Halloween Magic to serve the Light 2017 Monday, Nov 20 2017 

It was Halloween Night 2017 – The Magic begins with a Magic Pen

She is tuned in deeply to the suffering reality of the world and specifically the power of evil dictatorships expanding power across the planet. She often felt like a tiny spark of human love (i.e. Tinkerbell) or a spark in the Torch of Liberty that could not be comprehended or felt (i.e. libertyusa) she now tries again to reach in….this time with a Reality based Fairytale for our Golden Age.

It was the Witching Hour on All Hallow’s Eve and the night was thick with magic. Outside her room she could hear the invisible wind moving amidst the leaves and trees bristling their leaves with gentle movement, the sound reminding her the energy and pulse of the elements of life all around her. Inside there was an amber glow from candles and lights twinkling on an indoor tree which gave her room a cozy glow as if there was a blazing fire in a fireplace nearby.

She was charged with a sense of duty and the thrill of mystery as she took her place at her desk with pen in hand. All of her previous lifetimes and moments had brought her to this moment in time and space. The Halloween Eve 2017. Location: Earth. More specific location on an island of the volcano Haleakala, House of the Sun.

Outdoors there was silence except for the rustling of the leaves. It was unusual for such a deep silence at this hour. It was only 9pm. She knew that the veil between worlds was very thin on this evening and she was ready. She knew her mission and allegiance to serve the light but she wasn’t sure how. So she closed her eyes. The time was 9:33pm.

Her body was sitting upright in her chair and even though her eyes were closed she was wide awake. She took a few deep breaths and as she eased her awareness into her breath the fingers holding her pen began to loosen until slowly the pen lay still on the paper. Deeper and deeper inward she was going with an expanded awareness of feeling her surroundings through her senses. She heard the wind rustling the leaves outside and she also melted into the sound of silence holding the space for the sounds.

Through the darkness of having her eyes closed she could feel the room she was in and then became aware of the sky and all the stars. She was then aware of the space holding all the stars. The vast empty expanse of deep dark space filled her awareness until she felt she was in deep dark space. There were no sounds of wind rustling just a deep vast expanse of awareness of nothingness.

She had been here before. She had a chair here in this space auditorium that was a familiar chair to her. She had a class a long time ago on how to emanate light in 10 directions here. She remembered that class very well and she remembered that she is quite comfortable sitting alone in the vast expanse of empty space. Her imagination comes to life and she can see an entire Mandala in her exercises.

But today sitting in the darkness in the chair in the empty expanse of dark deep space she just sat. She did not concentrate on emanating light nor did she build a mandala. She just sat and questioned the expanse of space.

‘Hello’ she said, to no one. I wasn’t meaning to come here tonight! I was just relaxing before writing a very important letter.

Then suddenly she felt the familiar glow inside her tummy area that had only happened a few times in her lifetime that she had conscious memory of….and suddenly she could begin to see them. Her circle family of light that she comes from. The Light council of 13 appeared in a circle around her radiating from a distance. The love and intereconnection so strong she could do nothing by rejoice the sight and feeling of them again. It had been so long!

She was really good at being up here alone practicing her studies and even at times had felt like maybe her Light family had forgotten about her…when they went so long without contact, But she always told herself they were there, just giving her space to grow strong on her own.

‘We called you here, dear,’ said the familiar essence she called the Grand Gaurdian Mother who was approaching her now condensing her light into the most beautiful divine essence of female she’d ever known. This Guardian Mother of light spoke in words of English and her tone was melodic to the ears.

‘Tonight, we commence the transference of powers to you.’ As she spoke she had a flame in her right hand.

‘You are to use this special gift we offer you today to empower your pen. It must fly across the pages to bring for a New Age. You have 30 days of potent creative power. This gift is bestowed on you to empower you to fulfill your destiny on Earth. Use it wisely. You have been given a great responsibility because you took on a great responsibility and the time is now in the potent month of Mary’s miracles.’

With that the Guardian mother reached out her right hand holding the flame and held it in front of the girl. The girl reached up and the Mother passed the light into her hands. 20171115_095535

‘It is now bequeathed unto thee
you shall write a Story of the Great GOLDEN Age Liberty Tree
The words you write for 30 days
have potency and magic to become Real World Life Plays.
Now, go back to your room and write
Write away…Let you pen fly off the page!
Just write and write do not look back or doubt.
Just let your heart fly
Off your fingers from our mouth.
The Earth forces are gathering both dark and light
And this month is a power time when human

Beings feel their Law Attraction to their light
And calm the terrible fight.

The Universal Great Council requests that
your writing progress from this moment right now be delivered to the Internet Social Media world on the Earth internet station by November 15, 2018 as there is a portal window opening into the souls of humanity (i.e. into their minds or crown chakra, or heart intelligence). This window is most strong on 11.15.2018 that is your deadline and will close on midnight. Whatever offerings and seeds you released up to that point are not to be judged by you – just write and release on your blog.  For in this release brings the opportunity for the Universe and the human beings to elaborate on the tiny seeds you to plant to manifest into a Light affair far greater than even one girl can hold – so you mustn’t doubt if you what you write is possible in the real world of your form world of war, terror, and human error.

