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this was stream of consciousness for love to win our wars. its a fictional
discussion with God about humanity and solving its problems. Intentionally using the playing with the word GOD in new ways in order to make it a little less serious and help bring us together as brothers and sisters where in the past (and present) it is separating us. Now, by understanding differently, being more playful and flexible in our minds,  maybe the word and letting loose our view to maybe expand and improve our present world reality of seeing a REAL possibility for LOVE in humanity in our mind happen and ripen using the word and concept of GOD to help us to believing in our goodness. that is my job. this makes me feel good to do as a method to benefit our world….to imagine from my heart, write Dear God and set free my fingers to write…

Hello reader, first know this.  My Political life intention aka Libertyusa is this:  I pledge allegiance, serve and work for the Mother, Divine Mother, and not the Military. Actually I WORK for the Mother to oneday hopefully SERVE the Military a large dose of Motherly love and help them out of weapons mind.

Second Intention:  I write for our Heaven on Earth using our Freewill.  I write to seed a co creating Global disarmament Co. Growing a Dewachen & Company. A Pureland Global Company. A Red Army of humans agreeing with ideas and making them happen (like working for SANTA instead of Satan and having wisdom to see the difference)

Intention 3:  I write to encourage the possibility of World Olympic training in the Martial Art of Brotherly Love for Military. New jobs. Better dress codes for all Men. Logic sees now that we Protecting Life by Protecting LOVE not our right to take life.

It’s ok, you are free to reject but i wonder if you will even read? Nevertheless, it is my duty to write and trust if the writing needs a reader, a reader will come. from the view of us humans recognizing the benefits of unioning with love as our power and see our potential to join as one family sharing One planet to love and care for one another and heal the past. This is my hope and prayer ~ Libertyusa


This is a story to help land the dream of World Peace and Happiness spreading.

This story is made up in the mind of a girl.

Dear God, Hello.  Can you hear me?


thank you for answering me so quickly.

you’re welcome.

I just recently wrote an essay about What I would do if I were President of America to help bring Peace on Earth.  Since so many people believe in You I thought i would ask you what YOU would do?

let me get this straight.  You are asking me to tell you what GOD would do if GOD were in a powerful position like a President of United States of America?

yea, GOD, What would you do?!

ok, little one I will answer your question.  Firstly, I would introduce myself as President to the people I tell them they can trust me to try to help people feel love and unite in that love around this word God.  I introduce myself saying I am more than a word we share, I am consciousness of Love, Unity, and profound interconnected intelligence here as President to get us out of human made problems and into human made solutions.   I would tell everyone we all have a piece of light inside of us that wants to awaken and share its light with the world.  I would say that is our purpose on this Earth while in human form.

I would address the whole world simultaneously as a President and talk to everyone – not just some of one country or another.  or one religion or another.  or one color or another.  or one gender or another.  i would address US All.  Since i’m far off to many i would create an Earthbound company.  I’d announce that I’m creating a company to invite all servicemen and women to join.  I would call it GOD & Co.  I would invite everyone of all religions to recognize that the root of human religion is Love and that energy is in every single living being.  Without it we would not exist.  I would bring the awareness that thought forms being taught to humans to diminish or take life or cause harm to other living beings is the opposite of love and cause terrible quality of life on Earth.  I would say that if everyone wants better life – they must make better choices.  I would make a company that made sound business decisions for the entire world.  The first would be getting us disarmed with freewill but pointing out that disarmament is the path to True Freedom.  I would explain that every being has the right to be free. Free to choose Love.

I would have a logo that said Love is Power.  I invite the super power Tenzin Gyatso,  Lord of Love,  His Holiness the Dalai Lama to be CEO of God & Co. and the GOD acronym would stand for Golden OM Doorway  with Green OM Dollars.   I would encourage others to think in terms of me being inside them and encourage them to think like me and come up with more marketing slogans for my company.  Golden Olympic Decisions is another one I like.  I would move my company headquarters to the White House and announce that it serves the world the power of Love awakening and serving all of Life.  I would immediately invite Oprah Gail Winfrey to stand as 1st Lady of America as it is clear to me that she has been serving the people tirelessly for 25 years to assist in the rising of consciousness and betterment of lives 0f children and parents and everyone’s soul develpment in the ways of caring, sharing, and awakening.

the GOD & Co.  would network with the world’s business.  it would immediately ban all weapons and provide training to all living beings on how to live without weapon rather than kill with weapon.  Right now humanity is completley lost and you humans actually believe that weapons are necessary for life – when if you look logically at the weapon you will see that it is necessary for only one thing – death.  To be controlled by weapon is to be enslaved to violence and fear which is the opposite of Me.  I would raise a symbolic Tibetan flag from the White House which signifies that there has been a merging or marriage of Governments.  The values of Tibet Government and His Holiness the Dalai Lama are the values of the American Government under the guidance of  GOD.  Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, NonViolence, communication, ethics, Understanding, growing in Intelligence, returning to Purity in our elements (air, land, sea ) for better living would be the intentions of all business.

