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The intention of this writing is to help us merge all our missions for proactive human rights, Womens rights, civil rights and animal rights into ONE WALK with TIBET with OWN.

‘The question is not whether or not we will be an extremest but rather what kind of extremist we will be? Will we be an extremist for hate or love? Jesus was an extremist for Love Truth and Goodness and thereby rose above his environment. Perhaps what Our World is in need of now is creative extremists for Love.” MLKing

I believe Union with Compassion is our Power and our Freedom. May we pledge alligence to this flag of the United States of Mind. Which unites we the people of the separate stars and stripes with the Spiritual Sun of Love. A merger representing Human rights, Justice and Love in the red white and blue and our risen voice as We the People serving Nonviolence, Love and Truth. Friends of Nations Friends of Tibet.
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“Inviting all Humans to Walk the Dream”>http://rallyfortibet.org/
‘We churches have a responsibility to raise our voices and seed every creative means of protest possible. It is time to stand up for what your conscience tells you is right.’ Rev. Martin Luther King

“A free people cannot survive under a constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong.” Principles of Liberty #2 National Center for Constitutional Studies

“The most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous people.” Principles of Liberty#3 National Center for Constitutional Studies

“The majority of people may altar or abolish a government which has become tyrannical.” Principles of Liberty #11 NCCS

“The United States has a manifest destiny to be an example and a blessing to the entire human race.”  Principles of Liberty #28  NCCS

The time for change is NOW. This letter is a compilation of thoughts about arising the MOTHER love and Uniting with our Spiritual Father of Nonviolence in the present moment. phone 2012-march2013 075 This is a compilation of thoughts directed to Oprah Winfrey and OWN.
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I see the Oprah Winfrey Network as a possibility to represent a One WORLD Network. If she will help catalyze a reemergence of Dr.MLKIng’s mission for freedom and nonviolence with the Tibetan walk for Freedom to the Whitehouse as ONE Mission. We merge our civil rights with human rights and we bring forth a new Government based on our rights to CARE not kill. We empower our humanity and move an Enlightenment team and mission to the White House and Congress. We transform America by the people as the people for the people…with Oprah’s help.

I just recently listened to Dr. MLKIng speak about our complacency as humans. Let the time be NOW that we stop being complacent. May we join as one in our hearts and help become saviors and savioresses of a planet in peril.

Dr. King quoted ‘perhaps the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in moral crisis maintain their neutrality.’ Dante

I will paraphrase Dr. King to relate his words then to our current global crisis and Tibet now. ~~ He said there comes a time when silence is betrayal. The mission of Jesus and His Holiness Dalai Lama is one where they call us to live our inner truth. It is a most difficult one . Men do not easily oppose their governments policy especially in a time of war. Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the conformist thought of apathy within ones own bosom. Mesmerized by uncertainty and told for our protection. The calling to speak is a vocation of agony but we must speak . Vietnam millions opposed it. There was monumental decent. This revealed millions of human hearts have chosen to move beyond the patriotism based upon the mandates of their OWN conscience. It is a dark day in our nation Desent of war and violence is associated with disloyalty and when high level authorities will use any method to silence dissent. ~~

It is world known fact that China authorities silencing those in who stand in allegiance with His Holiness and Freedom and nonviolence for Tibet this issue affects all humanity and is the same madness that DrMLKing and Jesus tried to help all of us rise above.

Dr. Kings march is our march now. Freedom is for humanity. Freedom from hate and killing. Invasion and War. We must stand and we must speak. It is how we free the troops, our sons. Peace, civil rights, and human rights all united in the freedom of all peoples. Those uniting in nonviolence are the soldiers best friends and hopefully soon soldiers will see globally if they are to stand up to evil they do so by courageously laying down (the weapon and their body) for Peace. May the walk in 7 days include the police and veterans and current soldiers – may we walk as human brothers saving and extending the Life of Man not fueling fear, destruction and may we war no more.

MLKing called for America to Come Home. ‘no more sad the word is too late. procrastination a thief of time and lost opportunity. The book of life records vigilance or neglect. I call upon Washington D.C., Man and Woman of America today to take a stand today for tomorrow may be too late.’ MLKing (pls. forgive if i omitted any words accidently)

for those of us with a karmic connection to Jesus – let us walk with Tibet in nonviolence. Please, Oprah. Help this happen. It has been said that In 7 days God created the universe – We if America says in God we trust – and God is live….let us see what Love can do in 7 days through us. Let us see what God + Goddess + Oprah + Tibet +Jesus +MLKing + Gandhi + Ammachi + LIFE Coaches + We the People can co create in 7 days. If we put our minds and efforts to it – we could end world hunger and host of other ‘miracles’ of restored life could be seen.