You must write and believe that this is a month of miracles but we need a firm foundation and request to build on for your human world to join in and freewillingly agree. It is only through creative heart imagination releases that the energies can travel and be picked up by others who resonate too with the view.

We wish you luck. The entire Universe is working towards Earth harmony and Peace and we trust you, daughter, to do your part.’

….and remember, you have a twin flame sister who has your magic wand Resized_20180110_032347_982.jpg

Good luck on your Journey, and Godspeed. You hold the view and assist in humans avoiding profound suffering of human world WW3 and instead catalyze their Golden Age and a 1000 years of Peace!  It’s crunch time and the portal of realities is open. Law of Attraction to our light transforms darkness.  We shall see you again. Remember to never give up and remember this flame transferred to you from the Royal Galactic Family.’

And with that the girl became aware that she was sitting back in her cozy amber colored glowing room with the pen laying on her paper and the chair supporting her back. As she opened her eyes she could see that her ordinary drugstore pen had transformed and was seemingly alive!

It was pink and sometimes violet and when she touched it it radiating 5 colored light rays that she could feel move into her hand in up to her heart. She smiled knowing this all was very true and for a second she thought she saw the Grand Guardian Mother wink at her from the Princess face that was on the pen. She winked back and then the pen stopped radiating light as if to say, ok now your turn to make some light!

She picked up the pen and looked at it closely. She immediately recoginized the golden Crossed Vajra insignia. That was one of the Buddha family’s family crest. Oh how she prayed she had the Buddha’s blessing for the next 30 days of writing and creative manifestation. It was Buddha and the Potala Palace of Compassion in Lhasa, Tibet that she felt was calling her for this exact purpose of writing a Christmas Tree story to Free the Palace and help fulfill Jesus’ wish to manifest camps of Brotherly Love for all.

Seeing the double dorje on her pen felt like she had a lineage in the Buddha family that was also supporting this writing. For many years she had been working with Jesus and St. Germain and they had made it very clear that the critical key to saving the World and restorying Earths’ environment is Saving Tibet. And she also knew the WhiteHouse was a key.

She had hints of other hints of keys for the Fairytale story coming true too, she just wasn’t sure how they all fit together. She knew Oprah Winfrey held a key and Virgin Empire Richard Branson did too

. She knew if she wrote a story well enough that CEO’s of Mattel and Disney might work overtime to turn the story premise into a real time movie. She knew there was a Business Spiritual coach who may step up and network to creative geniuses who could build on the ideas for Man transformation camps and Golden Age views of what could be Reality tv from the WhiteHouse. It all must begin here. In the quiet cozy of the heart of a human girl to visualize and transfer a view for our world from 2017-2020. and Never underestimate deepest human law of Attraction to Love.

But first she had to begin. What did she want to help the humans manifest with the power of this Golden pen?

May all beings have Happiness and the Causes of Happiness.

May all beings be away from the Causes of Suffering.

May the weapons age of Iron fist rule of bloodshed be transformed now into Our Golden Age as soldiers building Tantric Iron Cities of Sexual Spiritual Liberation in each Country.20171115_125839


Global Disarmament means longer happier life for all and has countless benefits to human race.

~ may all words be offered to bring light and benefit to our suffering world. Karmapa Chenno ~

In service to the dream Tantra bootcamps for Troops to be manifested with the help of these words….

stay tuned



LibertyUSA speaks her Tantra plans of Christmas Mothers love” on YouTube Friday, Nov 17 2017 

Celestial City: Saturn girl debriefed on Dark Sun activity Wednesday, Nov 15 2017 

“As Jung said ‘One does not become enlightened just by imagining figures of Light, but by making the darkness conscious (of Light)’

Amber – Celestial city Life
Home – Saturn

Amber woke up to light rays streaming all around her room in every direction. It was a soft light of many colors which all seemed to be communicating with her silently welcoming her to the moment. She breathed deeply filling her being with this light and as if by moving by will alone, she rose and took in more of her surroundings. This was her routine everyday. And everyday was just as beautiful and divine as the last.

Her bed was in a lotus flower with petals as soft as silk with gossamer light energy coursing through each one as she slept. The petals of her room closed with her mind when it was time to rest and she enjoyed watching the energy light course through her room. Outside she could hear the melody of crystal clear songs wafting through he air and the strong and steady deep vibration sound of chanting. These sounds reached into her heart each morning filling it with an outer reminder of that which one could call joy and her inner flame of feeling love gave a bow of gratitude for such divine experience.

‘It’s time! It’s time!’ She heard an enthusiastic voice from outside her lotus. ‘Oh my’ she thought, ‘today is the day of the great council meeting!’ She surely didn’t want to be late. She heard through her intuition that today was going to be a very important day.

She chose a wrap of green, which shifted shades of green light as she moved. It was as weightless as she felt. With her mind she opened the door of the petals of her lotus apartment and proceeded to the Great Council Hall.

Here, in this place one moves by using her mind, and will, to transport herself through to where she wants to go. It was effortless traveling and she liked to take her time moving from place to place and exploring the vast expanse of this celestial city. She knew her way around pretty well, but feeling still pretty new with so much to learn she sometimes did get lost in the vast expanse of light and celestial forms but when this happened all she needed to do is stop and visualize her lotus and almost instantly she was pulled back into that home which was a transport to her first home which was on the Planet Saturn near the center temple about 4 space blocks away.

