I dedicate every word to all our human family.  One human race – I write knowing we have the divine potential to enter into a New Age.  An Age of Aquarius – A Golden Age.  An Age of Peace.  Age of Enlightenment and Enlightened action.  My dream is the White House of America is filled with Wisdom and Enlightened action that would benefit all beings.  This requires change. 

God it would be so much easier just to TALK to Oprah about all these things.  writing feels daunting for me lately b/c  there is so much to say about change and so many ideas for positive change that  i just don’t seem to know which ones to put into priority as step one two three.  So I will just write my stream of consciousness.  I won’t judge what comes out from my heart/mind for authentic change for the world.  I wish i could build off of all the ideas i’ve already shared with the world over last 8 years but it seems each blog is like starting from scratch as the old blogs and ideas are in the past and many are gone. 

If I were President I would stand on a Mission of America and to our Human race to be one of  Awakening, Connecting and Serving from our inner ethics – doing good work feels good.  a Country doing good work benefits the world and the citizens.  First and foremost a President should addresss the whole world – 6 billion of us.  I would talk to the world about making the weapon illegal and provide alternatives to having human beings paid to carry one and use one.  Intelligence can solve problems without killing.  This is the fundamental change the world needs.  Heathcare begins with out Mental Health.  War, weapons and killing is a sickness stemmed from fear, greed, and vengence, and a host of other sicknesses.  As a leader I would do everything in my power to talk the world out of weapons and into wisdom.  If were President I would veto war. 

Everybody gets a Job!  For the next 4 years we create short term jobs and have  job rotations –  I can’t fathom why there is unemployment.  so much needs to be done.  3 month assignments doing work to clean our world and do global projects as global teams.  We could transform the war ships into wisdom ships and anchor them in the sea – we can make jobs cleaning the plastic from under the sea and have classes and celebrations that improve our inner wellbeing at night.  We create jobs that aren’t forever, but for experience and connection.  We align as human beings with the intention to participate in activities that are based on Purity.  Cleaning air, land, sea, and Self.   We create jobs from the government that regrow forests, grow gardens and farms large and small.  We plant trees to clean the air.  We shut down toxic plants and replace them with clean energy smart designs.  We create a World Bank (OM Bank)  that is Compassion.  Put credit card companies out of business.  Let Om Bank buy your debt – work off your debt with good jobs networked from OM Bank.  Freewillingly taking repsonsibility and joining in solving problems feels good.  Abundance would flow.

We must free oursleves from Money machine/War machine/Oil Machine.   Toxic.  Terror.  Torture.  Must End.  We must end it.  As human race.  If our Governments like America and China are supporting these human behaviors and repeating them endlessly as human life then it is up to the people to change the Governments. 

I would move an international team into the White House made up of human beings that the world recognizes as leaders they trust.  We have meetings and put new plans for the world into action via America and they are plans the people of the World trust b/c #1 they are based in NonViolence.  #2 they are based in purity and care for Earth, People, Animals.  #3  The people can see the intentions of the Team and they innately believe in this team based on inner character and proven track record of inner qualities and outer qualities of care. 

I would ask for people to freewillingly ground themselves for 1 year and only travel & fly when absolutely necessary – we have social networking and big screen live tv to connect with each other over holidays.  We put money and energy into electric cars, or hydrogen powered cars – if splitting the Hydrogen atom can create a nuclear bomb power – can’t we figure out how to use water to power vehicles?  We end dependence on oil – foreign or domestic – we evolve out of dark ages and drilling and sucking mother earth dry. 

We become Higher Intelligence as human race.  We begin by recognizing higher love intelligence (& truth)  coming from humans that may not be in Leadership positions at present, but we put them into leadership positions by restructuring Governments.  A world government made up of international  human race that freewillingly JOINS the Government of the World to get a job.  We  disarm by explaining what will happen if we do.  We explain that in every city and will be an Iron Mountain.  The opposite of Death Camps and brigades of killing.  We take all that heavy metal and create Hotels – each being who donates weapons to grow the Iron Mountain Man Camp will have a membership and can come to get healing, happiness and awaken his sexual spiritual heart energy through communication of his feelings and having sexual healing and ecstacy and connection to his Golden Energy by making love to the rock – it is magnetic, electric, filled with pleasure and can help vibrate men into awakening of love, pleasure and rid them of anger.  no more sexual suppression and underground sex slavery and rape.  There is a place to go in every city where men get training on mastery & enjoyment of his sexual energy without having to penetrate another human being – it is high level Tantra. 