As we begin to harness and actualize the potential power of Love within “We the People” – when we empower the Power of Love to bear your heart and soul rather than a symbol of fear and violence as your power you empower true freedom. True freedom for all troops symbolized by the Spiritual Sun power flag flying in America’s 3 chakra and crown chakra. Our minds thinking deeper and symbolically mirrored by we the people aligning our understanding of power, heart and mind and join a movement of human rights to rise this power of nonviolence, love and care for all beings into our hearts and our governments which are just made up of human beings. nothing more nothing less. when troops quit – governments leaders are held to questioning by the world court of we the people. All things are possible to we that believeth (in the power of love)

Lama la spoke recently to be Mindful of our body feelings. I write this with many feelings from Hope to Pain. I am being mindful and I am also relating it to how  Mother Earth must feel too.  Tired.   Tired of witnessing resistance to change for the better.  Tired of War on terror.  Tired of witnessing extinction of animals and poisoning of the air and soil and water.  Tired of feeling and seeing the global contamination and low willingness on human part to radically shift (i.e. veto war, disarm, stop poisoning each other and food sources, stop pollution of air and torturing of animals – in the present moment. I see the change and shift needed as the USA Government law to now have a ‘come from point’ Ground Zero or moral law and intention to be one with love and caring and helping life live, rather than fear, poison, killing.

People say , well it’s been going on since forever.  Others say it is necessary for beings to work off their karma to let it be and not try to change it.  These all may be true, but from an awakened mother instinct of protection and love it feels like there is no time like present to make love, clean and beautiful this nursery of ourselves and our earth like treating a newborn except it’s us and our earth.


Reawaken Love as our mission and purpose and duty and Country or just as human. Seems It is a mother instinct to love what inside. then she messes up too, but returning to our primal mother instinct. We are all a piece of mother light and earth and all the elements inbetween. A Mother consciousnes. She holding the space for our home and our bodies. The primal mother instinct, our first mother impulse is to love what she gives birth too. for those who believe in God. If God created creation Goddess had to see okay. If both GOd and Goddess are concepts of Love then our human duty as part of their creation is to live our spiritual parents love. homecoming is returning or awakening LOVE. Awaken the MA. (Om MA NI Pe Me Hum is mantra for union of wisdom and compassion.

Me too. I have that instinct even though not given birth.  Men and Women alike can all awaken the inner Mother.  The instinct to provide what it needed when hearing the cries.  The instinct to not numb out to the cries but to soothe the cries and solve the issue creating the distress.

Symbolically when a birth mother hears baby cry it’s instinct is to make what is needed.  Food.  Her body does this automatically.  Just like mother earth grows fruit on trees.

Nonviolence is Power. Violence is weakness. Nonviolence is of the King and Dalai Lama and Gandhi and Jesus. These are true power in Man. If we are to serve man or country, If Man is ruler, make sure he is of the true power. Looking back upon human history, there is a long standing history of mistake of projecting dominancy or supremecy over another race. but also gender and supremecy into every realm of human life.  Once the insecure mind wants to be supreme it will lead to a host of evils.  Male to female supremecy will then lead to male supremecy within his own family of man and result in competition for who is One World Order power.  Which huge group of weakness being strong in the ways of dominating and creating suffering, invasion, pillaging the Earth and stealing life.

We are paying the prices globally for empowering gender supremecy in our societies, religions, governments, and personal inner programs.  Equal does not mean same.  Both male and female have equal rights but express ourselves in our inner powers to express compassion, feel love, and work for the greater good and attain Enlightnement we may do differently.  It is time for males and females to work together as human team.  We need to move the Mother into the WhiteHouse along with the Spiritual values of the Spiritual sun as our collective voice of change.  We as a people of humanity 2013 are ready to empower love.

We are ready to stand up for our right to Love our neighbor and our Enemy – rather than the current empowerment symbolized by Barack Obama and Hu Jintau to kill the enemy. I pray we Fire Barack Obama. (I bet Donald Trump would love to be the chosen one to deliver the message ! LOL)  Replace him with a wisdom male voice.  1st step in global announcement from America to the World that We the People are the change we believe in and we believe in Love and respect for life.  ALL LIFE.  Not just our own in our Country but Life on Earth.  Interconnected awareness that what America does ripple affects to all.