She came to this Celestial City from Saturn. That is where she was born. Her Grandfather told her she was to come here to Study and learn because she had a big job to help in the Galaxy and had to train and develop her skills. While being far away from her home it has been nice to have the lotus apartment as a grounded center for when she gets lost in this city.

When she does get lost she just thinks of her lotus and she is effortlessly guided back. From there she just begins again to find her way to her destination. So far it seems that this City has an endless array of new discoveries which she enjoys doing on her time off.

Today getting to the Grand Palace was easy for Amber! Everyone knew where the Grand Council Hall was. It was the center of the city and it radiated in five colored light rays from the heavens above down into the palace walls and crystal floors.

Traveling in this city was such a beautiful sight seeing the harmony of so many beings of light moving towards their respective classrooms and destinations all with different wraps reflecting and shimmering some like moonlight moving. Some beings had forms, some looked very much like humans do, and some were like ribbons of light as they moved, and some just appeared and disappeared with a glittering circle of light. It was truly a sight to behold, like a chorus of harmonious movement dancing in the space in front of her. It seemed everyone was aware of the others and all were moving in effortless harmony.

There was also a natural born Happiness comingled with an awareness of responsibility and sense of duty that pervaded the city. Everyone was here for a specific reason and mission. Today was the day she was going to find out about her mission, but she didn’t know that yet.

She entered the Grand Cathedral just as she heard the deep and vibrating ‘Gong’ was heard 3 times commencing the beginning of the Council meeting. The palace was filled with beings as many as the eye could behold all wanting to hear the Councils news for the city. She took her place in the front on the left with the rest of the ‘newbies.’

On each side of her were familiar friends with whom she shared many classes. In this place there was an awareness of interconnectedness with the city and the inhabitants and at the same time each had their own unique personality and vibration. There was a sense of social interconnection with everyone, while simultaneously a being had the space for silent introspection even while being surrounded by countless others.

This was just one magical paradox of this city. There was no such thing as loneliness or disconnection. Words that she learned about in her studies of the human realm.

She took her place next to one of her friends from her class on concentration and building a mandala. They each shared a silent wink of connection as she took her place condensing herself and taking her place on a marble pew. It was really quite remarkable how everything was made of light and yet she found out that here beings can change their shape at will, but many opt for a similar one, one that they relate to in someway from their past incarnations and their specific activity of mind power they are working on.

What was really cool is that even though the forms change, a beings essence remained similar. It was for this reason that made it possible one could recognize another if they had had the opportunity to commune at that level to get a feel of the others essence. She liked it here very much. There was a uniqueness of each and every being here, yet each one manifesting a different essence even though they all were made of the same aspiration of divine mind ground .

She saw the Grand Guardian Mother step to the center of a 12-pointed red marble table that was glowing as if the table itself was part of the meeting! At the end of each point was a being of light who all had a unique and formidable presence. Their respective rays of light, which were actually their bodies, were at first very expanded rays of light with a brighter tube of light in the center of that light. The rays from their bodies expanded out into the Hall.

As the Grand Guardian Mother moved to the center of this circle of light they drew their light inwards into their center and individuality of distinctly different beings took form. They were distinctly both male and female because they would shift into looking female or male from moment to moment. They all each were wearing garments far more elaborate than the one she was wearing, giving them each a certain sense of style and essence. That is to say except The Grand Guardian Mother who was distinctly female and never shifted from that appearance.

As the Grand Guardian Mothers voice began to address the gathering, the entire assembly hall began to vibrate in very slow and soft waves as if her voice itself gave the environment a blessing. She acknowledged the presence of the 12 Council members and the guests and then gave a nod to the council of 12 who then all took their seats in Jeweled ornate chairs at the end of each point of the table.

“Rejoice you beings! Rejoice! You are all holding and absorbing such fantastic creations of light in your studies and getting stronger everyday. As you know, we all are here to benefit all beings wherever they may be so the stronger you become – the stronger will be the benefit. Thank you for attending this day and absorbing our offerings to support each and every one of you.”

‘As you all know,” she continued, “our Loving Mothers Light work is desperately needed on Earth in humans and this Celestial city temple serves as a messaging point between many worlds, but especially for Earth. You inhabitants here now have come because you aspired to be a Light unto the World.  You are all holding that vibration of that which is our source and we offer to you in your classes means to refine and activate such power on Earth where humans are lost in darkness and have forgotten their divine roots.…As you all know, your jobs here serve to teach you to expand and condense this vibration to greater and greater degrees on your own within your own stream of consciousness…”

As the Grand Guardian Mother continued speaking, Ambers stream of consciousness drifted back into reviewing the classes she was currently experiencing. Her favorite was using her mind to emanate and expand light and love feelings in 10 directions. She was taking her classmates to the guide to traveling to each of the rings of Saturn to absorb and hold the energy of each ring.

Her most challenging class was the one in simple concentration on nothing. Her teacher had scolded her that her mind is very strong at hearing messages but she needs to develop the skill to hear them while at the same time concentrating on nothing and not becoming involved in the messages. She’s told that hearing the messages is extremely important, but equally important is to develop the mind power of concentration. She is told it will be of utmost help to her in the future.

