On behalf of a girl with free speech and the Spirit of Liberty within,  I write as a service to an American Dream of Peace on Earth.   I write this Holiday season 2010 from America.  As I write, I am in union with my beloved Teacher, friend, and Master Jesus in my heart, and I take refuge in the Precious 3 Jewels until the heart of Enlightenment is reached to benefit all beings.  I dedicate all words to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his mission for Peace.  Father, Teacher, Lord of Love.  I humbly and gratefully bow at your feet.  and stand united with your mission.

I offer a Christmas Around the World Peace on Earth tree vision for our Holiday season.  It  is a  Christmas Tree of our International flags united with Tibetan Spiritual Sun as the top star on the tree and all our countries flags flying united on the tree in nonviolence.   From America, at the White House,  rather than chopping down a tree to celebrate Christmas (which probably will make Jesus’ heart smile)  I see a Change!  A World Peace on Earth tree of our Nations Flags (of Individual people with their own freewill) who offer their homeland flag to unite it with the Spiritual Sun flag of Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama in NonViolence.  


 ‘We the People’ and International citizens of America joining as One & being the Lights of the World.  Authentic Peace on Earth Christmas Tree.  It would be a collection of our hearts and voices on this World Tree of Human Light. (i.e. our Human Intention) with the help of social networking and multi media.  Let’s make Christmas real by following the teachings of Jesus and Buddha and embrace nonviolence as our new training as troops of all nations and people of all nations.  If we want that world – we have to be willing to co create that world.  It can begin with uniting our voices, intentions, and flags of our homelands on one Tree of LIFE. 

I believe, Christmas time can be an opportunity to Unite as human beings (after all Jesus was not a religion) using our intelligence and Freewill to claim our ultimate freedom to freewillingly choose love, nonviolence, respect for Life  as our power and Human Rights.  We can cocreate Friends of Nations and unite around His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s message for Humanity.  Friends of Tibet.  joining together via a computer experiment (or something better!)   We could merge Christmas and Buddha’s teachings into one Peace tree.  It begins with each one of us.

I believe we can co create with ideas that will awaken more love in our human race.  Warming our Hearts this Holiday season.  First comes sharing the vision.  Then we can manifest.  Multi media will be required. The Spiritual Sun of Tibet flag, the people and His Holiness the Dalai Lama are teaching and living Peace on Earth right this very second.  Jesus and Buddha have so much in common as Teachers but I find if unfortunate that may followers of Jesus for some reason seem to think their love for Jesus prevents them from learning from the wisdom of Buddha.  


This tree would be a foundation for a network of individuals, businesses, nations and religions who agree our change as a world is nonviolence.  Each person from each nation as they send in their name and country of origin.  do you agree with nonviolence?  do you want an end to war?  I do.  Jesus does.  deep down I believe all beings want a world with no war.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama is Lighting the Way and he is my Santa Claus symbolically as Father Christmas traveling the world with gifts of Love for all.  We can merge Christmas and Buddha’s teachings on how to live authentic peace free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

Logic and reality have proven that Tibet is living Peace.  In this we have a point of unity.  They are living what Gandhi taught, what Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of as the promised land and what Jesus meant by Brotherly love and a kingdom of heaven on Earth.  We can turn Christmas songs into reality.  Like  ‘ye nations rise, join the triumph of the sky’s’  can be translated to a reality where we freewillingly unite our hearts and human intentions with the Light values of Compassion and Nonviolence and learning how to rewarm our hearts as a humanity. 

Having an Earth Christmas Tree of Light (rebirth of our Love) would be like an Earth Olympic Games of Love to Save Life, Earth, Tibet, our precious humanity and connect with the planting of  trees rather than cutting them down.  similar to no more fallen soldiers of ANY LAND.    I believe our human race can awaken into more Love within us if we are engaged in loving activities.  Many of these activities could be demonstrated from the White House but it would require Oprah and nothing short of a miracle made by us – we the people.   

Since Christmas is to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, Joy to the World, and Peace on Earth and Jesus was a teacher of Love & Peace.  Love your self.  Love your neighbor.  Love the trees.   It makes sense to me that we could make a love tree of loving intentions and each one of us lights of the world across the globe and can make our light intention known as a human heart in this experiment. 

At this moment I am holding and reading a flyer that a Jehovah Witness left at my house titled, “Do you Want to Know the Truth?’  It gives bible teachings.  I quote…” it is said that there will ‘come a time when HE will establish Peace Earthwide.  Under this Kingdom of a Heavenly government, people will not ‘learn war anymore.  Instead they will ‘transform their swords into plowshares’ (Isaiah 2:4) 

This bible passage brings me to current political ‘change’ for humanity.  It makes me think about uniting this bible vision to the Heavenly Government that exists right Now! and is called the Government of Gawa Gyaden.  The Government of Tibet with the Leader of that Government in exhile, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.   A governing body teaching Peace and the Path out of suffering.  (as opposed to teaching fear thy enemy and war with thy enemy) 

If we want a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and I believe deep down all of do we just don’t believe it is possible.  If we do find that we want it, logic says a kingdom of Heaven would have a King of that Kingdom right?   Let’s vote for a King!  I vote His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  I know Jesus stands with His Holiness.  Lord of Love.  Teacher of Peace.  I believe when Earth sees and recognizes a King and aligns with him, ALL businesses, governments and religions will transform this earth right now into a Heavenly kingdom.  We transform the weapon & terror tools into useful life serving tantric tools.  We have to use our freewill to co create with ‘God’  and I say we co create that by aligning with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and serve Him.  Right now people serve their Country and carry a lot of self identity with that service.  and that service teaches violence.

