Greetings my human family.  Tonight this i write from the human Heart and post. I offer stream of consciousness to the stream of beings that we may find our way together, united, to authentic happiness and peace and ultimately Enlightenment (fully awakened minds – fully awakened hearts – and ultimate freedom from suffering in cyclic existence)  One step at a time.  First comes addressing the ‘right to kill’  as a governing body. …. and the right to change that Law as OUR act of Freedom. 

Dear Diary, Dear World, well, I feel the reality of a New World Order only moments away….what is going to rule as the ‘Law?’  Violence or Love as power?  Insanity or Ethics?  

It’s like we have in our world two global teams, or networks, or business ethics of which you are co-creating, ‘serving’ and getting benefits from.  Life affirming and purifying network or fear, violence, killing, and poisoning networks.   Please honestly look at your government with truthful eyes, humane eyes and be willing to be part of the ‘change.’ 

I pray from the bottom of my international spiritual political loving heart, may we vote for new World Order leaders.  May the qualities of human love leaders rise to the top of powerful ‘political positions’ as an act of common sense and common humanity.  May their humanity draw us to them and may we law of attraction vote for them.  

May the super power pain business of Communist China Fall and the Super Power of loving business of Kuan Yin China (or Karmapa China) RISE!   May American War democracy & death consciousness Fall (i.e. War on Terror )  and may a right to pursue and Serve Happiness of Truth as our change as citizens & We Co Create a Love  Dharma Democracy rising! (i.e. we vote for Enlightenment Leadership to take over.  May we align economics with compassionate companies and leaders!  it is the only way to freedom from our destructive natures ruling us ….with our OWN freewill fueling our own destruction.   

May  the Chinese citizens who love Kuan Yin and are authentically dissatisfied with the treatment of their government to them and others see they too are enslaved to their government through culturism and patriotism and have an opportunity to attain authentic freedom from violence, fear and killing.  May the Chinese citizens have a democratic opportunity to vote for new World Order leadership and may they/we  have the eyes to see Kuan Yin SHE in Karmapa HE, and may they have the freedom to vote. The ancient Chinese woman  in Me votes for His Holiness Karmapa (love, wisdom and compassion for
ALL people)  to lead and mirror what  authentic male Leader Presidential qualities and power are instead of Hu Jintau/Mao/Xi who mirror super power of low life of man law – violence, killing and cruelty to others). 

  I vote and recommend Americans to investigate and then cast their vote for ‘change in America’  as what Man and Law and Power are. I nominate  Coach Greg Clowminzer/Oprah in as President and 1st Lady team for the remainder of the Obama’s term)

ripple affects of American China merger.  If the people merge with a Tibetan driven world network it will calm both nations.  When the East & West calm – the Middle East will find Peace.   Our religions is friendship and respect of each and every human life (animal life too!)  May the World vote for new leaders who represent authentic loving care and wisdom who we innately trust. 
May somehow we free ourselves from being limited to a same country/culture of  origin in order to vote for our human leaders. May quality of character rise any leader to the top positions!  
I vote for Ammachi to oversee the New World Order of Loving Kindness network along with His Holiness Dalai Lama – we have PROFOUND Wisdom and care – we just need to take their advices and serve THEM rather than the armed forces again and again and again and again.  we can break the cycle but need a way out – that is what i am trying to help with.  just sending prayers and thoughts out as they arise.

  I vote Ammachi in India to be a Feminine World Leader of India and America and any other Nation that wants to unite around her with the values of serving love.  Same with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.   May we initiate the human rights change and unite around Love Leaders.   May the Spiritual leaders of the world who lead with nonviolence, peace, dialogue, truth, fairness, and transparncy assume the highest political positions in each nations as our Olympics of Peace Presidential vote.  Democracy from sea to shining sea in the power of now. 

