I titled this blog entry before writing it because I am in the midst of feeling – and maybe this is what they call a midlife crisis – that I have made monumental mistakes in my attempt to share my heart and offer the inner global visions which came through my heart out to the world via blogging.  Perhaps the best way to bounce back from mistakes – is to own up to them – to self and others.  Life is about learning and I am definitely learning.

My first mistake was probably to go by the aka Libertyusa.  Probably a turn off, yet the energies of unity for humanity which my heart was feeling these last 9 years (the name was borne as George Bush was waging the ‘War on Terror’)  needed a way to express without using a personal name yet I guess using the name Liberty was just too much about a ‘me’  rather than to be understood as a dream for the ‘We.’  i.e Liberty (freedom from war) USA (United States of Awakening)

Second mistake was to put my dream for change for the Nation onto the backs of Life Coach Greg Clowminzer and Oprah Winfrey as a team.   If i could talk to either of them personally, I would apologize.  It is tricky business trying to be a voice for change without it being about ‘you.’  So, I made it about ‘them.’  I had the profound and life changing experience of working with Greg Clowminzer for almost a year and came in direct contact with authentic enlightened leadership qualities.  I grew up watching Oprah inspiring the country for my entire teenage and adult life, so it seemed natural to me (and my heart) that these two together would be magic. 

Needless to say, they have their own life plan and me trying to project them into the White House is clearly not part of their plan.  How unfortunate for America and the world because if Oprah would work with Greg and take her next step in her Enlightened Leadership awakening I am certain they could do far more for this country than George Bush did (it was back in 2004 this vision came) and Barack is doing now.  War is simply outdated and the fact that the ‘free world’ is still funding it as a solution to any world problem is a sure sign that we need some serious awakening – and Greg and Oprah could have brought it, or so i thought.  They are serving the world differently than i was envisioning and I am thankful they are doing what they are doing and recognize my American dream for them in the White House isn’t their dream. 

It is tricky when we are encouraged to awaken our dreams and live our dreams and ‘best life’  and then our dreams involve others to do what we see for them…..i learned my dream needs to be what i see for myself…..which is another trap because when one reaches a certain level of selflessness it becomes about what one wants for others not for oneself.  Yet, we are told to take responsibility for our own mind and actions and words – so it forces one to make it about oneself. 

That is where the Libertyusa came into play – it was about me, but about the part of me that is interconnected to the WE. 

Third mistake – was not editing my work and not getting feedback from others and at times writing when i had had a puff or two (no more than that) of marijuana.  I can say this current writing is completely pure.  I say it was a mistake, but maybe it wasn’t.  Let me explain, the ‘problem’ with me writing when I had had a puff of marijuana is that the volume was turned up on the feeling of unity and love in our world being a lived real experience for us.  I would feel the peace and love within me and all of us a bit more deeply and optimistically and it took the door of impossibility off of the writing of the dream.   With or without marijuana, to my mind clear and loving mind,  it is far more dangerous and a crime to the mind and heart to make guns and war  legal and rational and ganja illegal…but that is for another blog. 

Fourth mistake was to stop writing because i felt maybe I could help affect a change with my voice and prayers behind the scenes rather than on twitter, facebook, youtube and blogging because i felt my communication skills were turning people away rather than uniting us.  I became saddened to think my style of sharing might be harming the cause of Tibet, Peace, and uniting America. 

I stopped writing and tweeting my thoughts as a strategy to do some inner reflection because i got discouraged because as a person i was repelling the cause and I felt that maybe i could help the cause more by being a vibration and voice in the quietude of my life and car and disappear from social media – but when i think about how many lifetimes woman’s voice has been silenced or how many have died just trying to have the freedoms of speech and the liberties of free expression – it seems a crime not to stand up as myself, brush myself off, and get back on the proverbial horse – before it is too late – and use my voice, heart, intelligence and social media to reach out and do my part to uplift and unite America – because to me, America is a melting pot of the fabric of our human race and our world religions and in that larger perception of ‘We the People’ we can create a third party for the 2012 Elections and be a voice for change and evolve out of this very limited 2 party system and these shady politics which quite honestly is an embarrassment to what I see America could be.  

When i tune in, i see clearly we need Enlightened leadership and we can have it.   I am willing to keep it real and I am willing to tune in and step up when i see what is happening – even though i’m a nobody with no financial backing – i have heart and authentic care and that is what is needed for authentic political world change.  

I don’t agree when i hear people say to ignore or  ‘tune out’ the world of politics and the election process and don’t pay attention to the news and politics.  In case we haven’t noticed, the politicians are making LAW and WAR.  To not stand up, tune in, and be a voice for humanity and change is for me, death.  Adolf Hitler once said something to the affect of ‘how fortunate for Leaders that people do not think.’ 

We have to think and more importantly we have to FEEL.   and we also have to be willing to do something about what we think and feel and as our hearts grow and expand the small minded world of politics and war and ignoring the truth of the underbelly of American Government simply will not do.  I have great hopes for humanity 2012 but what i see so far for the politics of America 2012 ain’t gonna get us there but there in lies a profound opportunity.  I see every problem is just an opportunity for a solution and i will propose real solutions as my heart and mind feel them and i will not allow the doubting voice to keep me silent or tell myself it’s not my place to get involved in politics simply because i have no experience or funding.  I have heart.  and I am human.  All international relations boils down to the very real reality that it is human relations.  I don’t have to know all the details of the historyof the problems – I need to have clear sight into the realities of the solutions.  So often knowing too many details of who is fighting who and why simply keeps us bogged down in the details of the fight.  I will focus on the aspects that unite us as humans in my writing and campaign for Love in the White House….even if i have to put myself in the picture and rearrange certain aspects of the dream vision

I have learned that paying attention to our personal lives mandates that we also pay attention to the larger picture – because if we don’t – it will destroy us – because the system called government is like a parent to the people.  If it is unhealthy – it is up to the people to bring Healthcare to the system.  not ignore the system and carve out a temporary happy life for ourselves filled with material comfort at the expense of ignoring the unethical business ontop of our heads.  

So, I am back in the game of sharing my thoughts, but they will be only about me and what i see for this Country America and the human race 2012.  I will leave Oprah and Greg Clowminzer out of it.  It is time, as a woman to stand up and offer my plan for healthcare and home land security and international affairs – because i am a citizen of America and an interconnected part of our human race. 

I as one person connected to all others am part of the awakening prayer and it is not ego which writes – it is empathy, compassion, responsibility and evolution.  So, whether anyone reads this blog or not – I am going to write post after post after post until my heart feels like i have written enough – and then i will write more.  I will relieve the inner pressure – and if Oprah ever reads and wants to join in to my campaign for Love and Justice in the White House – great.  If not, at least i tried.  I know a Presidents power is more about the authentic values he or she represents as a mirror of the people and that is what i believe if missing from the White House.  Values.  Valuing truth, life, harmony, peace, and true care for our Earth.  

spontaneously and warmly written with love,