Women have the same camps and instead of iron mountain like men they are Water camps.  Both camps help the inner waters flow.  Tears & Amrita.  Awakening the hearts and happiness will guarantee war will never happen.  Happy people with their needs met (By their Compassionate Government) will not want to torture or kill others.  We have to address ourselves as human race and agree that we are sexual.  We all have sex in common as is clear by our overpopulation to the point of misery for so many living beings right now.  Men say they need sex.  but what they don’t realize is what they really seem to be wanting is the feeling of alive inside and an orgasm.  The Iron Mountain gives that to them and so much more.  They can experience Self Mastery and being independent of needing another physical body for that experience. 

Tantra Camps instead of Terror Camps is Self Realization and Mastery for human man.  Women also want to feel love and alive on the inside and share their life with others.   What they don’t realize is that powerful awakened love and energy in their bodies can come from celibacy and water camps.  they too can become master of inside energy.  Independent of sex with other – we vibrate disease out of our bodies and perhaps even aids.  If there were Iron Mountain in Africa the men would have a place to go instead of riding on horses with machine guns and terrorizing villages.  This is unacceptable and we are doing our human race a disservice by fueling the behavior without fueling the solution.  America sells weapons to the World to keep the world enslaved to fear and violence and America making money off the terror.  Then Americans get upset when a shooter comes to a school or a mall – they don’t recognize it’s just a  precursor of what is to come on a mass scale if they don’t shift. 

When humans make the law of killing, war and torture and stand on this law for 10 years of the New Millenneium and the ‘Change’ President does NOTHING to end the violence.  America must see what cause and effect is.  What you put out returns.  If I were President of America I would dedicate my daily moments to Uniting the Human Race in NonViolence.  I would say we are all in this together and separating into colors and countries and religions and arming ourselves and killing each other or using weapons as power is never going to bring peace and freedom.  No village or country wants to be invaded by violence.  Violence hurts everything.  WE must STOP training in the art of Violence as Law.  I would talk to the human race as humans and explain how we’ve taken wrong turns but now we can make it right, together. 

I would say i don’t see us as different as colors or religions – i see us as family and love connects us – we can grow that energy of love and care in whatever nation we live in when we freewillingly fuel networks that are doing good work to our planet and life.  We abandon weapons as an answer for any problem.  I’d help us understand that weapons ARE the problem.  I’d spread hope for change by having enough respect for every human being to address us all at the same time in the same way.  A president should be wise enough that what he does for one country affects all.  Especially America which is a melting pot of our human race.  I would say the mission is Friends of Nations – good business.  Green business.  A golden Age Network that anyone can connect into.  I’d create so many jobs that were short term and long term assignments based on freewill signing up. 

I’d get the spiritual teachers and workshop leaders networked in so that people on job assignments can also take a local class in what they need for their emotional healing – like MTV doing the Challenge Day at Freedom School.  I;d support all existing networks that are serving the greater good of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health of the people and planet.  I’d source those with money like in Education.  I’d make sure class size was manageable and i’d make jobs that give teachers assistants and good food for the kids. 

We have so much to do and so many good people just hungry for the chance to serve and work and celebrate in activities and jobs they feel good about.  Ethics.  America needs a class on Ethics. 

I’d Invite His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Karmapa to the White House and ask them to make it a home away from home.  Teachings on Love and kindness and ethics would be a 24/7 channel from the White House Reality tv channel.   We would have Lama’s and Teachers giving teachings and they would be able to be watched live or archived.  We would have Truth Talks in the Red Room with George Bush and Obama and Hu Jintau and others.  We would be civilized.  The White House could be a headquarters for World Videos.  I see a room filled with the Children from the world learning world languages.  People can tune in and learn new languages along with  all the children. 

