to write a poem a day is the challenge I accept

and each day i will ask each chakra what it has to say
today is the hearts turn 

because all day it feels it wants to cry

so i lovingly ask it now, Dear Heart, why?

well, with head in hands the heart feeling the pain in so many lands

it sits and feels and keeping it real but wonders is it really true

that the more you love the more you see what love can do?

i feel naive and thought love could heal all

i felt the dream and the promise land spoke of  by MLKing  

but war is pain and not the dream

 and bullets sing

a false freedom song.

i still believe in love

but losing faith in the we…

maybe writing words will help these feelings

transform the energy

because it is brave to open the heart wide

and no one tells you how much struggle there will be

when one feels the plight of others

in the heart and feels the agony

which arises when it bravely witnesses our human family tree

dying by it’s decisions made by leaders of audacity 

needless suffering created by humanity

of course an open heart feels it

like our Tibetan family who honor Chenrezig

a vow of compassion unites these beings

 who have been invaded by violence and guns

and they try to escape over icy mountains

dodging getting shot and risking torture too

how can these things be happening and

will they soon be happening in the red white and blue?

in this 21st century of our democratic New Age hearts

why do we pay for war but think we are free

and what is a heart to do when it feels this misuse of democracy?

and how to stop writing once i begin

as the feelings arise and want to pour out pain

and the tears flow to wash away our sin

the heart feels our goodness, our light and our care

but it doesn’t know how to process human warfare.

they say it’s part of life and the way things are

but i think it’s  a bad dream like we have fallen from a bright star

and if we did fall then how can we rise

how can our humane hearts literally come back to life?

to not think about others

or dwell on Earths pain

is a strategy many recommend me each day

but this i say to thee

when the heart is open it is wide and free

and it cannot block out it’s global responsibility.

now what to do but write a poem a day

and pray.

and pray

and hear tomorrow what the heart has to say

or maybe tomorrow i will ask my toe

toe, do you have a voice and want to speak?

and it says ask me tomorrow and wait and see

in the meantime breathe deep

send love and care

to our precious planet, animals and humans

to end needless warfare