Golden Age and claimed 1000 years of Peace.


As the poles of planets shifted in the galaxy so did the powers and intelligence shift on Earth.  From drone to Deity.  From Anti Christ to Christ.  From Beast to Buddha.  From Military to Mother.  This shift was gradual at first and then through the power of the goodness in humanity it quickened and became a natural way of life.  The birthing years of the polar shift of power was 2013 – 2016.

Going back….It is now the year 2013 on Earth.  Massive numbers of people are recognizing their power to manifest a New Earth, Harmony, Healthy, and prosperity in the ways of interconnected intelligence of the heart and minds working together to promote long happy healthy lives.  There were also massive numbers of people who were blindly participating in the suffocation of the life force and extinction of plant, animal, and mother earth.  The inbred hate and misery had manifested out in globalizing darkness.  Even glorifying it.  The people, whether they could see it or not, were being used to fuel their own destruction and captivity by the dark mind forces that preyed on humans insecurity and need to belong.  They preyed on the humans discouragement and hopelessness.  They preyed on the young for their sexual purity and joy.  Yes, it was a very dark time on Earth but as we all know where there is dark there is light.  Where dark forces have played out their plan with global military, global poisoning the soil, global poisoning the minds, so are the Light forces working to conter act and save the beings caught in the deadly pain cycle.  This is how those caught in their own trap of dark karma where able to free themselves in this life and attain a higher state of mind, daily activity, and vibration….with their own freewill.

Mother Boot Camps.  Recruiting the soldiers to participate in male bonding rather than bondage, competition but with compassion root of all exercises, healing rather than harming and brotherly love exercises for pay.  An intention of a boot camp and job retraining to liberate their heart and tongue to be free to speak.  To be liberated from uniform and false allegiance to a death destructive forces. To liberate their creative expression and unique offering to the world. To enter at their own freewill and experience being treated with compassion and rebooting their hearts and minds out of patriotism, weapon, and pride. A life camp, with life activities, and a huge prayer to Medicine Buddha and Jesusand all light workers to help with all the details of helping care for the brothers and sons of Earth to help them heal and awaken their happiness. (by the way, by saying Buddha and Jesus does not make it religious – it makes it in alignment with those who have come to help us liberate from suffering and I would be foolish not call on their help to channel ideas out to the world)

Chapter One – The experimental vision

to be continued