Atlanta 2013 051

just found this letter in my files and thought it worth posting on this Full Moon Oct 2013 – I will add to it later but this is raw first copy….

Dear Oprah Dear World,  our world is in crisis and if we pull together we can make this a wonderful place and human life a wonderful gift.  The dark ages is upon us and what we must see, have to see, and be willing to change is our conditioning to the Military complex being the controller and the law.  Darkness is in weapons.  Darkness is in killing.  Darkness is in torture to other living beings.  Darkness is in bars and chains and governments/militaries teaching the world is filled with enemies and then training and recruiting men and women to fight and kill.  This is darkness. This is serving an anti life mentality and this is deception when your mind accepts that it is necessary for YOU to live free or a good life. 

We vs. them mentality must change.  We are a human race.  China and American military are wreaking havoc across the Earth and we the people of China and America can stop it.  Having patriotism and pride for a country that is killing and causing violence and pain to others is nothing to be proud of.  Super powers?  Money and violence is a deadly combination and it is because we have not wanted to see or take action in our minds to change our ‘political views’ that these horrors continue.  Do you even see it?  How many of us have our hearts numbed out and closed our eyes to the realities of what America and China ‘law’ is doing to harm life in so many ways and so many violations of human rights we can’t even count?  How many think America is noble, virtuous and free?  It is a lie.  America is a center for weapons mentality and distribution and yet it points it finger out to the outer world and calls ‘enemy’ or terrorist.  Americans, my homeland, my family, we are the ones who fuel horrors on this Earth.  The protective service agencies for animals, food, and international relations are not protecting.  We are in crisis and it will get worse for all beings unless we awaken.  HOW?

We warm our hearts. Right now we have hot hearts which keep us in rage or in war (hot hells) or we have cold hearts (cold hells) which keep us in a state of unfeeling or status quo of ‘who cares.’  When we warm our hearts we can see that there are ways out of this suffering.  We can transform our governments to fund activities that are doing purifying good works on the planet.  We pour our money into a network headed by a One World Network (OWN) of Human Rights (with our mind heart and activities allegiance to the human rights values of His Holiness Dalai Lama).  If you believe in such an organization – somehow lets create a symbolic Dollar Bill movement onto a Tree of Life or onto a Bill of Human rights tree of networked people and businesses …we can come together in such a way that from there we will be able to network resources of each other and then and we recruit employees from the companies doing poison deadly work to our planet and living beings to work in the World Organization of Human rights.  We hire employess and shut down businesses Like Monsanto.  Like Militaries. of every nation. We are the Country of Human. Planet Earth. We can transform their duties to civil and sane and the weapons into sexual healing spiritual awakening forms.

Dating all the way back to the barbarian age to clash of the titans, to now Chinese unliberated red army  to American war on terror in the middle east,  we humans (men) have armed themselves for battle and killed each other.  Hitler’s army did it with a white supremmcy motivation.  China army doing it with domination with fear and violence and lies about liberating another land through genocide and sucking the resources and pillaging the land.  America doing it in the name of protection and ‘freedom.’ All the same activity. all the same training. all the same violence. all the same mistake. The beast in human wants us to kill each other and steal from each other and we are doing it.  The demon wants us to kill and we are doing it.  Funding war and allowing China to bully the world b/c it has money and willingness to murder and hurl millions of Chinese trained murderers into a nation is what keeps countries scared to stand up to the violence and to China and say NO.  The Buddha and Christ wants us to Love and we can do it.  The Mother in the Motherlands wants us to love but we have fallen into a deep sickness of the dark father.  We have choice to follow Father of Light qualities, values and virtues (His Holiness) or for Christians we could think of it as a Red Army of true Jesus followers that is nonviolent and loving rather than what we have now…. A patriarch of male leadership who leads with weapon and makes conquering and pillaging other lands for resources for money wealth it’s desire and activity is a  very dark sickness consuming our activities and our hearts. 

Money and Love can go together and all humans will benefit.  Death and taxes must go and Life and liberation (donations) can replace it.   Tonight I gave my taxes that I am supposed to pay the government to International Campaign for Tibet and Richard Gere is matching the donation.  I invest my time, energy and money to Tibet to fuel Compassion.  I heard what you fuel expands.  So I fuel love.  I support Loving intentions in Government of Tibet to merge it’s moral law into our We the People Law – as we evolve, awaken, and heal, so will our laws reflect our inner growth.