Compassion itself is not masculine or feminine, but i believe it is experienced differently in each gender.  With this awareness and examples, perhaps this article will help us see that while both men and women are carriers of compassion, the feminine heart mind is linked with the feeling of compassion without training, the mother.  The mother response is also available to men, and many have it, and many mothers don’t.  My point in writing is to help us recognize the gifts women have and help us strengthen those innate gifts and then we are able to share them with Man.  The path to freedom involves an awakening of compassion within us and our world.  

What if we make World Politics a game of ‘Battle of the Sexes’ – Tantra Olympics – whatever we call it.  We redirect our focus from cruelty, fear, and past pains, to compassion, love and healing.  As man, we focus on woman.  As woman we focus on Woman.  To empower love and compassionate energy in woman to awaken and flow is what the world needs.  Males receive the energy of female so it is logical and beneficial that if male is supporting and empowering and respecting female power of compassion they will feel it directly.  If compassion is the root to enlightenment – i believe both genders have offerings. 

I vote Compassion Ticket 2012.  No more cruelty to selves, neighbors, environments, etc…..  When compassionate action is spending the money and directing projects- everything benefits.  So, in Love Olympics we need to recognize Male compassion leaders to put in political leadership positions.  Then we focus on other.  Woman.  We as men, grow our compassionate feeling by what woman has endured from man since beginningless time. 

To seek compassionate feeling one will find it.  It feels rooted in what i would call beginningless and endless love which is instnct and held for everything b/c it is beyond things – it’s just an all pervasive energy – a feeling.  no sight, no sound, no taste, no words, but a pure, feeling that is rooted in what one would call, Care.  an instinct of care.  When this root instinct awakens in humanity  we will have our new world which is this world just an end of the cruelty world and now in the compassionate world.

in the battle plans  there would be compassionate hotels for those who freewillingly want training in compassion and love enter of their own freewills and first thing to awaken compassion is to treat the being with compassion – just like a mother greets her newborn.  this would be the greeting into the compassion boot camps and then of course mother feeds and makes safe sleep.  Militaries are not given these things and compassion gets short curcuited and we become able to inflict harm on others or drop bombs or shoot each other.  We begin to co create a living hell.  which is where humanity is when we are in the cycles of war, faminine, sickness, and premature death. 

 We can end that cycle and there are creative ways to end it