Reading about what is happening in with the Government of India with His Holiness Karmapa ttp://

I am hopeful this will be quickly cleared as I know the Truth is on His Holiness’ side and the Truth sets us free.  I am confident the sane and just Government of India will prove that.  I pray that all obstacles will be removed and he will be globally free to travel and do his World Peace work  to greatly benefit all beings and the Environment however he feels appropriate in the day to day moments of His life with us here on Earth.  Karmapa Chenno. 


Greetings, welcome to my blog.  Here I am

symbolically giving a voice to the Flame of Liberty, (and I invite others to do so too) I believe ‘We the People are the change.  Unity is our change.  Governments and Corporations naturally change for the better (in terms of quality of care & services provided) when the humans that run them change.    When enough human beings come into natural alignment with desiring and standing up for the ethics of telling the Truth, Love, Nonviolence,Wisdom and Compassion we will naturally be drawn to and respect the leaders who embody the above mentioned values and work tirelessly for World Peace and the Environment.  Leaders embodying the qualities like His Holiness Karmapa. 

I believe a first step is Law of Attraction.  I think everyone who is in alignment with wanting to co create a world of  Peace and Compassion we can show our support to His Holiness Karmapa by offering Tibetan Lama’s around the world a symbolic Kata blessing scarf to symbolize our unity with compassion and nonviolence values. 

I believe when our hearts and minds recognize, resonate with, respect and support those humane leaders who embody the above mentioned qualities, then we will be taking steps in manifesting them in our worldly  businesses, corporations, and our governments (i.e. Militaries).  

I believe by feeling a law of attraction to the humane qualities His Holiness Dalai Lama and His Holiness Karmapa it helps us to recognize and awaken those same qualities in ourselves and from there we will discover that we are the beings running the corporations, businesses and Governments. 

I believe if, and when, ‘We the People’ have an opportunity to awaken deeper experiences of these core values and energies as individuals or even Houses of Congress (which I believe Life Coach Greg Clowminzer and Oprah’s Own Nework can help with, with this,  we will see masses of individuals living from deeper values.  Then, quite naturally our corporate, environmental, and political problems will resolve themselves as the humans running them will be living with high core values based in quality of care for living beings as our change.  we can do this  because we are

the ‘change.’ 

This is why I believe by showing support for His Holiness Karmapa right now will be an opportunity for Unity in people around the world to show that we value Nonviolence and want to live in a world filled with compassionate action and wise governing activity no matter what nation we belong to.  We can unite beyond borders by standing united with the values of His Holiness and show our support as a human race. 

When we are centered in the ethics of Love and Care as human beings, we will see radical beneficial change in the world of corporate and governmental regulations and laws will evolve.   I believe when we the people  from any race and religion resonate with the message of Compassion and nonviolence of His Holiness,  that we ourselves begin to embody and reawaken those same instincts and feelings inside ourselves. and we change into more of who we are.  Eventually we will awaken so much love withinus that we will become incapable of even holding a thought of doing harm to others – I believe this is our destiny and our core human instinct as if a mothers first instinct to child. 

I believe our primary point of unity  in the human race is nonviolence.  a profound way to align with nonviolence is to show support to the leaders of nonviolence who are helping us create that world and rise out of these sufferings, wars, famine and emotional afflictions.  Where there are riots and wars in the streets, What if Americans did the opposite?  What if we decided that nonviolence and Peace was our mission and we united around such a lofty goal and took it to the streets. 

 What if on Valentines day through March 5 Tibetan New year we created World Peace movements in the streets the oppostie of riots.  the world would see.  What if we carried our Love and United with intention on behalf of the fallen and our homelands.  We move our flags and ourselves through the streets as a united human race with The Tibetan Flag of Nonviolence guiding us.  We carry Tibetan flags of Nonviolence and our homeland flags and tried to spread love and peace as our message to the World as a ‘democracy.’ 

 What if that was the beginning of our 2012 change?   In the name of past and present world wars and suffering, we could do an International Flags walk for Peace and  love rather than firearms between us.  Someone could make a  business in America sewing an international peace symbol into all International flags to reflect the change being unity around the fundamental human right of nonviolence.  i.e. our basic human right not be killed.  No killing each other.  We can end it, I believe. 

