2010 World Solution to benefit All Beings.  2010 – 2000 World  Healing Plan 

Changing Leaders and using the next 10 years to go back in time and Heal and correct mistakes. 

The CHANGE – The Awakening – The Rising Up and claiming our Golden Age. 

What if the World could have a  World Vote to choose new Presidents for America and China to unite the World in ethics, compassion and wisdom.  Men who can help undo the teachings of violence and help troops of all nations heal and awaken into their higher, happier service as human beings.  Men we the people of BOTH lands believe in and we trust they will serve our best interests for the future of the human race and our Earth. 

I vote ChinaTibetan President Gyalwang Karmapa

  and American Life Coach President Greg Clowminzer


It would be East and West China American Tibetan Merger for the Greater good of All countries when we the People take control and vote for human beings we Authentically believe will serve Peace and Change (for the Better)

– changing money

– changing Leaders

– changing business – same business just changing the ethics and toxicity

–  Uniting People

– Healing and Awakening our Human Hearts

I write on behalf of Liberty.  I know what Liberty is and I know it is every everyone’s human right to have Liberty.  Right now we do not have Liberty.  We have opportunity for Liberty from Sea to shining Sea but it requires profound change and Leaders who can carry the weight of responsibility to serve all beings from their universal compassion and wisdom.   If we the people of China and America can tame our violence by freewillingly following our Peace leaders, then i believe the violence in the Middle East will tame too.  

Now, I am not an authority on big business, but I am an authority on what is good business and what is bad business.  Bad business is business which is toxic to life, harmful to people and animals, and deceptive.  Our world is running two networks of business right now.  The classic Good and Evil come to mind.   The powerful intention to unite around the Good business is up to the people of all Lands.  I believe we all deep down want to live in Peace and have good jobs that are doing good things for humanity, the Earth, and the animals.   We have to be willing to see clearly that the governments of China and America are running on low ethics and high violence as power.  There is a blending of China American business for some years now as we all can see.  So we could say that China America are One.   I say let’s embrace that, but on behalf of the citizens of China and America we take back our Liberty and come together by CHOOSING our own leaders and free willingly taking jobs to work in their networks (which are profoundly vast) and follow their advices.  We allow our own freedoms of logic and law of attraction to have our  freespeech and voice be heard that by choosing a being we trust – we then have the benefits of the governments changing because the people have changed.   It is the people of all lands that ultimately have the power to escape the matrix of injustice, inhumane deadly behavior of these governing bodies and see how we can rise up out of the patterns if we are powerful enough to flock to authentic leaders.  We can co create this vote for a Millenieum Change on the internet, but it must be done quickly before the computer and internet gets ruled by this lower level behavior throughout the world and eventually locks down world freedoms and controls beings with one world network of pain, suffering, and destructive and deception  http://redtape.msnbc.com/2010/11/china-web-hijacking-shows-net-at-risk.html we must make a move as the citizens of nations of the world who can see the big picture, how we’re being enslaved into it, and what to do about it – in the name of Love and our global right to a good human life 2010.  We have all the raw material and people – we just need to rise in our ethics, join in better business and begin to heal and fix our problems.  to be continued – I have to go stop writing and go to work!  aloha – and I will continue this with a formal PLAN of action we can take as a human race before Christmas and before it is too late.