notes for a story i am going to write about a little yellow flower as a key to Soldiers Freedom.

I am on a green path

I am in the jungle

I am following 3 men

they are dressed in red and yellow

they are Powerful and Peaceful and I feel Safe in their presence

sometimes a woman in the jungle with 3 men like in Vietnam can be a totally different feeling

so I am grateful to witness moments in the Jungle with a Lama Rinpoche & Geshe




Image We are in Huelo Maui heading towards the first Stupa in the West (a monument of the Enlightened Mind of Buddha)

inside my heart I carry within me a prayer for all soldiers

<p seems I am obsessed with blogging and thinking and writing and singing to soldiers in my heart. I walk as a woman but also I feel inside like I am walking for man too since for some reason I am always thinking about soldiers.

It is an honor to walk behind these men and I would follow them anywhere

I trust them

I love them

they are love.

Rinpoche stops and picks a tiny yellow flower and carries it with him towards the stupa. the vastness of the power of Rinpoche mixed with the delicate power of the flower and mother nature was beautiful to witness –


October 2013 052now every tiny yellow flower (and there are bazziollion in Maui) reminds me of each Man being a dot of the Sun. a drop of Love just waiting to bloom. I notice the flowers everywhere now! I took a picture the other night thinking of Rinpoche and the little yellow flowers representing minds of soldiers now when I see them and how they mirror the pure love in every man just waiting to bloom! and the wish man touched no harder than a flower to each other and had those kinds of training experiences in the boot camps I dream about for you

October 2013 134
I will take you back there with me,brother soldier,to a happy place, a happy feeling, because you were with me. I will write a story about a prayer we prayed for your freedom

I will write you a poem, soldier but now I will just write myself some notes on this blog for the story about A little yellow flower and your freedom. The Rinpoches prayed for all sentient beings

October 2013 057
I was holding my tiny part of a specific prayer for Human Man, soldiers

a prayer for liberation from war and killing

needless pain and suffering

an awakening into the training of your heart

and the awakening of your mind



instead of terror

my prayer always that all men at liberty to feel their heart and allow it freedom to speak

to know himself inside and to know what love is inside

how it feels

how it thinks

how it loves to love

I pray you can free yourself to see the power in holding a flower like Rinpoche

rather than a gun like are you are doing

I prayed you would trade in your guns to a recycling camp for Iron Mountains and receive something in your hands that will bring you more love, like a flower

mother nature wants that for your too

deep down you want it

you just don’t know that other feelings are possible right now because you are trapped

and trained not to think or feel your emotions

and especially not love.

that is why I write these words b/c I believe everyone

has a human right to be treated and trained

in the magnificent power of love, how would brotherly love boot camp look like?

I prayed for such a camp for you.

watching Rinpoche move through the forest I wished all men could also feel as serene and safe

as we did in that moment

October 2013 078I wished the feeling to be felt by all veterans

of  all wars

our past and present  trauma can be healed

by imprinting a non traumatic, loving  experience to balance out the trauma.

Holding a flower like Rinpoche rather than a gun like a soldier could end all wars

get dressed but do not accesorize with a weapon – wear a flower

all men could feel how nice it feels to offer your teacher or your enemy – it applies to both –


not bullets.   Sanity.  not insanity.  love

As I saw Rinpoche offer a flower to his Teacher the second Buddha of our Age

Guru Padmasambhava October 2013 058I prayed all men could do same

it felt wonderful to hold that thought

I can see a day where we marry our freewill to love as men and women

of all nations

we marry ourselves to nonviolence as individuals and counries or religions

that is why I merge the spiritual sun of Tibet on the American flag
Atlanta 2013 064

because it is a symbol allegience with nonviolence

 and I can see the Tibetan flag

being allied with in all we the people of Nations.

I can see the sun flying on all Nations flags
and I see the Spiritual Sun shining over the White House

and one day no one is attracted to accessories of weapons

we are too busy filling our hands with with flowers

food and guitars and surfboards and countless other

meaningful and helpful dress code of the Protectors

if the soldiers would trade uniform and gun

in for tantra spa robe and a flower

I wished they could have that opportunity

especially in China and Tibet and the Middle East. and everywhere 

I wished for every man to be able to have 3 days of

true freedom and live without the weapon

to surrender it freewillingly and come into the hotel

or tent or wherever

I wished every soldier

3 days of love camp

reboot his heart camp

it was an honor to be in the presense of such true and powerful men

who use their power to benefit others

that is what I believe man is here to do….

benefit others

and woman is here to love man.

these things are keys to true happy

we love with our mind and our activities

I believe we need to infuse love into our governements activities

no matter what land we live in

we are all part of human tree and one earth

nonviolence benefits everyone

especially soldiers

one team


following their nonviolent loving wise leaders, spiritual brothers, Rinpoches into Compassion.

please may there be a flower day where every man is paid to pass a flower

rather than touch a gun.


October 2013 072 />that was my prayer

at my first visit to the first stupa in America

in Huelo, HI

now I shall write a little poem about the Little Yellow Flower and will post ….tbc