 His Holiness will be in Washington D.C. in July  I am recommending President Barack Obama will invite him to speak from the White House and ‘We the People’ of all Nations gathered here in 2011 can take a human rights vow with him to not kill.  That can be the change.  The dream.  We change into a Peace Natin and Human race. 

I believe we can begin a healing from all our world wars by saying no more war and unite as humans in nonviolence as our change for our present, future and healing our past. 

It is completely up to us humans what sort of decisions we are making and what sort of world we are creating and recreating over and over.   In America I believe we have a responsibility to be the voice for our homelands.  We have a duty to try for Uniting in this critical year.  Maybe Oprah  will help organize walks – Maybe American Life Coach Greg Clowminzer can coach us through the awakening love process and building our businesses and Governments from a foundation of ethics, truth, and quality of care.  Maybe he will do a Public Enlightenment Intensive with Congress and Oprah and CEO’s and Military Generals so that the awakening process can quicken for those in powerful decision making positions.  I believe in the goodwill of human and the power of Love.  Love does not come with Gun.  If humans can separate themselves from weapon, we will be taking a profound step towards authentic freedom.  Jesus would stand with brotherly love and he would stand without weapon.  Just as His Holiness does.  as a sister, i hope we all can.  From there, all world business and animals will benefit from our human compassionate awakenings and activities.  I offer His Holiness Karmapa a Kata and stand united with his values and support his work to benefit all beings and I am confident the Government of India (home of Ammachi and Beloved Friend of Humanity, Mahatma Gandhi) will also soon clear up these issues and will stand united with him too because we as human beings of all races and nations can see and feel his profound Humane Love. Wisdom, and Care of all beings.   

I offer these words as one peace blogger to another and so on and so on.  If anyone reading this lives in Maui and wants to offer a Kata of support to His Holiness Karmapa, through offering to our Lama Gyaltsen, he will be returning from India after having been in retreat with His Holiness Karmapa and he arrives on Friday around 11am at the Maui Dharma Center.  Those of us around the world could offer the nearest Tibetan Lama  a Kata or other symbol of your support and make an effort to deliver in person to the nearest Dharma centers – maybe even walk to the nearest dharma center as a group rather than drive?  just ideas.   our activities of demonstrating support of Love and Nonviolence is held in these messages and all Governments will feel it and I am sure all will be resolved for His Holiness in India verysoon.  it is my sincere hope and prayer for humanity.  through FB and social networking our love movements make the news and help balance out riots and soon maybe we can end the rioting. 

By valuing  virtues they grow. and by recognizing leaders who embody virtues, we grow.  We can take pictures of our moments of offering Kata’s to the Lama’s as a gesture of support of Non Violence and gratitude to them.  I recommend we offer a traditional symbol of blessing to the Lama’s who are profoundly connected His Holiness.  I am sure it would be a gesture that would feel good to them to receive.  The opposite of torture.  a Tibetan Kata between human beings.  sharing one intention.  Love.

                           His Holiness Karmapa with an offered  Kata of support.

When we globally disarm we free ourselves to discover the love within us.  We have Love Leaders, Love coaches, Love Businesses, Love Fashion, Love FLags, Love Teachers, etc….we can end war and violence.  We can learn to love each other.  We can love our neighbors as ourselves.  We can learn more about how we go about Loving ourselves.  We can make love the mission in the White House.  We can grow our understanding of what that would look like and mean to the people, animals and elements of our Earth.  we can have the change and it can be centered around Love.  I pray the Love within each of us gets strengthened and nurtured.  here is a picture of a Mother’s love altar flame

goodnight world.  May we co create Peace in the Power of Now.  and an early Happy 50th Birthday to American Life Coach Greg Clowminzer who turns 50 on February 19th.  May his Love and Wisdom flow to all We the People.  May all his wishes and aspirations come true.  My Birthday wish for him is to do what he was born to do from the White House to benefit countless beings. 

om mani peme hum.  i dedicate all thoughts and prayers to the stream of beings that we all may awaken bodhicitta and attain World Peace and living the fullest expression of our Light as a human race.    uh oh, the roosters are crowing!  apparently i’ve just stayed up all night blogging : )  peace andlove, jc