I believe ‘We the People’ can organize ourselves and i believe, honestly, we can co create a world in which the horrors of war and genocide will soon be nothing but a bad dream which we finally awoke  from.  Never will we make a business around selling weapons and war to each other and stealing land and controlling people with fear and violence.  That is what i call the Beast ruling the Earth.  (dominate, belittle, kill, rise with creature comforts at the expense of others  pain, etc….) In the name of all our fallen brothers and sisters in our human lineage tree may we consciously choose Buddha values 0f compassion, love, kindness, generosity, wisdom to lead us and for us to awaken in ourselves.  It is our human right of  a higher level of ‘Freedom.’ 

of the two networks on earth (one life taking – other live protecting and loving) you can imagine there are two trees.  one Earth.  Tree of Evil and Tree of Good.  Freewill and 7 bnillion in the middle with choice.  Tree of evil blooms weapons and missils and prematurely destroys itself.  (global hot and global war)  Tree of Good is humanity blooming flowers with life affirming, purificatin businesses.  Living like trees.  growing stronger each year, cleaning the air and spreading food, nuts, flowers, clean air and shade.  May the tree of life come to life.     (insert picture however you see these two symbolic trees of humanity)

May Global disarmament soon be the most natural, easy, and beneficial path to take for all men and women to follow.  in duality may we find cause and co9nditions for choosing heaven on earth over hell.  healing over hurting.  humanity over inhumanity.  love and justice (i/e. creative healing) over injustice. 

in a recreating the past prayer i pray, May there appear in every city and town a ‘black hole’  in which humans can go to throw their weapons and uniforms into the ditch and do the opposite of WW2 where huge holes were dug and people were shot dead or not dead and left for dead in the holes.  Let us do the opposite.  

I see troops everywhere having the freedom to join a new service by going to the black holes in each war zone and getting lighter.  throw guns and uniforms in but keep the body!  then go next door to the  Olympics of Love Tantra tents….3 day spas for your heart and mind.  burn uniform get a Robe..may all humans have opportunity for healing.  come to Tantra and get gun melted into a wisdom torma trophy of man and work your way up the tantra martial arts of power by eventually earning your golden torma trophy.  Between America and China armed forces – I have placed a golden crown and a school house – that we can learn and heal with Love from Tibetan lamas as our Tantra teachers and healers as we want to learn Tantra of Peace and Love rather than war and terror.  The picture has a power symbold of China on the right and American flag on left.  both coming into intention to come to TANTRA.  Wisdom tormas instead of guns.   as Chinese (East)  or American (West) citizens –  if those two super power countries change our world will change.  Lets ask Oprah to talk about TANTRA from the White House.  We learn about making love by co creating Peace and then we awaken more love and develop the altruistic attitude of awakened heart in humanity.  to love,heal and help and not to harm. 

get May we stop wasting our energies, fuel, and money and life hunting and fighting each other and may all service men and wo9men of the world help all nations when we have a natural disaster. 

May all humans awaken enough, and have the opportunity to see with logic and be a part of something magnicent.  likMaybe we could think realistically in the ways of humanity having a natural and powerful Law of Attraction to love.  no matter how much war and pain and errors – Love is stronger. 

I send a prayer to the people of all nations that we allow ourselves to have a Friends of Nations new Network to join.  All religions, races, ages invited.  No killing allowed.  Human rights agreement 101.  Our evolution ends all revolutions.  it is up to us humans – no one else to blame for the problems.  no one else to solve the problems.   if we don’t feel deep in our heart that killing is a mistake then something in our heart is dead – that’s what i call civilized insanity.  I beleive we can reawaken our hearts and come back to more life and happiness in the Now.  It is said that a miracle is when life is restored or the dead brought back to life.   It then must also be a miracle if we stop killing? 

I  can only imagine the miracle of how much life will be saved if we separate from weapon as power to control with fear and unite in the desire to learn more about harmony (order out of chaos) and our inner love and wisdom?  We can have real boot camps for robooting our hearts, minds, and sexual chakras in Tantra Olympics.  We could discuss ideas with President Obama in the White House.  Oprah could audience with him.  We could invite George Bush and Jintau to come too. 