Tara is female to have said she will live as female enlightenment.  We need both – male and female awakened hearts and minds.  Tara showed you can be on the path of enlightenment and at the same time be feeding the kids, stopping war, suppressing sickness, stopping bad dreams by imprinting the minds with loving dreams, and on and on it goes.  Bringing enlightenment into the worldy world.  I believe we all have a piece of a Mother Tara (Mother Mary pure mind) and activity in us just waiting to be experienced. Men and Women. We need the Mother in the Government not Guns.

If we can see this we can use this as a means to unite men and women on Earth.  Stop the country and religion fighting.  Simplify to male female relations, power, and how we live to practice enlightened mind.  Love and wisdom united. we can co create boot camps for all soldiers ( SS Life Camps re booting the hearts of Man and retraining them in the art of LOVE)

I believe our world needs to encourage men in the true courage path to tame his violent impulses and train his heart and mind and live a life of care. Soliders are enslaved to training of uncaring and this I believe can change with our peoples walk to the White House.  Global Females need empowering her motherly impulses and instincts…I don’t mean making more babies I mean an inner investigation into the instinctive love which arises from mother to newborn and we expand that as a gender and to all sons, brothers and fathers.

SAdly in human histry, Males have long since denied the mind or spoken word and/or feelings/emotions/advices of female and deemed it as lesser or not important.  Segregation was just an appendage of the primal wounded mind of supremecy. American law ‘allowed’ female voting in America not that long ago which shows us all humans the situation of how ‘normal’ humans have made it that the male is the leader.  Women seem to follow along voting into the still male dominated system.  Seems we have been trained to understand that male is head of house and then women  vote for whatever man was offered, yet not seeing they still enslaved to following male impulses of power even if  the male lead was violence.

If All Women will unite and walk for Nonviolent Man to have power we can tame the disease of supremecy mind. The mind of his Holiness Dalai Lama – the mind of Jesus is supreme and that is the mind of Man Law we need to enforce. Armed forces should not be what is considered the law. We must retrain and tame our selves and free soldiers. First we walk with our homeland flags in our hands as we move with TIBET with nonviolence. United with Tibet frees all nations.

Supremecy is a cause suffering. Equanimity is the cure.
and we can begin to see the feminine with new respectful eyes as men. See her as the source of all that is good or necessary for life to flourish and help her flourish rather than tear her down, abuse her or silence her to civil service to you.  expanding our roles of what we see in men and women will help us empower the divine in both.

Men could as for a female commander in chief to take orders from. who would she be? can they even imagine? what is Mother and what is Love? The female form – See her as spiritual storehouse of love beyond time space and person – pray to mother to get needs filled.  Mother instinct in all humans will  awaken and start fulfilling each others needs.  And then war will not be possible.  We will be too busy feeding the children and cleaning the world.  And offering each other wonderful foods, clean waters, and ears for listening to each others past pain and loving eyes and energy to help the being remember the present moment holds mothers love and care awakening energy –and man and woman practice awakening mother and praying to spiritual mother in all of life every day.

May men and women bow to each other willing to see and empower our goodness and equalize supremacy mind because  that will neutralize the supremecy which then comes within male countries of which one is dominant and most supreme.  Once the root of male supremecy occurs b/c the genders then within the male group they will compete for suprmecy.  As is clear with wars and one world order plans of military control and poison and pain.

When America and China and Africa and Middle East and everywhere has it’s mother nature empowered and in charge =  like having a 1st mother of a nation election and mother nature can be found in Male or female but we vote in each nation for the being who is most kind, feeding caring and taking care of life instincts..  like His Holiness Karmapa.  I would trust his instincts to rule the nation or the Earth any day of the Week!  He is love in man and would make wise loving decisions to benefit beings.  20130621_130806A true protector.  As opposed to Barack Obama or Hu Jintau.  With leaders like the Karmpa or Coach Clowminzer in America – men with awareness of and awakened inner mother.  To be beneficial and not to harm as their motivating intentions.  They would never cast war.  Just the opposite they would lead us to peace….but we would have to be willing to follow like them – unarmed.  Thinking and feeling and caring for beings.