In her last class on emanating light in 10 directions she surprised even her teacher by how strong her skill was. She was told that her light was felt and could be seen by the Grand Guardian Mother herself who was traveling in a different celestial city at the time. This was ‘good news,’ the girl was told by her Teacher.

She felt her mind shift back to the feeling of tremendous power as she was dropped off in the middle of dark expanse of space alone to learn how to radiate with nothing around her but darkness. For some reason this was most exciting to her. Others she heard did not want to sign up for this class.

She recalled feeling a flash of panic and a depth of empty awareness she never knew before when she was first delivered to this empty expanse of darkness, and for a brief moment she thought of using her support of thinking of her Lotus room and being guided back to the safe nurturing feeling of her petal walls dancing with light and the divine sounds of the celestial city, but she didn’t.

She reminded herself what she has innately known ever since she can remember – there is always a reason she is where she finds herself and that reason is either at test to pass or a lesson to learn and since she had such a strong desire to be of benefit, this view made her embrace every situation with a fierce determination to fully participate no matter how far into the unknown she would be going.

As she was reliving these feelings and memories she was suddenly startled when the Grand Guardian Mother herself spoke her name from the center of the circle of light.

“Amber dear, Please approach the Council. The time has come for your debriefing and receive the details of your next assignment.”

‘Next assignment?’ she questioned? I thought this was my assignment. Being here in school.

‘Yes, it is your assignment, but lets just say due to your past incarnations you have graduated early. ‘Oh no my dear,’ this place is just one aspect of your assignment. There is more. You see, my dear one, your powers are strong and your commitment is great and, if you are willing, there is a place that is suffering badly that we could like to send you. You are needed desperately in the world of form.’

‘Form?’ I don’t understand. What is a World of form?
‘It’s a world where beings have bodies that contain their light unlike here where our bodies are made of light. With a form body there is an increase in sensation. The beings have a firmer body than yours and mine do here. They walk on the planet they inhabit called Earth. It is also known as Gaia.’

‘Are you sending me away? ‘ feeling a sensation which was new to her – she was just starting to get used to be here. She felt a sudden feeling that felt a bit like the flash of panic she experienced when she was taking her test on radiating light. During that test she found herself suddenly manifesting in the deep darkness alone in the galactic sky with no other beings around her and no stars to light her way. She managed to pass that test, but that is for another story. Right now she wanted to know more about this debriefing and why she had to leave.

‘Yes, Amber, you will be leaving but Not right away, my dear girl. You will eventually travel to Gaia, the world of form, to be of benefit to them, but you will always have a home here in your lotus with us, even when you are there, you will always have us inside you.’

‘And don’t fret,’ Grand Guardian Mother said, ‘you still have much to learn and there is still time, so no one is going anywhere right now. We are just making plans and it is time to include you in on the discussions and view’
Celestial City: The girls Debriefing Phase I – the view
She was guided into the center of their circle which appeared a circular spinning globe in what one would call the floor. She was looking down into this globe which felt like was pulling her into it – she couldn’t tell if she was getting pulled into the globe or if the view the globe was reflecting was getting closer and closer. And then suddenly it stopped its motion and there was stillness.

The Great Guardian Mother spoke – ‘Behold the World of Form from our 2020 Human Victory. This is the place to which you will travel and are sent to help save.’

The girl then peered into the looking glass of the globe and the form world appeared to her.

‘What do you see?’ The Council asked.
‘I see a tremendous white palace with red trim surrounded by Mountains of White and green all around,’ she reported.
Very good. Your vision is clear. This is the Potala Palace, the place where the Heavens and Earth, or Gaia, meet. Look closely now and tell me what you see.images-44

‘There are many flags with a Circular Golden Sun surrounding the palace. I also see flags with pictures of Dieties I see here printed on the flags. The flags are floating in the sky around the palace. front-image

I see a large Mountain like structure to the West of the palace. This structure was unlike the other Mountains as it was radiating many different lights from it and it was surrounded by an iron wall with doors of light in each of the four directions. The Mountain itself looked as if it was alive as it was glowing with different colors.’
‘What else do you see?’ she was prompted
‘There are beings moving around this Mountain with precision like a dance or something. It looks very smooth and beautiful with nothing colliding with anything else. The beings are holding some sort of stick with a stream of color from it like a ribbon waving in the air as they move it around with their hands.’

‘I see waters flowing down the mountain in certain areas that flow into large blue vessels that also are connected by one path of water that circles the base of the mountain. There were also mini mountains with gold and silver energy light radiating from the mountain. There is a golden silvery form of Great Guardian Mother standing on top of this structure.

‘I am too far away to see details of the beings but I can see There is a unity in their movements that appears to be a dance of colors. I see an interconnected awareness between these beings like they are interconnected and moving freely and in harmony much like we do here.’

Your vision is strong – so now I want you to elaborate on the feelings you feel when you reflect on this scene.

Yes. Feelings.

‘Well, I feel like I feel right now here in the celestial city. I feel
awareness of my interconnection with the expanded worlds of light and a beautiful symmetry to existence. I feel happy to be a part of this world of light and when I look on the view you presented, I feel the same. Happy. Or maybe the word I learned in my class on human words fits how I feel. The words are Joy and Love. Like a bubbly excitement to participate in every scene I see and joy seeing others enjoying their experience a feeling of watching a divine movement of beings living from a root of harmony.’

