Living Our Best Lives, Peace, Love, Joy Today is the Full Moon.

When the moon is full the emotional body is turned up.

May the Moon in the intensity of energy of LOVE she (feminine aspect of our emotional body) is helping us feel –

may we use it in powerful ways to calm ourselves, heal ourselves, and transform ourselves

I think that is a healthy emodiment of the words that Obama used in 2008. Responsibility, Change. Transparency.

Full moon is strong for me today.

Today in Medicine Buddha Mandala Art class with Lama Gyaltsen –20130514_211251I couldn’t use the compass right and felt I drew the dharma wheel above the gate all wrong and I left class 20 minutes early – sorry Lama la. this is my first mandala before class today 20131014_230855
I drove to where some of my political spiritual art is being stored (and a beautiful picture of the Potala Palace) and brought them home to resurrect more Holiday wish and Love art for my blog.

my emotional body is connected to world politics Womens rights animal rights and Free Tibet.  it is ok to feel many feelings, what is important is what one does with the feelings.

i tell myself One can feel discourage is discourage is what is there, but important thing is never give up and use the energy of weakness you feel to grow stronger

May we believe in the human good potential seed in US all. May we empower Love in our lives – personal, professional, political and of course, spiritual!
with gratitude to have the ability to feel, write, think, pray, and blog.
with gratitude to Love teachers
Love leaders
and loving intentions
and daily acts of love and kindness we all participate in everyday more and more
I whole heartedly participate in that service and intention.
with love,
United States of Awakening
Peace (& Love) blogger