Then, we could begin the female use of words rather than force to communicate as a neighborhoods on earth and saying no more hurting each other starting today.  No need.  We are hurting so much.  America must vote no killing.  Yes to nonviolence.  Today.  NOW. Speak of disarmament and pouring our energies into loving the animals and allowing finance to follow the love.   In the name of male supremecy let us see that making His Holiness Dalai Lama supreme qualities of man and bow to him as our leader, our guide, our Father who art in Heaven on Earth just waiting for us to join him and co create heavenly activities for mutual benefit here and now.  That is why I say Free Tibet means Free Humanity.

We can use all our negative karma to take on jobs FREEwillingly to work off our karma by doing the opposite as a government mission than we have none in past.  Radical and fast.  Otherwise I feel closing cycle of existence in the failure way.  Humans erode an earth.  The gave rise to the dark and allowed it to rule.  They voted yes to killing and war and didn’t feel connected to all.  They spoke words of change freedom enlightenment and liberation but co created with their dark fear.  I get tired and after our prayers this morning I felt drugged so tired and just wanted lie down.  Ok with death but with a feeling of failure to help while here.

Whenever my inner mother wants me to do something but I don’t do it or do it right to affect a protective change for the better for other  – I have noticed I have these inner feelings arise – all from connected to loving intention – but it feels drained and aware how much anti mother activity occurring in so many ways.  It sees the little pigs cowering in fear as the human with the stud gun shooting huge bolts bigger than the ones nailed in Jesus into the pigs brains.  They watch this happen. And know they are next.  Chinese military unliberated red army also lines Tibetans up and tortures them one by one.  Something has died in our hearts because we have undermined the mother instinct, taken dominion in a destructive way over mother earth and devalued the feminine as power.

Military mind off ALL countries/religions teachings rooted in kill thy neighbor because you have turned them into the enemy in your mind  has empowered the  inner fear/evil/beast/demon/satan mind as Law and Activity(not Buddha – not Christ – Nor Divine Mother) and allowed ourselves to freewillingly co create a society and humanity that gives ourselves as spirits the OK to murder.  To war.  To genocide, to torture, to famine and sickness by creating GMO disease by the  raping cell membranes of plants and animals and mixing them and trying to play god of creation and dominion over life and death.  We must take responsibility as humanity to make a unified change to let good win in our minds and our world scene.  (i.e. voting yes to war rather than uniting in nonviolence as your human right and right use of democracy is also empowering the inner beast to triumph.

The American government is not a protective entity as it was designed to be.  There  is for one reason.  We are the disease perpetuating violence and we are bieng resistant to being the cure. We are  allowing like some mad scientist disease of a movie our real life create all sorts of warped food and rape mother nature in her natural perfection.  we cut baby boys which also is violating mother nature and her ability to not only make the perfect form – man – but to want to protect him from pain.  The deep inner equanimity to all – (i.e. no want anyone or anything to be tortured) is a quality of what I call the universal mother. .  Children (birth to 26) you make up 50% of the Worlds population.  You lead the way for your own future and the adults will have to follow.

Nonviolence.  Compassion.  Love.  How can you better the planet and yourself and discover all your amazing qualities with your life?  Male or female.  All of you have a right to be free but these big 3 are the Root of true freedom.  They are also the golden foundation of your values as you  live your life.  They are the base  of true happiness too.  Please understand you have a right to weave and intentionally and freewillingly choose to unite with these as WHO YOU ARE – make them part of your DNA  – the big 3 into your soul – and then become the best Engineer, Chemist, Doctor, Reiki Master, Yogini, Artist or whatever you choose to do to share your talents with the world.  Co creating your heaven on earth.  We must break the violent cycle. Violence is a violation of the rights of others.  If it has been done to you then you are the ones to end it.  Stand up for the true power in your gut.  In your center.  In the  End the dark ages.

We are deep in the rabbit hole.  One thing and one thing only will get us out dalai-lama-in-front-of-tibetan-flag ….

Please unite with nonviolence and participate in your emancipating humanity from the sickness.  Heal our basic genetic makeup of humans patterned after love.

Thank you.  The children shall lead the way….in them I place my hope.  For them I write these words of action.  Their parents will reap the benefits.  Government will change.  Life on earth will change. For the better.  In the here and now.  Then worlds without end?  Who knows when we are co creating with our inner light?

