Greetings and Welcome to my blog.  So, in the name of my intention for this blog to be about the topic: LOVE,  I thought perhaps it’s best to start with the everyday moments of our lives (my life) and then what the unique thoughts are that arise from such daily experiences.  So that’s what i’ll do in this entry. I’ll start with yesterday. 

Yesterday was Tuesday and just like every Tuesday I went to maid service to clean a house.  It is the home of a little friend who is 3 years old now.  I love Tuesdays even more because i love seeing my little friend.  She adds light to my day : ) She waits for me outside and when i get out of the car comes running to tell me her latest news and gives me a hug.  I call her my rainbow friend b/c when i see her my heart sees a rainbow.  Yesterday she showed me her new bike.  I said – ‘whoa you have so many rides out here you could have a party and everyone would  have their own wheels to ride on.’  We counted them together and counted 9!  She told me,”and I’ll be having another birthday someday.’  I said – ‘I know.’  Then i said, ‘what if me and my friend Oprah Winfrey could creat a birthday party for ALL the children of the world on the same day.  A princess and prince party where every child would get food and a present.  She said, ‘well, I don’t want a present.’  I replied,  ‘why not?’   ‘Cuz i already have so many.  i have a house and playset too’ she answered.  ‘Well maybe you could give your present to someone who doesn’t have one’ – and she said ‘Yes, that’s good idea.’   so sweet.

So we go inside and hang out before i start work.  Someone had drawn a pirate skull on her chalk board and she colored it.  She told me ‘I colored his eye.  Come see.’  I looked at the skull and she had turned it all pink except yellow over his eye.  I asked her is that the sun in his eye – she said no.  I said what is it – she said it’s a bandaid cuz his eye is hurt.  She turned the pirate pink and there was no more visible pirate – only pink.  I thought about the symbols we use and what they mean.  Like pirates and skull in fashion so much these days.  What do pirates stand for?  What do skulls stand for?  why are we drawn to these symbols – i wonder if maybe the qualities of pirates of stealing, harming, disrepecting women and the death that skulls represent are somehow in our subconsciousness of our past lives and we want to keep them alive by recreating them over and over and making pirate movies and skull death movies etc….symbols all carry ideas of what they represent and the energy or activity they represent either virtuous or non virtuous qualities also carried in symbols.  Thinking deeply about symbols and what they symbolize and why we’re drawn to them can bring more awareness.  Each person maybe has a different idea of what the symbols mean to us but they also come with generic stereotypes of meaning based on reality that they represent.  Again with a skull pirate this is usually symbolic of fighting, pirating (stealing) etc…I believe symbols carry a symbolic message or an energy if you will and represente certain qualities.  I thought how nice it would be if our fashion and our logos would start to mirror an evolution of qualities of manhood humanhood for example and move away from the skulls/death and soldier, & pirate face of man as ‘what is cool, brave, powerful manly’ to influence our children as they grow up to emulate.  Personally, I’d like to see  Buddha images & tinkerbell and tinkerboy movies  and of course Ken Doll Man Movies for the boys.  I was thinking today while in the midst of all her girl princess crowns, magic wands and innocence … we don’t have enough of this stuff for little boys.  I’d like the fashion & movies and toys to mirror the loving qualities in each gender.  We put out forms which symbolize the minds & activities which are virtuous activities filled with loving kindness, compassion, intelligence and happiness radiating out from the symbol, the character, or the toy.  I’d like to see more kind, cool, brave, and nonviolent role model toys for the little boys. 

When we went inside i had the opportunity to read to her before i started my maid service.  She picked a curious George book and went and sat right in front of the large Buddha for story time.  We talked about writing a story together about Barbie and the Wish Fulfilling Wand.  I began the story from the spontaneous moment telling her once upon a time there was a magic wand that could make all wishes come true but it was important that the person with the best wishes received the wand because sometimes the wrong person might make selfish wishes with the wand.  She moved closer to me and was very interested in the story.  It made me think – I need to sit and write a Dharma Tinkerbell and Barbie story of the Wish Fulfilling Wand. 

Later i took her to the bathroom in her Dad’s bathroom and there was a political magazine she handed me which on the cover said ‘What Happened to the American Constitution?’  She said read me a story from this please.  I opened to a page and on the top it said, ‘We the People’  I said ‘ok’  Once upon a time there was a spark of light (Dharma tinkerbell 0r anyone heart voice) who spoke for Peace for We the people and expecially spoke for the children.  She lived inside a flame and wanted to have a party in the White House to celebrate our Worlds children, Cultures, and Love between us.  I turned to another page and found a picture of the statue of Liberty – I showed it to her and said – ‘See, here is where the voice lives’  Then i continued the story and said the flame was making a list of who wanted to come to the World Peace party and was putting the names down in her book – I showed her the book the Statue of Liberty is holding.  She said, “My name is Christina”  I said, ‘Ok, Christina, i am writing your name down for the Peace Princess Party at the White House where we celebrate Love and girls.  and then the next day we shall have a Princes of Peace Party where we celebrate the human boys.  I told her my friend Oprah might help me make this party come true. 