I’d fly the Flag of Tibet above the White House symbolizing a UNION of the values of the Government of Tibet with the People of the World.  NonViolence.   I’d create a symbol that people could trust and when they saw it they would know it was part of the world network and that shopping or doing business with that symbol was good for all involved.  Good from root to tip.  That way bad business of cheap stuff which is fueling more war / and violent regimes would go out of business.  The One World Network would be creating more and more jobs for people who had been enslaved to the violent regime jobs to network and get a better job and better benefits.  I’d say that Countries governments don’t define a country nationality – China Gov’t doesn’t define the Chinese People.  I’d say we separate from thinking we are our Government if our government is teaching and programming us to serve violence, kiilling, torture, lies.  

I’d address American citizens and troops the same way.  I’d encourage all to see the big picture and see what our Gov’t is doing to others.  Then i’d say we change that via America.  I’d call upon American Zencoach Greg Clowminzer to oversee these changes and step into Barack Obamas seat and coach us into Peace.  In our selves and in our world.  As a world.  Every human being is same.  We have heart, brain.  What is different is our experiences we received from our societies or life experience.  I know every human wants to be treated kindly and when we’re not problems are created and then perpetuated and we have a world now where war is an everyday word and we don’t even recognize the insanity in war.  now we can see a way out by recognizing we can return to kindness and see that we’ve just been a product of painful experiences and not had coping strategies and then we’ve been taught that to solve a problem is to grab a gun, or booze, or someother toxic strategy. 

I’d say healing is now the mission of the White House.  I’d say it is possible and way more easy that harming.  To sustain propoganda, lies, toxic business, war, it is all exhausting to the life force and it must be seen for what it is.   Anti Life.  Now we as human beings come together in pro life businesses that we actually believe in b/c we authentically trust the leaders of the New World Order.  We are not swooned b/c of color of skin.  We are law of attraction drawn to those humans on this Earth that authentically working for Love and the Betterment of Human and Animal life on this EArth.  A return to our innate instincts.  WE all have Christ inside.  We all have Buddha inside.  We all have the clear light of Mother inside.  LOVE.  Whatever we call it.  We have a right to KNOW it and live it and share it as a human race life on Earth.  

I believe We all deep down have compassion and care as our instinct.  I think when we treat each other with compassion and care (like i would like to treat all the troops in the Iron Mountain Man Camps) then we awaken that innate compassion and care inside.  It happens naturally.  If we put more love on each other it will awaken and bloom from within.  As a leader I would never support killing.  I would support caring and healing.  I would say it more than possible it is our destiny.  I would say Move Oprah into the White House.  I would say have a world religion party at the White House and have Ammachi at the door giving hugs.  I’d say we unite around respect for Life.  I’d say we have show Dancing with the Dieties/Demons.  We could vote on each person as to what inner qualities they have been fueling – either deity or demon.  Knowing every one on the show is ultimaltely loving and kind they just have been playing the ‘role of demon’   Killing is of the beast law so I would nominate George Walker Bush to be on show to represent demon leadership for a global leaning and evolution and fun to watch George Bush dance.   

 All humans look basically the same but what is in their mind is different.  When a leader orders torture and war and creates fear in the people by killing them (we really need a Truth Talks with Bush RE: 911!) then that is what qualifies as demon behavior.  If we Love like a God we are being human living light not human throwing fire arms across the planet, dropping towers and waging war.  Bush could be a cash cow for the American White HOuse over the next 8 years participating in reality tv shows and getting rehabilitated into his Humanity.  Obama too b/c he is signing death papers for service men and he keeps sending more into harms way.  this tradition must end.  Dear God – please help us.  Please let us be attracted to a leader  that is not a War President.