Very good. You can put words to your feelings. And I’m sure if I needed you to give me more details you could.

Yes, I could.

Amber, I am now going to tell you some things that are going to arise feelings you may have never felt before. I am sorry to do this but it is part of your training in how you will benefit the world of form.

It saddens me to say that just as we work here in the celestial city to learn powers to bring benefit to beings and the galaxy as a hole – to work together to solve problems if and when they arise and to be interconnected with that same ground instinct with everyone here. We all have an instinct to benefit.

‘That’s not sad, dear great guardian mother,’ Violet said.

You’re right! That’s not sad, but what is sad, and not just sad but agonizing

‘Agonizing. What’s that,” Amber accidentally interrupted.

It’s a word for a feeling you will feel soon enough.

‘What is agonizing,’ she went on, ‘is that there are real beings that are sucked in slave service to the dark sun in our galaxy. They are educating others in how to harm. How to hurt. It’s a school from the dark sun – my sister is there and she agreed to meld into the darkness so that she could help transform it, but I’m scared for her. I don’t think she is strong enough to bring the dark sun back into a harmonic vibration with our galaxy without help. We are it’s friends and family but long ago something called hate was birthed and the dark sun feeds off it, lives off it, and creates vibrations of it and casts them thru the galaxy – especially on Earth and it refuses to let go its power. So I am asking you to communicate with its servants, the foot soldiers on Earth. We will help you.

The Dark Sun energy activity is causing much turmoil in the galaxy and it is completely unnecessary. It is the root of the Storm on your home planet, Saturn. The dark sun vibration is anti life. It creates cancer cell activity of mind and body and unleashes the vibration in 10 directions. It will enlist any man or woman in any nation, it lives to help you suffer and destroy love, life and light. The dark sun has a power source in a place on Earth called Washington, D.C. 20171115_202214and what it sees in that reflection either empowers the dark sun or works to end it’s power to harm others and feed off pain.

Many strategies are being implemented for the Dark Sun Lord is my Brother. No one wants to harm the Dark sun or it’s workers, nor do we want it to die in order to stop harming. We have all united agreed in our Council of Light and to save my sister, that we need the dark sun in the galaxy we just want to help shift its vibration and intention. To bring the family in our Galaxy back together again.

The Dark sun’s energy manifests in the world of form using human beings to be its servants. It’s tools are most recently getting very advanced. It’s staple accessory is weapon. The weapon in the DemiGod which is worshipped. The people in these systems are good people, but they got sucked into a dark service for whatever reason. It is a sign of the dark ages times. It’s schools are all over the planet indoctrinating little boys very early to train for a world of danger, death, killing, arms, and force.

Along with Armed Forces of Human brother fighting brother, there are many hidden schools and groups of activity that are of the dark sun. Tricking good human beings into a service that asks of them, their life and inside. These hidden schools are still manifesting in the life of humans on Earth but the energy of harming others is all the same. It is about Taking and hurting and feeding energetically off the pain of others. It is what hazing is in human fraternities. Men are most susceptible to service to the Dark Sun Lord because they are generally weaker in the ways of Love.
It is for this reason we ask you to focus on the healing and saving of Man. Focus on the attachment to weapons and waring on each other and equalize it as all service to one Death Lord, the Dark Sun. The Antidote is the Spiritual Sun, Compassion. Santa Service

There have been many great Lights from our School which have travelled to Earth to live as a Man with instincts the exact opposite of the Dark Sun. Men like Guatama Siddhartha of the Enlightened race Buddha and Jesus also came from us. These two examples are Great Leaders who also trained and visited here in the Celestial City.

Their Father, the Father in Heavens and on Earth, the Father of Boundless Light and Boundless Love has been manifesting himself on the Earth for 14 Lifetimes in a row in order to finally tame and transform the Dark Sun’s energy and return humans back to their Compassionate nature and bring harmony in our galaxy is The Red Santa. He is the big hero of humanity.20121025_144720

Our Father on Earth who has manifested his infinite Light into a form body, just like you are going to do with your light body when the time is right, is mirroring to the human realm our reality of the Spiritual Sun, of human forces of light and love as an antidote to dismantling the power of the dark sun to steal the souls of man and keep such hells alive. By shutting down the dark suns business on Earth it will transform the storms in our planets and bring harmony once again in the galaxy, and the humans will be able to enjoy 1000 years of Peace and work towards their complete Enlightenment just like you are and everyone here is!

Now, the part that is difficult to tell you is that our Father on Earth had to flee the Potala Palace in the Land of Snows and the dark suns Chinese red army force servants came through the land splattering bloodshed all across the white snow mountains. They brough a hell and pain beyond words to describe. Agonizing barely touches the extent of pain inflicted by the dark sun forces.20171016_095250

The Dark suns German forces under Hitler did the same thing in a different way in concentration camps. We must free beings from service to the dark sun. By exposing the demon. Torture and starvation are favorites of the dark sun lord, my brother, who has been poisoned and knows no better. He has forgotten Love and it is our duty of the galaxy, everyone here in the celestial cities and human realms especially to end the dark sun power over human minds to fuel them with causing suffering to others.