Worlds without end when we freewillingly end the dark ages.  Rebirth our goodness.  Light our own crown chakra with our our heart light and 3 rd chakra power light – the Tibetan flag means every nation of human and animal begins to recover and heal.  To return to our goodness through working off our karma freewillingly.  By changing government in the present moment b/c the inner mother awakening and already awake in many.  Children have her without trying.  Instinct of pure love.  Make that our meaning and purpose,  our goal of a successful life and watch the planet bloom again.

Loving intiontions cleaning air, land sea, making amazing technology with heart compassionate intention.  Government paying everyone a stipend to start a garden and grow their own food and a stipend to lovingingly care for animals.  Where we have tortured now we do the opposite.  Children want thise things instinctively.  The rest of us have numbed our heart so much we don’t even feel the acute suffering anymore which will only get worse with time.  So we end it.  A Mother Prayer.  To unite with Jesus’ Father  who art on Earth His Holiness Dalai Lama be his name.  His Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven –  Dewachen.  The Pure lands – pure intentions in the Red White and Blue. Pure vibrational harmonics of red white and blue merged into a flame which is a violet flame for Freedom and it is merged with the Spiritual Sun of Liberation. Please stand with love in humanity and stand with him and Unite all Nations Flag under the Compassion of the Spritual Sun flag. Atlanta 2013 089


Journal entry 2 nights ago after watching OWN network and Brene’ Brown on vulnerability with Oprah. My feeling of responsibility is strong and so is my feeling of lethargy in this moment. defeatist energy i shall defeat. by being in it – and documenting the process. what i do for self can be done for others. heal and understand self will help you be able to heal and understand others. my authentic process that i will vulnerable share on my blog as to my thoughts and feelings. authentic and hiding nothing. practicing vulnerablity blog. tell what is – and tell the truth with your heart open….

tightness in back of neck and front of heart. waist up is sensitive to touch like when i have a fever. wanting to eat. feel lazy unmotivated and the more i pay attention to ‘what is’ the more i feel i am letting myself and others down which leads to more heavy energy of discouragement which leads to inactivity overwhelmed with project feeling. i had too great aspriations with too little back up or encouragement from outer world i guess – my heart energy doesn’t feel as engaged and passionate and this decreases writing energy and decrease confidence and then leads to thoughts of not capable enough to settle in on any one project for creative activism rather than hold them all in my head and finish nothing. ugh defeatist energy.

I know from Lama’s teachings that there are bad and good thoughts and then there is the all pervasive peace beyond thought. I am aware of all 3 and aware that i must investigate all 3.

Dear inner wisdom, how do i move this energy and get on with the next phase of whatever i am here to do. However i am here to do it. ….. I stood up and went into living room where the two dogs were and i began speaking what was inside. I walked counterclockwise circles around the living room table and Nani the dog followed me. I heard myself speaking about apathy and numbed out feelings that seem to be pervasive in America turning blind eye and heart to the anti life behavior and attitudes so seemingly accepted by the ‘moral majority’ in the name of preserving our material comforts or ideas of freedom.

I spoke of how deceptive deception is by taking good will of people and teaching them bad will. Deception feeds your ego full of false pride and protection and tells you serving violence is noble, heroic or a path of leadership. seeing a false allegiance to violence be it to a country or religion or a company which you know is doing anti life behavior and unjust inhumane activities but the people not wanting to address the issue. There is a programmed fear and compliancy seems some sort of false sense of respect makes people not want to speak out for what is right and remain silent accomplices for what is wrong. Like not being able to address China or America government and Leadership because we have been taught not to disrespect authority even if authority is disrespectful to human rights and enforcing and empowering human wrongs.

How can my mind be useful as a woman 2013? Not my chubby out of shape body. Can i benefit others by simply writing anonymous words of prayer and solution ideas in a journal day after day if i can’t share them are they still maybe able to help? so often i prevent myself from sharing what is inside my head and heart b/c no one asks. i used to share out of a duty – now i keep to myself almost everything. today i decide to share again. Can i help politics of Peace if technically i don’t blog for Tibet and campaign for a Dream anymore?

I feel a lack of energy and i explore the thoughts that lead to the feeling of despair and discouragement. a feeling of failure to live up to my own spontaneous and true arising aspirations as War on Terror began in 2003. If i am disappointed in myself then it is only in seeing what is going on inside my head will i be able to take action to shift it. I am also aware that in this energy i do less mantra but more insight meditation into my own trains of thought – investigating deeply and spontaneously what thoughts lead to what feelings. Feeling political resistance leads to thoughts of weakness and inadequacy – both are deadly and of no use – yet i have them so i must deal with them.