I would call a meeting for world leaders to convene to discuss how to rememdy their problems.  There would be no guns allowed in the meeting.  I would free all the troops under the leaders saying to them if you turn your weapons into this GOD & Co we will use the iron to grow beneficial housing and equipment for your better life.  you will never again have to fight, kill, torture, or be killed & tortured as a way of human life.  I would say the only way we save the world is together and it takes each one to save themselves by separating from the fear way and freewillingly entering the Love way.  (the Golden Om Door)

I would symbolically turnt he front door of the White House into a Pearly Gate.  I would open the door to the business of God & Co and recruit for rebooting our hearts and minds camp from the White House video room where all troops of all nations can watch their leaders and be entertained and have the hate begin to dissipate.  I would turn the White House into my Headquarters for World Healing.   Our mental health is the most wounded.  War destroys mental health and Peace heals it.

I would immeditately put a call out to an American man named Greg Clowminzer  to stand as V.P. as he is very clearly a human leader of Peace and Wisdom and Compassion and is like a bridge for beings to see where they’ve been and where we are going as a Team connected to all living with Love and Light awaken inside of us.

I would say that if you or any of your relatives have ever been killed over my name – I would say that this is now the point in human history where we unite over my name.  My name is your name and we all are pieces of a divine plan.  I would warn that a demon dark ages anti life plan build on the death star immorality and unethical treatment of living beings has taken hold of human consciuosness for a very long time.  I would say that simultaneously there has been our Spiritual Sun Star holding the light and teaching the true divine qualities of human.  The flag of Tibet with the Spiritual Sun would fly high over all lands demonstrating that we have used our freewill to bow and vow to Love and NonViolence.  We would begin the process of forgiveness and renewal by learning from the divine teachers that His Holiness the Dalai Lama appoints to teach on various subjects.  The White House would not only be a business but also a school for humanity.

‘Hey, God, I don’t mean to interrupt you, but this is starting to sound a lot like what I, this little soul who writes these words would do – maybe i’m not pure enough to hear your voice completely – i don’t want to put my ideas on your words. Please forgive me if I am doing so.’

Dear one, it is my ideas that are coming through you.  Not to worry, you have awakened the universal love that every being has deep inside them all.  That is all  I am really.  thoughts, energy, consciousness, peace in nothingness, and peace in existence.   Another word for God as the entity that many hold so dear to their hearts could be Buddha.  Jesus was atone with the consciousness of love and wisdom and taught these same messages.  The teaching is this – it is every single being’s responsibility to awaken their inner God/Buddha/Christ/Unity flame/Universal Love  etc….It is the LEADERS responsibility to set up organizations and governments that are in alignement with the values of divine love and help the people reach the heights of awakening.  Any institution breeding fear and violence must lose power.  The only way it loses power is if people ensalved to it have an alternative that they freewillingly take.  It is the Leaders job to create these new alternatives to shift humanity from violence and pain to peace and prosperity.

By the way, little one, I like your idea of having an Olympics of Love & Peace party from the White House.  A Candle4Tibet party for the dawning of the New Millenneium.  I like the Golden Carpet idea and the idea where the humans on earth vote for a KING of Love.  A King of Earth.    I would offer His Holiness the Dalai Lama as King but I would say everyone has the right to vote.  I would invite the world to come up with at least 5 world leaders they think could be King of World and get their pictures and create a Worldvote.com  I would follow Jesus’ prophecy that said the ‘Children shall lead the way’ and give the children of the world the first vote.   This will assist in bringing unity to the minds of the people.  Right now there is too much separation in the minds thinking we are country, or uniform, or religion etc… and we are failing to recognize Love and Love leadership because these other concepts are getting in the way of unity.

I also like your idea of having an Enlightenment Intensive globally broadcast for the world to see with the American Presidents of past and present along with the Congress and the Supreme Court members.  I would say there should be a simultaneous ENlightenment Intensive conducted in the Far East in China with Hu Jintau and the Peoples Republic of China Parliament.  I would say all people of all nations watch these intensives and as a human race we will begin a healing.  I do not believe in punishment.  I believe in rehabilitation.  To disarm and to relearn how to serve the world is an act of compassion.  Serving one nation at the expense of the lives of a neighboring people or nation is not Godly, humane, or right.  Bad business hurting others will go bankrupt and the GOD & Co. will be a one world company with employees from all nations.  we are all serving one world and we have the right to have good jobs which feel good to serve in.   The only way we Save the World from human destruction and toxic behavior is to inspire and enlist human freewill.  As a people of the human race of whatever country we ‘belong’  we will find that our minds will begin to things differently as we witness the ENlightenment Intensives with our World Leaders.  Words turn into actions which have made war and now words turns to actions and businesses which make peace.   We can have so dramatic a change in our consciousness that we can literally go back in time to Y2K.