Later in the day after finishing work i went to the local grocery store and saw Richard, a friend who takes care of the horses (with his wife) that have a pastuer on my old street.  He said, ‘I haven’t see you around much’  we chatted and then I passed him again in the store and he was making friends with a little 3 yr. old who was just having a birthday – Richard said to me, ‘Oh I wish there was a magic wand – oh to be 3 years old for a day and just play in the surf ‘  I said ‘good to know!’  then i said Magic wands exist ya know! ”  Ah, the magic wand world came into my evening and morning activities : )

Thinking of wands and wishes – My American Wish and Dream is that this nation separates Violence from the word ‘Democracy.’  I don’t believe anyone fighting is free and a Nation selling Arms, making war, being afraid of attack (National Insecurity) is definitely Not Free.  This Nation does however have the benefit of having a collection of all the worlds people here – with free speech and freedoms of movement to do as we wish and engage in our religious activities freely.  Our Constitution was set up like a self correcting entity so that if something went wrong – with the 3 branches it could fix itself – however the consciousness of the beings upholding the Government must be evolved in order to uphold the dream of True Freedom and Democracy and the right to pursue Happiness with all men and women being equal.  The right to ‘bear arms’ was a sign of the mental times when the constitution was written but clearly Now with a more evolved view of humanity, destruction, war, and fear – the right to bear arms is not a freedom but a key to the imprisonment of humanity to lock itself into fear, fighting, killing and destruction.  An evolution of the constitution with be the Human Right not to bear Arms, not to kill.  The right to Unite.  The right not to fight.  I believe every human being has the right not to be killed.  Common sense tells me that weapons kill.  America is the number one Arms manufacturer and distributor of weapons across the planet with the United Kingdon in a close second.  China uses weapons and threat of violence to control citizens and make genocide on Tibet. 

I believe The evolution of America is to stand with True Freedom and Unite Democracy with Non Violence.  Justice being served could simply be the World Leaders who are promoting war are brought to the White House on a Peaceful House arrest penalty where they answer questions and are servants while publically reviewing their past mistakes as leaders and growing their human hearts and remorse for the pain they caused on a global access tv station.  Peace solutions are out there – and creative peacemaking is just as much a reality in the ‘real world’ as is this seemingly endless war and fighting.  The end is near and I believe it is the end of War.  I believe profound evolution of our humanity and our compassion and our networking of our business around good business as all humans of all  Nations is happening. 

I know personally, I would wish one day where no human being touched a gun but rather recycled it/donated it to the cause of Peace.  In my mind i have a very clear plan on how Global Disarmament could work and I will use this blog to write that plan.  I will not allow myself to criticize as i write as saying, ‘Oh this is unrealistic’  The reality is that human freewill has the power and freewill can change instantaneously.  I believe humans naturally will be drawn to better alternatives to war if those alternatives are presented to them with only positive benefits.  Right now, many believe they would have negative consequences if they quit war, or carrying a weapon but with the clear and organized Global Plan – I believe Global Disarmament is a very real possibility.  There is a living plan in my mind and heart.  It is my duty to relay it to ‘my’ world. 

‘Me’ IS ‘We’ and the I of me is aware of our interconnectedness and being a part of this ONE  human family living on this ONE Earth and creating a future for our children.  I believe that while we are already perfect we also have to change at the same time.  I believe all we need is the outer circumstances to align properly with the right plan to have our humanity move from war to peace.  I feel profound responsibility to formally lay out the plan which my mind holds and share it with our world.   We can make heaven on Earth and I believe the foundation block of a heaven experience is the absence of cruelty.   Governing bodies imposing cruelty upon other humans and animals is now outdated and soon will be changed.  We are not cruel.  No human or animal  wants cruelty controlling it.  So we must become free of cruelty being the power. 

I will work on the physical step by step plan and blog it – I guess this blog posts the minute you write something – no time to edit or anything before it is posted – celavie – i will allow the stream of consciousness to flow as an act of love, transparency, and intimacy with my heart/mind to the world.  I will embody the words Barack Obama used but is not living up to.  I will write about Change, Responsibility, and Transparency.  I will write and hope that Oprah reads and someday comes to talk about very real plans and the libertyusa feminine vision for America.  If we understand biology of selfless love and kindness we see that globally woman is a powerful resource for innate protection of life, feeder of life and caring for offspring so it is natural that Leadership should most definitely include the feminine perspective.  This feminine is 100% in alignment with the Masculine human perspective of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s view of Humanity, World Peace, and solutions to bringing our human family together with dialogue and disarmament.  True Freedom for All. 

so that’s all for this morning’s stream of consciousness blogging –

perhaps the next blog will be a formal document prepared in my word files and then uploaded rather than free flow – we will see how this blog develops.  it’s intention is to spread LOVE, to be Love, and to believe in the Power of Love innate in all of US (i.e. USAll!)

peace and aloha,

julie christine