Hello blog.  It has been so long since visiting you that i forgot my password!  I wonder if i still can blog as effortlessly as before?  Topic:  Love.  should be easy enough.  Sit still.  go inside my heart and allow what the heart feels needs saying – to speak – or write, as the case may be.   Lately i have not been active in social media with my thoughts, prayers, ideas, and realizations.  I have done less writing and more spontaneous speaking when i find myself alone, away from other human beings.  Even though i have been away from social media, my focus on Love, Change, Responsibility, Justice, and the White House ‘change’  has not changed. 

What has been a change is I have let the pressure go that always felt i had to blog in order to reach others.  I believe praying and singing and speaking spontaneous prayers in the privacy of one’s one heart and quiet life may be just as meaningful than being public speaking or public blogging.  A balance of both.   I want to use the precious gift of free speech and blogging to the utmost opportunity as i know just how precious freedom of speech is and with digital technology our messages – if they can touch our hearts – have the freedom to be spread to each of us nearly at the speed of light now with all our computers and linked up cell phones.  The internet makes possible our ability to come together in the same moment and share the same moment or thought.  Whether we are able  to make that happen is up to us humans.  The internet just makes it a possibility. 

So, I write this as a preparation blog to create a State of the Union address.   brainstorming topics that i want to address.  We all have an idea of what the State of the Union is in this moment in time, November22, 2011.  me too.  I don’t need to be President of the United States to compose my version of the State of the Union.  My first thought is the word Union.  My second thought is that America is a melting pot of the fabric of the human race.  Our bloodlines all merge here, in America.  What we do with this awareness is whether our concept of what America is and what it can be.  whether our State of the Union addresses our humanity and all nations – or if the State of the union is really a state of fear, separation and lack of identity as to who we really are here in America representing a homeland ancestry, religion, tribe, and race.  The original people of the Land America are the Native Americans.  Everyone else came after.  I think everyone has a different idea of what America is and who ‘we’ are.  I see the fabric of humanity –  Native American, Indian America, Chinese American, African America, Iraeli American, Tibet American, Pakistani American, Hawaiian American, Korean American, Japanese American, Russian American, Norweigen American, German American etc….  American is not a race of people or a culture – it is a place where all races and cultures have come together with the precious opportunity to scuplt the law with their freedom of speech and voting.  

I see American law as an opportunity for Human Rights law – the voice of the human people – to rise and make profound and planet altering change.  Evolution.  The State of the Union could be seen as an opportunity for Unity.  The problem is the Constitution is only a framework for the ultimate dream for a people to pursue happiness and equality.  The people have to have the wisdom to vote for beings who will uphold the highest human law as the law bringers. 

Now, it is clear that ‘tradition’ has made an imprint in the mind of humanity that has created a world where the ‘law’ is acutally lawless.  If those in positions of power do not have the moral and ethical and compassionate truthful characters, then the law will reflect it.  If we are dissatisfied with the law – we must change the people sitting in the positions – NOT waste time petitioning them for different things.  we could do like Donald trump on his show and say ‘your fired.’  replace them.   We have the power to vote an international team made up of ‘Americans’ who speak the human tongue – for human rights.  I believe time is of the essence and humanity is in peril but we are also so close to peace. 

By America having an Awakening of our true identity as ‘We the People’ and feeling our responsibility to our humanity – and to human rights – we can catalyze a planetary change.  In the State of the union address, i am going address an American Apology letter to many nations.  By recognizing mistakes (rather than glorifying them) we have an opportunity to not repeat them. 

What if each Nations government focused not on the wrongs done to them, but on the wrongs they have done.  If we keep making ‘killing the enemy’ right, we will never have a chance to see our wrong.  I’d like to see China government apology to Tibet.  America apologize to Japan for atomic bomb and a host of other nations we have sent weapons to and have directly benefitted off of militarizing and weaponry other impovershed nations.  America has contributed to the violence on this planet in so many ways.  We should recognize this and aplogize, not sit back and think how we have short term material freedoms and luxuries at such a high cost to others. 

What if each citizen of different nations and religions took responsibility for the mistakes of their ‘own’ and wrote apology letters on behalf of their government or violence done to others in name of religion.  What if the Chinese people wrote letters on behalf of their governments wrongs against human life, animal life, Tibet, and Earth.  What if mothers of sons called them home – wherever they may be.  A cease fire and a freeing of the troops.  and arresting the leaders to participate in a heart awakening and truth telling public rehabilitation programs. They are not above the law. 