I believe  ‘we the people’ of all Nations  can be our own miracle and leave our perceptions of ‘God’ or religion out of it.  We don’t have the right to kill.  All religions and nations and genders need to agree. That is the change.  and it is for the better for all.   Basic humanity.  Can you imagive how bringing the Dead back  to life could be interpreted as stopping the killing before the death happens.

We’d have so many better jobs on the planet!  with WAY better benefits!  We’d make the world beautiful and pure and with cleaning oceans jobs, reforestation jobs, renovating farms jobs, building smart solar power and electric car jobs, making love Olympics tshirt jobs, making a bazzillion new jobs and having an alternative to having to work in a company that is causing harm to Earth, Other, or You.  

I pray for an American mastermind Zencoach Greg Clowmizner and OPrah and a huge world team made up of we the people and the busiensses we work for to co create a network of businesses and love ‘events’  which will help this world heal from world wars from America and the Lamas from around the world be seen as leaders into our truest natures of humanity – wisdom, love, and awakening.  .  we have pain in common.  we can have healing in common. 

I pray Airforce ONENESS is painted gold and flys His Holiness the Dalai Lama home to his Potaola palace because America and China become free of Weapons and under wisdom guidance.  The leaders we follow are a mirror of the peoples minds.  if the people choose war leaders we need to look at that.  logically.  nonjudgmentally.  open to changing.  May a profound and loving and empowering change occur in this world as a result of the people rising our voices and uniting in law of attraction to world leaders who will without a doubt bring us benefits.      – they need to look at that.  

If anyone reads this blog – I ask you a favor – please forward to Greg Clowminzer or Oprah Winfrey.  maybe just maybe they can bring on a human driven miracle. 

om mani peme hum and aloha.  9 syllables that could heal our world if we took the time as a human race to deeply investigate their meanings and placed our human freewill intention on mirroring their vibration within us as our intention as individuals and nations.  May our sacred connection to life,Earth, and Mothers Love awaken and may we have the logic to follow Fatherly wisdom into Peace.  I dedicate prayers for peace to all those who have suffered and died from human slaughters. May we now choose the light and end the dark ages. 

That is why i rise the Tibetan  Sun Flag over the White House symbolically uniting all nations and religions gathered here as a ‘we the people’ with nonviolence, love and kindness.  The logic of Peace and our steps to change.  I also pray to Jesus to help me with words as I write.  He was a profound man of love and change and believer in the goodwill inherent in us all.  He said seek within and find the kingdom.   I know he stands in oneness with His Holiness the Dalai Lama Buddha of Enlightened Compassion and the mother clear light of Ammachi in human forms. 

May we take refuge in the qualities of human  love as leades and governing bodies.  May we have the right to discover the benefits of such a change.  May we vow not to kill with the precious 3 Jewels and separate from refuge behind a government which protects with killing and fear but pays certain beings off with creature comforts in this material world.    May we separate from our identity as patriotism and unite in Peaceful intentions on behalf of our homelands. 

may i stop typing and go meditate and go to sleep.  om mani peme hum.  may the children have a beautiful world and peaceful world to grow in.  May we all come into our hearts.  May there be an Olympics of the Heart movement across this Earth as we the people awaken from the dark ages and move into the Age of Aquarius or our Golden Age of 1000 years of Peace.   (may we let healing waters flow like a tsunami inside our hearts and minds and wash our brains with emotional healing, remorse, profound love, bliss, and a host of other feelings that tears can accompany.  I believe tears can help reawaken gray matter in our brain and bring more life.  Alchemical coctail of love in that water!  May our mission be to put love on troops, animals, Earth, and ourselves.  May we be skilled in knowing how.  May love leaders lead and guide us into our best business and  true natures.  with love,  from a girl who has love for the world.