Love thoughts and compassion and care thoughts also come with feelings so when we mute the bad feelings and thoughts we mute the good too and then what it seems we have now in mass consciousness is compliance or cold heart sets in – and we don’t move or motivate for healthy social political change. We don’t see Tibet as our battle as human rights to attain true and lasting freedom and happiness by letting love win our battles.

As i see it the only way to rise up to Evil is to Lay down for Love. Address our minds. What is truth? Can we really defeat evil with weapons? who thinks killing the bad guy defeats evil? see the lie.

this is why i think we need to have a Freedom to Feel (and be able to think wisely about what to do about what you feel) is what America and men and women everywhere need. We need to remember how to feel love and connected and caring again. just like i am , we need to see what is inside our head – the good and the bad and then empower the wise witness in the middle taking daily action steps.

I walked outside overlooking the Maui gulch out to the Pacific Ocean and star filled sky and i offered a mandala for pure intentions to awaken and co creating pure lands, pure businesses, and pure land, air and sea activities. I said the mantra
Om Mani Peme Hum
I serve the Mantra
not the military
I serve the mantra
to the military
as how i serve the troops.

Serving the mantra rather than military realigns our priorities as humanity away from destruction and into harmony and benefiting others. It closes down the 3 lower realms paralleled in our Human realm and is a higher duty to serve humanity than what serving the country means now. Serving the mantra is good business and life choice. It serves peace not war. i.e. close down WAR business
1. HELL (hot hell wars and personal cold heart hells)
2. HUNGRY GHOST (ending world hunger is top priority as service…. troops get new assignments after participating in heart healing activities)
3. Animal realm (end the Torture mistreatment of our animals and ecosystem

I have a dream that there will be a free the slaves – free the soldiers day – A naked soldier day where all soldiers can participate in the shutting down of Hell. In order to defeat evil (weapons and killing) and stand up for Liberation they lay down for peace. may there be one day networked hotels, houses, tents, and buses that are available to serve any and all recovering soldiers of fear, battle, and orders to bear arms. May there be a network that will give you refuge – One World Network – and a job if you are willing to give your life and duty to serve life and love as your pledge. Be willing to live rather than willing to kill in order to survive or just to get a job. I pray troops of man all across the globe will have access to a new boot camp – a new training – and anew sense of what man is and what woman is here to do. May we be healers and lovers. Transformers of our mountain of pain an displaced rage in bullets to our enemies into Mountains of Love of recycled weapons rather than bloodied bodies.

May we break the pattern of the past violence with our present call of our hearts to peace. If we had a network i hope that network has a money tree and with that money tree which grows i hope that network funds healing shows and when those shows make a movie i hope that movie reflects brotherly love of 12 tribes of man coming together in pods of 13 (the 13th being a wisdom being in form of a Monk) to guide these pods of manhood back into their hearts as they participate in events and activities to stand courageous and speak our minds, cry our tears, show our wounds and awaken the mother inside each and every one of her sons. to think thoughts of this nature balance out the despair of war on terror and China wiping Tibet off the map. When we the people of all lands see the power of our freedom is to network with a nonviolent initiative in all lands – we will taste true and authentic liberation. Like a Red Army of Light – Serving Peace on Earth or Santa – is what I mean when I see America hosting a World Peace affair and honoring His Holiness Dalai Lama as our Spiritual Father and allow our sons of Earth to pattern their mind and heart with his human and humane guidance as a Commander in Chief of all Armies – leading them all to true and authentic happiness and freedom. the end of my ramblings – i now must begin a real novel on what SS Life Camps would look like and be like so that maybe just maybe they can become a reality in China and other groups of militant madness to be free again and live the Dream. om mani peme hum.
may any words used for insight or healing or understanding or tears shed or energy shifted be dedicated to be beneficial to others and may i feel better too. By writing something to uphold aspirations to help us care more as human beings i am personally fighting my battle with desponcency and despair and this is my battle plan i engage in so that love will win. i empower love and i believe we can walk together with love in our hearts with Tibet and where love goes – Money will follow! jobs too.

IJNIP, homage to precious 3 Jewels,
with love,
blogger for Peace signing off