The GOD & Co. would make shirts, calendars and all Golden Age logos for the networked businesses in alignment with the Golden Age Ethics of business.  We would take hold of time and turn back the 1 in the 2010 and we would begin this glorious Millenneium over again and claim 1,000 years of Peace.  Since there is no ‘me’ I could not actually be President so I would invite His Holiness Karmapa to sit in the Leadership position with American man Greg Clowminzer to head up the country and role model for global troops the qualities of 21st century Golden Age Manhood.

I would also be a money changer.  I would invited all who want to participate in the New World Order of Love & Co, or GOD & Co to look on the American money and see the words ‘In GOD we Trust’  I would say you are the lights of the world and when you are voting for A King of the World and/or joining the GOD & Co. network you can do so by filling out an application with your home base, what you need, what you have to give and what sort of jobs you would like to participate in.  Send you application with a $1 bill and that $1 will go on a UNITY Tree of Human beings.  The pyramid on the back of the dollar will have symbolic meaning as the numbers of humans in alignment with the Tree of Life grows.  Each dollar represents a free will and a freedom to choose to align with a one world company serving Life, Love, and Change for the Better for Everyone.   I would invite everyone to imagine a Money Tree growing with our freewill on the front lawn of the White House.  we are the Lights of the World and it would be a symbolic Christmas in July tree (except now it is already the first day of August).  Simply holding a vision of hope for such a Unity Tree of Life is healing and uniting in and of itself.

Finally, i would throw a Golden Age party for our elected King and create our Happily Ever After store for a human race.  I would make a Gold carpet appear at the White house and Invite His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Divine Mother Ammachi to sit in the symbolic chairs for King and Queen of LOVE.  The party theme would be Olympics of Peace and Candle4Tibet.  We all would recognize that we are energy bodies called human.  To awaken and live our light requires our freewill.  To raise the Spiritual Sun flag of Tibet with our intelligent freewill is to align ones heart and mind with Love and Nonviolence.  This would be the beginning of the AGE of LIGHT.

I would recommend to commence the New Age that we turn back the clock to Y2K and begin this Millennieum over again by having each World Nation design a NEW National flag for their nation.  We symbolically ‘burn’ our flags that have bloody painful pasts that have been involved in World Wars.  We symbolically throw them in the middle of the Spiritual Sun Flag of Tibet and they come out with same but different designs and logos.  I would recommend every nation have a money making contest to have the citizens enter their flag drawings for their countries NEW Millenneium flag for the Golden Age.  We have an Olympics of Flags Unity Pole  and we Put the Tibetan Sun Flag on top and all the old flags underneath – then like a fire of love they transform into new flags for a New Age.  All human beings can participate in Peace ideas, projects, service troops and jobs.  It is up to the Leaders to create these opportunities for you.  Business on Earth can be set up for the success and thriving of all of Life.  It must begin otherwise it would seem the humans fell captive the death star regime and grey matter and firearms and toxic attraction took them down a tunnel of pain andhate that they couldn’t get out of – but they can get out of if they exercise their rights of Freewill and choose the path of Freed-OM.

I would complete this download by recommending that beings not be so religious they fail to see Love right in front of them.  Right inside them.  I would say if you’re looking for GOD – get a mirror and have a conversation with your heart.  if you want to learn more about the mind of Love & Compassion – listen to the Dalai Lama and follow his advices.  If you want a better life wherever you live – live better.  If you want Peace – send a Peace GOD Dollar (Golden Olympic Dollar) to the fictiious GOD Company and begin to see your World Peace Tree of Life grow and as it grows feel the feelings inside each being begin to lighten, lift and align with the divine.  i end this with the 6 syllables that are the answer to all human made problems.  Om Mani Padme Hum.

the end.

p.s. thanks for playing with me like this little soul who is holding a little light in her hand and heart for the awakening of the world…..and may I ask you, what do you wish for little soul?

I wish to witness the world living in peace & harmony with a thriving Mother Nature and happily taken care of animals – i wish to have no identity and live a private life doing whatever i want as i see appropriate to contribute to the love vibaration of the planet.  i wish for anonymity.

i also wish the White House would undergo a reality tv rennovation and grow UP in the form of a Stupa for the new roof.  We’d open the roof and add stair and escelator to enter the Stupa Level One.  I wish the stupa would be the new rooftop for the White House.  The Stupa level One would be for meetings and private parties, Level two would be suites for His Holiness Dalai Lama and Karmapa’s and Ammachi  Suites to live in when staying at the White House for Events.  I wish for rooftop gardens for roof parties. and a light like the top of a lighthouse spinning different colors signalling to the people of the World.  It would be like the opposite of defcon military code red and orange, etc… used to warn of death threats.  I’d wish to be able to witness excellent business and vibrations coming from the White House benefitting all