I wish with all my heart there was a huge company that could hire trained soldiers of all nations – and retrain them with better benefits, service to supporting life, and rehabilitating their hearts.  I believe deep down no one wants to be caught in the trap of violence yet, we have created the Law to be the training of militaries and police to carry the ‘moral authority’ and the law bringers.  We think this is necessary and normal in the ‘real world.’   In America we have marginalized war into our consciousness and somehow tell ourselves it is necessary or even a source of protection.  We tell oursleves – those that believe in the philosophy of kill the enemy – that war is a solution to exterminating ‘the bad guy’ or bringing a false sense of ‘justice.’  If we believe this thinking then we can actually participate in war and funding war by saying it is making others safer by battling the ‘enemy.’   

I veto war.  It is a human wrong.  all troops of all nations are the same.  they have hearts, brains, and sexual organs.  they have mouths to speak and they have been given teachings and trainings.  they all have basically the same desires.  Healing for them would also look basically the same.  I wish for every service man or woman of any nation sexual healing and spiritual awakening boot camps where humanity can come back to life by awakening our humanity. 

As a woman i believe that comes from having a safe place to come.  to be served warm loving food.  to be treated with dignity.  to be asked questions of how the person feels and to allow that person to actually FEEL.  to feel their voice connect to their feelings and feel what it feels like to express themselves with their words and even tears.  I believe deep down we are drawn to love and want love, and to be loved.  Military and Peoples republic of unliberation does not teach love nor do they mirror love for the troops which are in service with their lives to serve their country – same goes for any group of humanity armed and fighting another – like American troops.  all same.  if we give weapons the power and the law then we the people of all lands will ultimately pay the price.  

Living in fear and making pain for others and pollution for the planet is not living our fullest potential.  We humans have a profound opportunity for prosperity – we have made so many problems for ourselves and within that is opportunity to make billions of jobs into enacting being part of the solutions.  like a SAVIOR team (i.e. Save Your)  Be a Savior.  Save your Earth, Save your trees, Save your homeland, Save your life (lay down the weapons rather than hiding behind them and controlling others with them) 

Growing symbolic Iron Mountains of recycled weaponry would be the greatest event of human history and unity.  Truly life saving.  True protection.  True service to all troops.  We are humans first.  Gender second.  Then the country of which we were born.  We are all of the family human.  Men and women.  Men are fighting each other.  Presidents are commanding it.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  It can change.  If the people change.  then they change Leaders from a War leader to a peace leader and they don’t delude themselves into believing a war leader is a peace leader?  the days of delusion need to end and we need to pay attention to the facts, to what is.   

Actually, a leader is who the people follow.  They can follow anyone and then vote and put that person into office rather than have mass media and ‘the system’  give us only a certain few people within the system of which to vote for.    We determine our leaders.  and if we have a leader we are dissatisfied with ….we have power to change leaders too.  A leader is a servant of the people who i believe is a voice and activist for the people and their best interest and it takes intuition intact to know who has the people’s best interest at heart. 

Leaders mirror us – we the people.  If they are of the old paradigm of war then they are not going to be a change.  this is the end of my spontaneous downloading thoughts regarding a State of the Union address speech and Thanksgiving Apology letter on behalf of one American girl citizen who feels connected with all of life and is in service to our human rights and Peace and sharing her ideas of responsibility and change.  Inner change leads to outer change.  When we have attained inner peace- what we do for self – we do for government.  Love naturally comes with empathy and ethics.  The more we awaken a sense of connection to love and the more we give love the power and make learning about what loving activities, jobs, and change looks like – the more we will come into a natural harmony with life, each other, and animals.  Love does not want others to suffer.  Love does not make suffering for other.  Love does not  kill.

the end for now.  no editing b/c it is late.  i’m just going to be raw, transparent and trusting that what is blogged, if read, is helpful in the ways of uniting – or not – at least not harmful, because zero intent for harm.  out of billions of  thoughts and expressions – a few were spontaneously chosen.  i’d like to do this each day and sit and type for one hour the inner thoughts and prayers for the ending of the dark ages.  there are so many many ideas – it is hard to know what is most important to write.  maybe writing a little bit everyday will relieve the inner pressure or resp0nsibility as a blogger and human citizen to contribute each unique way to our global mission 0f world peace.

with deepest devotion and gratitude to His H0liness the Dalai Lama for his tireless service to all of humanity and all sentient beings.  Om mani peme hum.  may each and every one of us participate in the healing or our hearts and humanity and offering our heartfelt prayers to our world and our neighbors.  I believe offering Prayer is  not a  religion.  it is the deepest part of our hearts expressing.  The State of the Union will also be a prayer. 

until tomorrow night ~

with love

citizen of human race