Right now in China, America and most all Countries  we ‘serve our country’ by bearing arms against our neighbor which is exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught.   I invite His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the White House 2010 T0 celebrate Jesus’ birthday and Joy to the World, Peace on Earth this Holiday season I pray we do what Jesus would want – to walk with His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the path of NonViolence, Love and Peace.  

We can have CNN have the Earth symbolically be a tree of life and anytime someone joins the ‘Save Tibet Save Christmas Save the Troops’ they light up on the map whatever country they are in.  They light up with a sun flag of Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama and their own country of origin.  merging their human ethics and freewill to the Government teaching Peace and Happiness and the paths out of suffering.  We want One World and we want that world to be at Peace.  Order from violence is suppression.  Order from natural harmony is freedom.  Violence and armed forces are not ever going to bring peace or ‘stability.’   We must free ourselves as a human race from this painful karmic trap we keep teaching that violence is power.  This is the root of injustice.  The willingness to harm others to control them is not power.  We are dangerously close to a global militarized world with an intensification of human suffering.  We must save our human race literally and walk with Peace.  We can retrain all troops in the ways of Love and awakening our heart/mind connection.  Along with Jesus,  I pray those who love him will merge with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibet in nonviolence and Love as our power as a human race.  Recognize him as a living lord of Love.  I believe every single one of us is a savior.  for example to lay a weapon down at your own feet is bowing to  your own lord, or Savior, inside you.    Serving the troops to me means ending war.   We can globally end war when we freewillingly when we agree as human countrymen and women to retrain our troops with the values of compassion for ourselves and our neighbor as our root of business. 

The power is in the hearts of the people and  our voices uniting from sea to shining sea via this golorious invention – the computer!  We can connect & end the symbolic dark ages by being the lights of the world lighting up our Crown Chakra with out freewill as we  raise the Tibet Spiritual Sun flag on our Earth Christmas Tree as a means of saying we value Love and Noviolence as human powers and united we shall  co create with each other as humans to purify our planet and ourselves and thrive. 

A Golden Age and 1,000 years of Peace or serious destruction and utter neglect of life and global war, disease, poverty, etc.  Two paths.  One is Love and the other Fear.  Love says the master is Love and recognizes His Holiness the Dalai Lama as love and one who would not betray or mislead.  the other  path is Fear which says humans must be armed forces and muscles and the willingness to kill and torture will grow your empire.  This has been a common human history of pain for far too long.  I believe our change is now as a humanity.  I believe an event at the White House can catalyze that change.

The bible promises, ‘God will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death (war) will be no more, neither will mourning or outcry nor pain be anymore.  The former things including today’s injustices and sufferings have passed away.’ Revelation12:3,4  All these thing can come to pass but as Jesus taught it is the free will of each heart to use their body, speech and mind to align with the Holy Spirit.  We can have a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth and the first step would be to recognize a King of that Heavenly Earth Kingdom.  I am 100% sure that Jesus recognizes His Holiness the Dalai Lama as Our Father who art on Earth guiding the beings out of pain, suffering and war and into Peace.  I believe His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a point of human culture that we all can agree upon in all religions.  For example,  the 3billion people across the planet  who worship Jesus or those how simply have a personal connection with Jesus,  I would like to offer that we walk with His Holiness the Dalai Lama with Peace and NonViolence and allow His Government and values to merge with yours.  From whatever land you come.  Nonviolence, Love and Compassion are inherent in us all and can be awakened and relearned.  We must not let politics or religion get in the way of common sense.   Peace requires nonviolence.  My this Holiday season all those who love Jesus walk with His Holiness Dalai Lama too and may we all as human beings take a vow of nonviolence and no killing with an authentic desire to grow love and compassion within ourselves. … as our Human Right.  May we become fully human and may we have Leaders who are fueling our greater good as human beings, countries, and as conscious, caring Planetary beings.

So that is my prayer I offer in this moment as i hear dharma christmas songs in my head (traditional Christmas tunes with me singing slightly changed words) and fold the pile of clothes on my bed.  may we be the change for the better in the now – may we believe, truly believe, in the power of love.  and may we come to feel that love grow inside our hearts and minds as we heal form past wars as our new united mission.  we have the leaders for that mission here with us now.      om mani padme hum. 

The change is not in juggling taxes.  The change is we agree on something.  We unite.  The change, as far as my heart can see,  is we human beings awaken and agree with Nonviolence and make our voice be heard.  I believe America is a place for the collective world’s voice to be heard as it is clear to me that this young nation contains the voices of bloodlines and ancestries of the Worlds Nations gathered here.  America is a place for the Evolution of our Ethics as human beings from all nations.  Maybe i could talk to Oprah about some of these things. 

in service to the spirit of Lady Liberty standing for Enlightenment and Union in our hearts as a means of serving America and all living beings.  I serve ‘my country tis of thee – sweet land of Liberty’

p.s. i apologize for wordiness – i write from my heart spontaneously and feel the reality of these words as a possibility for our brighter United future so writing is an extremely emotional experience.  please read with gentle eyes.  I believe opening ones heart and writing for the world to see is an act of love, vulnerablity, and transparency.  As one girl who is trying to do my part to help unite us, i offer these writings, visions, and prayers for a United States of Awakening of our Human hearts on Earth, 2010. amen.