Ultimately we are trying to contact his root, the center of his Sun, that is of me and you and the galactic light. He is mirroring you his will to dominate. He is a bully of the Universe and he is also manifested in human form right now on your Planet. So that he will cease to have a hunger for others to suffer. He is the God of Punishment. He casts laws and activities that punish with pain and suffering. He is why Jesus said that was not the way to handle wrongdoing. He taught forgiveness. The dark sun is cold and unwilling to communicate.
Just like the current President of China Xi Jinping is to our Father His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Your job is to help the Children and Free thinking human beings to Free the Palace which will save the soldiers caught in countless miseries now and in the future.
And magnetize enough love to help us remind the
Dark sun lord of another way.
You will do this by addressing your human brothers that serve in his forces. You will help them see that each tool they hold no matter what land they come is all service to the dark sun

You will show them how aligning with the Tree with the spiritual sun shining above
Serving benefitting beings with service and love
Is the true path to heroism.
You will use words to the expose the dark sun lord who has become what humans call a demon CEO.
We do not wish to punish the demon but we do wish to disempower him to control the minds of man or serve in his forces.

I must warn you too that because you have such clear vision and come with such an innate warm heart your feelings are going to be intense when you get to Earth. The sight of suffering, since it is the opposite of your nature, will feel like hell itself inside you and the word agonizing will be felt by you.

You will be spared physical pain in your incarnation but you will feel emotional and mental and spiritual pain on an intense level as a trade off. Just the awareness of another being suffering like Jesus on the cross or a burning being on a picture, or a scene in a movie of someone being whipped will turn your insides upside down and you will feel intense pain. You will not be able to bear to see it in person in your world as your heart mind would probably explode on pain overload and blow what we call an aneurysm in your human brain if you were to see such activities in person.

Many people are closed down in their heart feelings so they don’t feel the pain of others so in order for them to wake up to choose the path of benefitting others is to expose them to pain themselves or painful situations so they can make the choice in their feeling body. Unfortunately, when beings are in painful circumstances that is also when the Dark sun lord makes his move and tries to convince the being that hurting others will make the pain go away. It will dispel their anger they feel because they were wounded and this is how a being of love gets lost.

Part of your job is explain how people get caught under the sway of the dark sun simply because they either have hurt hearts that took the negative path in dealing with their pain, or they got drafted and didn’t even have a choice. These are just two examples of how service to the dark sun begins to occur for a mind stream, or a race. The dark sun energy is in Prejudice and Supremecy. It is the vibration of cold heart and separation. This story is to help WARM our Human Hearts and Free the Nutcracker soldiers of all Nations. Humans have advanced out of Hell realms, but they just don’t know it yet and they are dangerously close to ignorantly bringing the death star Fire power and making WW3.

This is why Love is so important right now. We fire the Leaders of the Dark Star forces and hire them for a Reality TV show in the WhiteHouse. images-11 Tinkerbell and the Princess team and the networked Friends of Santa and Co like OWN and Virgin CEO will sponsor such an event. Tinkerbells light is manifested in the Torch of Liberty and she has ways of communicating in magical ways to all the boys and men. We need to empower Tink to help men grow mountains and learn the ways of magic, fun, and loving service.

Good luck. May the Force of Love be with you always and forever.20171115_095535

~ may all words be offered to bring light and benefit to our suffering world. Karmapa Chenno ~

Julie Christine

#NaNoWriMo Golden Age Fairytale: Olympic Disarmament Event to grow Iron Cities of Liberation Wednesday, Nov 15 2017 

THE FUTURE: 2020 Iron Age Olympic Ceremony THE RISING OF THE GOLDEN AGE BALL in NYC! Announcing WINNER OF THE IRON City of Liberation World Olympic Competition! It had been 3 years in the making – this grand 2020 Olympic event of humans Heralding in the beginning of their Golden Age. Once it reached critical mass in 2017 the last 3 years of preparing for this even have been nothing short of miraculous. Miracles and connections being made far greater than ever could have been imagined! Such miracles of the heart all coming from humans participating in a World story including everyone and showing them how they could participate in the Great Awakening (of their Sacred Hearts) & co creating their Happy ever after….or at the very least, closing down the Hell realms on Earth. Hot Hells of Wars and Cold Hells of Cold apathetic hearts.

The Story was a view they wanted for themselves and it was something they could agree upon thereby enacting their FREEWILL to have taken the steps to have freed themselves from the iron chains of war bondage beginning with their signing the charter in 2017.

The Declaration of Interconnection (with the Humane Heart) was signed by individual men, man by man, each identifying his Nation. It was a charter for Peace and Brotherly Love. It was a charter to agree to participate in the transformation of weapons in to 21st Century Golden Age Man Camps. The greatest of all Great Olympic Events.

Rumor on the social media streets were predicting the Chinese were going to win as the Most Ingenious use of weapons to bring benefit. They had build a hotel that seemed EVERYONE in the world of social media couldn’t wait to visit!