July 29, 2010

Dear Beloved Oprah,

My name is Julie Christine.  My Tibetan name is Yangchen Lhamo.  My internet cyber name is LibertyUSA. (United States Angelnetworker)  I am a woman, citizen of America, and an awakened human heart.  I write this letter to you with a heart filled with hope for a brighter future & evolution for the Nation of America, and through that, for the whole world.  I believe you have a powerful role to play in that brighter future for humankind. 

This letter is like a journal entry to you and my plan is to unload all my thoughts and prayers to you via this letter.  For the past 7 years I have hoped for a personal conversation with you so that I could simply speak my flow of thoughts to you and brainstorm together, but it seems that may never happen.  Since I feel the pressure to be of benefit to the world on a daily basis I can no longer just speak to you through my heart and hope that you will hear me – So now I take the time to select a few thoughts and write yet another letter to help catalyze authentic change. 

First of all, I wish to thank you for your tremendous work thus far in your precious life for the betterment of the world.  I thank you for inspiring me in my early years to do my best to help others and live my best life.  As a part of living my best life I have found that it is imperative to speak from the heart and speak the truth.  I apologize to you and the world for my past writings over the last 7 years which were not refined and carried in the words the energy of frustration and anger as I was speaking my truth around stopping War coming from America during the George Bush regime. 

I give you advanced warning right now that as you read my letter you may feel an inside voice which may disagree with my words at times and I ask you to simply make note of the thoughts and then continue reading.  I am writing as a catalyst for change, for our brighter future and as I write I am very well aware of our present difficulties.  I’m also aware that writing about the path out of darkness results in people resisting the words or ideas because ‘they are not based in reality’ or may seem too idealistic.  Whatever your response to my words may be, I feel I have a duty to my soul, to Jesus & Buddha, and to our human family to write what I see as possible for a United States of an Awakened America and a United Human race in a United States of Mind serving and living in a state of Nonviolence and Love.

To be very clear up front, I am not a fan of President Barack Obama.  I know you are and that is perfect because you and he have a relationship and if used wisely can affect change for the better.  I was not a fan of George Bush or McCain or Palin or Clinton.  I am a fan of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jesus, His Holiness Karmapa, Greg Clowminzer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Ammachi, Mother Teresa and a host of others who live according to the principles of Love & Kindness. 

I believe the world needs an American leader who stands upon the values and ethics of nonviolence and authentic change.  President Obama is fueling war on this Earth and I know you know this.  Perhaps you think it is the only way.  I don’t know what you are thinking about the topic of war until I have the opportunity to ask you.  I remind you that this ‘our watch.’  I will tell you that War is wrong.  Killing is wrong.  Asking citizens of any nation to arm themselves and kill is wrong.  Peoples Republic of China killing Tibet is wrong.  America selling arms to poor nations so that they have no chance of ever rising out of violence and terror is wrong.  The global military network that continues to train human beings to be enemies with each other and kill each other is not only barbaric, primitive, and unevolved, but it is wrong.   Killing is not the civilized way of any civilization and it is the killing and war that we must end.  Barack Obama has no intention of ending war as is proven by his continuing war into Afghanistan and not standing up to George Bush during his reign of terror.  Just because war in humanity is long tradition does not mean it will never end.  What I know for sure is that it will never end as long as leaders keep fueling the consciousness of fear, killing, war, and torture being ‘the law.’ It will never end as long as the people keep giving their lives and tax money to perpetuating each nation armed against the next and killing.  Killing is wrong.  We need a President who stands up and says the Mission of this Nation is Love – not War.  Barack Obama is not that voice.  Proven by fact.  Now, what do we do?

I believe we serve all of humanity when we embody the values of our teachers like Jesus and Buddha and His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibet and all the brave women and children and men out there in this world who are living in the values of humane treatment of others.  You are a tremendous voice for our Nation, women of the world, and dare I say, your beloved Jesus.  Yet, there is work for you to do in your own soul for you to awaken to your greater purpose.  I believe your duty is to guide America into Love and out of War.   We need a leader who addresses the whole world when addressing America because if you look closely at the Nation of America you will find that we are a melting pot of all colors, races, religions and bloodlines from the human race around the world.