greetings.  Today i am contemplating the death of Osama bin Laden as warranted by American President Barack Obama.  Right now, I am revisiting a 2008 letter (with minor edits) i wrote to Osama Bin Laden in an attempt to help catalyze dialogue and begin an end to the violence on our planet with responsibility and creative peacemaking. 

 By reaching out to Osama it was an attempt initiate American responsibility for GWBush war crimes and take public American responsibility for their (our)  part of the war madness in our world rather than pointing fingers outward calling others evil while America is #1 weapons distributor to the nations of the Earth.  War is a business and I was attempting to make Global disarmament an even more profitable business to all beings and I was  requesting Osama to be a key leader in the global disarmament dream plan and attempting to catalyze a world healing competition along with truth/responsibility talks with American leader GWBush.

May 5, 2008

Dear Osama Bin Laden, A question and a challenge from an American girl aka LibertyUSA working for Peace, Truth  & Impeachment of GWBush …Hello Osama.
Through words and letters, I am attempting to help stop the militant activity coming from America & China Governments through seeking truth and impeachment and American responsibility for it’s part in violence on Earth.  In the Name of ‘We the People’ who want to co-create a Peaceful Earth  I am attempting to catalyze a take over of a Peace team into the White House.  I am joining others and attempting to Impeach and Arrest George Bush for war crimes and dig deeper into the truth of 911 not just what the American government and George Bush has presented to our Nation as the Truth of 911 and dig out our past too.

If I can help stop America’s War plans and stop the Bush terror regime (which would be a miracle b/c i am nothing more than a nobody girl who believes in brotherly love)….would you stand down and be able to stop your men?  Osama,  there is another ‘America.’  The militant mind does not speak for all of us.  I speak as a Woman of Peace, Unity, and Justice.  If I get into the White House I would work to disarm the country along with China to free our sons and daughters and ALL MILITARY of Arsenals of guns, Missils and bombs.  If I can actually get to the White House with this mission to do this, would you trust me and respect me as a woman and would you have a Peace talk with me for future betterment of our world?

I believe we can transform the gun business and melt the guns and make things that are good for the people and the Earth.  You want to stop the Madness coming from America but you think violence is the only way to stop it.   I, also, am working  to stop it, but I am using dialogue and attempting to catalyze International TV if we the people will let me walk up the steps to the White House with Oprah Winfrey and all of  ‘we the people’ of all lands gathered here who want to participate in leading the world in Nonviolent action as power.  What a world peace show it would be to arrest George Bush and place him under house (love) arrest to help bring American responsibility for its part of terror on this Earth.  IF I CAN DO THIS and help catalyze this monumental change  – CAn YOU STOP your guys? Would you stop?

What if you and me led the worlds nations in a humane competition on which group of military (human beings training to kill each other) can collect and melt the largest stockpile of Guns and get on with the business of having better lives and less rage and injustice.  Weapons solve nothing but growing mountains of iron to bring peace camps could solve everything.   let’s make a race and a healthy competion with all these weapons…and lets make a real peace party.  I desire Peace in the Middle East.  I want all men on Earth to walk unarmed because they are not training to be enemies, but rather learning the art of Life, Love, and friends with each other.  To Free humanity from being enslaved to weapons and killing is a humane dream.  To free the troops of all nations.  You and Me could lead this if you would join me in a peace truce and dialogue with GWBush/American leadership. 

I write you and ask you to help me catalyze peace b/c these wars are breaking my heart.  I wrote GWBush too.  I have to try.   If a peace team  gets in  …..what will you do?  If America terror is stopped and lays down it’s weapons.  What will you do?  Will you instruct your men that they too can lay down their weapons, or are you as George Bush portrays you to us – an evil man who just wants to kill kill kill.   He presents you as the enemy and not himself.  I think that is irresponsible of America.  Pointing it’s finger outward onto the same behavior it is doing.  If a missionof Liberty & Justice can stop George.  Can I count on you as a man to stop too? 

As a feminine voice of Leadership with dialogue and nonviolence I’m  curious about the man in you.  in your eyes i see a kindness and the people follow you.  If America is peacefully stopped, Is there any way you would instruct your men to freewillingly disarm too and all nations can witness and the world will be a more wonderful place for our human race?  it’s a dream for Peace of this one girl who writes and posts this letter and wonders if you will recieve it?   

with hope for future peace talks,
Julie Christine, aka libertyusa

Here is a copy of Osama’s Letter to America – He holds ‘we the people’ accountable for the violence our Nation Produces.  So do I.  I believe Bush is representative of the Anti-Christ mind.  I would like to discuss it on Global Free tv.  I believe insanity towards each other and taking life must stop but killing and bringing Death to anyone is NOT the way to stop it.  Jesus taught love but we don’t give Love much power in this world.  America and China are super powers built on weapons and violence.   America has killed and now Osama wants to kill back in the name of Allah.  I believe ALL RELIGIONS IN THEIR TRUTH are designed to be AT ONE with the Source of Life and Love.  Killing is Anti Life and all beings trained to kill their neighbor must recognize our timeless mistake ad use the power of now to evolve.  The only way we will every have authentic peace and happiness for all beings is if Human beings lay down their fire arms in the name of their life, their GOD, logic or Truth, Love, and Peace which can be lived out by us all.  We have that human right to happiness and peace.  WE ARE ONE (human) RACE.  I pray we can use our lives to live and love and stop Killing as a way of business?  If ‘we the people’ of all races and religions can agree to stop the killing of one another we can participate in the co creating of Heaven on the Earth – which to me is humans with peace in their minds and no intention to harm but to be happy and thrive.  I am reminded of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibet role modeling and guiding us All into nonviolence and dialogue as the only way to authentic peace and happiness.  Let us have a disarmament Olympics and the profitable business of Peace in the name of whatever name we use for God in whatever country or religion we come from.  Let us create the opposite of WW3  here is a copy of Osama’s letter to America.