Other rumors were that the North Koreans had invented the Most Fun and Creative transformation of their weapons. Of Course the Americans were busy working on their masterpiece and how fortunate for them they had a Master Tower Builder as President. He was the Golden Age Olympic Trump card. Once he got on board with the Iron Olympics of Disarmament – to grow walls with revolving doors between USA and Mexico and Tantra Trump Towers for healing the troops – once he got on board with signing the Commitment Charter – it was a Game changer!

Once USA got on board, All the other allied countries immediately got to work on building their own inventive creative forms of recycled missiles and weapons. Citzens with their private owned guns were bringing them in for recycling all over the world. There was a great competition between the Nations. A competition that brought the best out the men. Each man serving in the Country he was born in. Transforming their stockpiles and then after the Opening ceremonies these facilities will be opened for world travel for the soldiers who worked to build these structures over the last 3 years (and participated in the Tantric events during the entire 3 year process) were now ready to visit each others camps. Soon each facility would have an equal number of the worlds races and religions in each camp for Men to meet and greet and participate in the Golden Age events to be described later. The Olympic coaches have visited each Nations creation with camara teams. Those visits were presented to the world on Christmas December 25, 2020 for the world to vote. Citizens would be voting for winner in the categories of Most Beneficial to the Environment,Most Beautiful to Behold, Most Bliss inventions inside, Most creative form, Most fun, most cool space age vibe, most versatile, most pleasing shape, (rumor has it the Iron TaTa’s in the Middle East have won that event by all the oher Nations conceding, but we shall see. I must say it is beautiful to behold the magnificent Iron Tata s rising out of the desert. Where once guns and explosions and separation, now to see these structures is a glorious sight to behold and radiate a magnetic energy that makes beings want to come closer. The great refuge of Mother built by man. Just beautiful. The Iron Tata’s are Similar to the Pyramids but clearly made in the form of Iron Female Breasts – huge mounds rising in the desert….with a tunnel to enter. Their use of incorporating the Olympic Golden Age flag of Spiritual Sun of Tibet and the Liberty flame flying high on the top of Each Tata’s peak. Much like Man plants his flag on the moon. The Mother Refuge Tata Mountain camp could be seen from miles away and it was sheer genius how they combined 3 Nations to grow the one pair of Iron Tata’s. Israel, Pakistan, and Egypt all came together. And then the neighboring Middle Eastern nations wanted to copy the blueprint and create the same in their lands. These Beautiful Iron Tata Chain of Motherly Love camps for man were each in their own right stunning for each was a divine creation of that Countries stockpile of weaponry and the creative imagination and engineering of the intelligence of the men in the country. America had a great builder for Leader but America was rumored to have gotten the lowest marks for creativity. The miracle was seeing the weapons transform and brothers be freed from arms and force onto each other as a service to any Nation. Joining in the Santa network and signing the Olympic charter was the beginning of al this magnificence and incredible beginning to the Human Golden Age. Which brings us to tonight’s big event. It is December 31st New Years Eve 2020 in NYC Earth and the great Golden Age Ball is going to rise! Events from every Nation are celebrating the unveiling of the greatest feat of Mankind – The International 8th World Wonder – all these Iron Creations made from the Nations of the World transforming their Weaponry. The details of the joy and activity inside these structures will fill countless libraries of personal stories for our children’s children’s children to read with great joy – the story of how Humans shut down Fire Hell realms and Grew Peace Mountains with their freewill. And How wonderful it has been these last 3 years witnessing human former armed forces using their mobility devices to travel to now doing the opposite of war activities, a complete waste of time, life, and human energy. The human soldier slaves woke up in the year 2017 and were recruited to serve in a higher service that was a global service to Mankind. It was glorious to witness for it has been said, there is no greater power than Brotherly Love. And this is the premise and hope for the reader to believe and manifest our destiny.

~ may all words be offered to bring light and benefit to our suffering world. Karmapa Chenno ~

Julie Christine

Golden Age Fairy tale: Tink calls a Meeting for all Superhero’s to uplift the Earthly Business & Free Santa’s Palace Wednesday, Nov 15 2017 

Calling all Superhero’s! – Tinkerbell’s meeting
The poster was posted everywhere in the magical world

‘Help Save a real Palace!

CHRISTMAS Emergency!
Calling all Super heroes, Transformers, Prince & Princess, and knomes
Calling Mickey Mouse & Friends
Barbie and Ken! Please come out of your homes.
Emergency Union meeting of all mythical Fairytale land creatures!
You are all needed. Please attend.
Pixie Hollow Secret temple Halloween Night’
Thank you,
Tinkerbell, aka ‘DharmaTink’
Google the Great Tree Guardian for directions and passcode to enter

Word spread through the magical Kingdoms pretty quickly.
‘What’s the Emergency about?’ Spiderman asked Batman?
‘Dude, I have no idea! I haven’t heard from Tink in forever!’
‘Are you going?’ Spidey asked?
‘Of course, I am, I heard Tinkerbell has been in a special school for the past 10 years to grow her magic and light powers so maybe it’s about that? Anyway, I’m definitely going because Tinkerbell is not the type of fairy girl to be overly dramatic, so something must be up. And ya know, well, cuz I also really want to see Tinkerbell!’
Yea you and everyone else!
She’s an interesting fairy.

