Let’s Talk about LOVE

Welcome to my blog.  The theme and intention of this blog is going to be “Let’s talk/blog about Love.” I just found my way to wordpress.com and feel now is the time to start blogging again.  First, i’m going to learn about this blogging site – it has been a while since i’ve blogged or journaled as i’ve gotten out of the blogging routine and there are so many new features to explore.  My intention is to write an ongoing column/journal here regarding the topic LOVE as often as possible.  I am encouraging myself to get back on the saddle and start writing again.  I took some hard knocks and stopped writing, but now i’m going to change that.   please, if interested, check back in periodically  – to see and contribute thoughts about LOVE. 

on the personal note – what’s new with me?  well i’m brainstorming a billion different ways to phrase a message to Oprah Winfrey in a  90 second casting call video before June 26th – she’s going to give someone their own show and is calling for videos.  I’m wishing that a video i made from the past or my journal posted from my past or any of the correspondence i’ve sent her in the past will count towards my casting audition and perhaps she will come talk to me through the simple law of attraction.  in either case – i’m thinking about how to tell her what needs saying in 90 seconds.  : ) it’d be so much easier if she’d just drop in on me in Maui and i could say it directly to her… 

I will write more later – have to learn about this blog site and how to use it effectively.  goodnight interconnected world of Love.

peace & aloha, julie christine