October 2013 011

I can see His Holiness Dalai Lama above His Holiness Karmapa’s head in this picture. Guru’s…two human men working tirelessly for the good of all Nations, all human beings, the planet, and to me, they are mirroring what ‘God’ is, in human male form. Men like Jesus was. Bodhisattva’s. Lords of Love.

This full moon hit my heart hard and brought to the surface of my emotional body the spiritual and political and personal issues of woman and her ‘rights’ and treatment by man. and the animals being sacrificed too – right now. millions in the name of spiritual traditions. and soon the Turkeys in the name of ‘Thanksgiving?’

I feet the pain of injustice and the male dominated law and my female instinct to Love man, forgive him, but address his mistakes. this world for the past 2,500 years has been ruled by male. His law. His religious law in the various religions and his State law in the Nations of Earth.

I will write more about it later, but first I want to offer the music to my ears spoken from the lips and heart of His Holiness Karmapa, Orgen Trinley Dorje. He links Woman to World and encourages us to shift into a state of giving back rather than taking. especially taking life. I am so grateful to Tibet and to Tibetan Buddhism for upholding nonviolence in religious and Governmental activities.

Healing the World – Karmapa’s spoken words while in America

‘From point of view of spiritual practice
There is deep connection between outer world and inner world.
If we look at Essential nature of both is same
In uncontrived state
The essential nature of mind and world are the same
They are of the nature of equality
When we Realize this it is like pouring water into water

Everything we do leaves our handprint on the world
It leaves the imprint of that action on the world
And Now is time for us to start thinking about
what kind of imprint we are leaving in the world
And in particular what we can do for the world,
because largely Up to now we have been on the receiving end of the worlds kindness
the world has given us so much
so many of the advantages and harmonious conditions we enjoy were given to us by the world
but we need to do is think about what we can give in the other direction.

The world is what gives us our life
Without World it would be impossible for us to live
So we can think about the world
and the way in which we see it
As A beautiful Goddess
or loving affectionate mother to us
So if we think about the world in that way
There will be a lot of liveliness to our attitude toward the world
and bring great motivation for us
to bring positive change to the world
rather than thinking the world is some inanimate matter’
HH17Karmapa in America.


commentary: coming soon