Like how she took that job to sacrifice going to all the fun parties
So that she could focus her mind one pointedly on tinkering to benefit all beings.’
I never even thought of doing something like that! All I think about is where is the next bad guy and going after him,’

‘Oh, boy do I relate to that! Spidey said.
Tink reminds me of another world outside of this world we live in where we are always having to fight bad guys.
I like how Tinks mind is always tinkering when you’re with her and filling our heads with light and magic.
Superman said, ‘I’ve missed that goofy fairy around these parts. I definitely want to hear what she has to say,’ and both Spidey and Batman agreed.

Hey guys, lets go down to the Princess city palace and make sure everyone in their Kingdoms know about Tink’s meeting.
‘Great Idea Superman!’ I will drive us in the bat mobile.

The Princesses were in a yoga class when the Superhero fighters arrived.
Immediately Barbie met them at the door.
She was dressed in blue sparkly yoga pants and matching top and headband. Very 80’s!
‘Hey you guys – Namaste she bowed – you know there is no fighting allowed in here. We’re all good!
‘Oh hey Barbie, we are not here on assignment, we are here to spread the word about Tinks emergency meeting,’ Spidey said.
Yes, We saw her poster in our feed today. Sounds pretty urgent.’ Ken and I are definitely coming and we’re going to report back to the rest of my friends here in Barbie Ville what Tink says.

Cinderella came walking over looking a little tired and sweaty, ‘well hello Superhero’s, what brings you to princess land today?
Hey Cinderella, you’re looking glowy as ever!’ said Batman.
Oh I’m just a mess Batman. I’ve not been coming to Barbie yoga for many years and I’m having to work extra hard to catch up, Cinderella said breathlessly.
‘All the Royal Kingdom princes and princesses are going on a journey around the Sacred Mount Kailash and I have got to get into shape or I won’t make it all the way around, I just won’t. I’m an old princess ya know.’
Awww Cinderella, you are ageless and timeless and you will make it I’m sure!’ We are here,’ Spidey continued, ‘to make sure your Kingdoms know about Tink’s meeting.’
‘Well, I will certainly spread the word, ‘ assured Cinderella. ‘Prince Charming just so happens to be with the Shrek, the 7 dwarfs, Aladdin, Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear and others right now out on a Mars expedition. I will let him know and maybe they can come back early. Otherwise, you can count on me to be there and I will text Prince Charming any pertinent information if the fellas can’t get back in time.’
Sounds wonderful, I think Tink will be happy we are coming. Too bad the secret Pixie Hollow temple is out of range
Otherwise we could text her and let her know we’re coming.
‘Oh, I’m sure with her intuition she can feel that we are coming!’ ‘You know Tink,’ Cinderella said.
Yea, she’s always getting those ‘feelings’ she’d say of what is coming next so I bet you’re right Cinderella, I bet Tink can feel that we are coming.
Since Halloween night isn’t until tomorrow what do you recommend we do tonight while here in the Royal Kingdom?

‘Well,’ Cinderella said, ‘my best recommendation is go check out the Live Comedy Princess theatre – it’s an improv theatre where Princesses and Princes go to develop our personalities because as you know, sometimes are characters are a bit shy and some of us don’t have our true Princess voice yet if you know what I mean. ‘
‘Sounds very interesting.’ We will definitely be going there tonight.’ Agreed the Super hero dudes high fiving as they agreed.
‘Great I will be see you there because tonight is my night to perform, I go on right after Snow White,’ Cinderella said.
‘You will enjoy it’ Cinderella continued, ‘Moana is hosting the show because she won last years competition for public speaking and comedy. She’s hilarious and a very outspoken Princess!’
Miss Piggy is visiting here from Muppet land to give us all some coaching this afternoon so I better run along.’

‘Ok, Bye Cinderella!’ the Superheroes said. See you tonight!’

(More on the Princess Improv night later….)

Directions from the Great Guardian Mother
When anyone from the Fairytale kingdom Googled Pixie Hollow Secret Temple for directions,
They found a note from the Great Tree Guardian Mother herself.

‘Hello dear beings who live in me,
Way up high on my trunk beyond the sky
Of the human realm’s eye
To the Far East one will find the Pixie Hollow city of Light
Just follow the Green Ray straight up once you pass the Red Forbidden City
The Green Ray will take you from there.
When you arrive you please sign in at the
Great Tree Guardian Station
And when asked what your business is to visit the secret temple
You will say
Operation ‘Save Santa’s Palace’
Thank you all for coming to Tinks Meeting.’

One by one the story time characters arrived at the magical realm
Of the Secret Golden Temple and Tree Pixie Hollow.
The ground was made of light yet had a firmness and green color just as the ground in an Earth City does
This green ground sunk down gently as one moved on it giving the illusion of walking.

The city had many smaller trees surrounding a Golden Temple & a Golden Green Tree with chairs and benches set up all around.
Clearly the Fairies were expecting a large crowd and they were right,
There was a steady stream of family faces entering the thru the Great Tree Guardians door.

It almost felt like a reunion except there was an air of something very heavy in the air and even though you could tell everyone was enjoying seeing each other; they knew it was not a reunion, but rather, an emergency. The seriousness of the occasion was palpable in the air.

Snow White was crying and she didn’t even know why. Others were too. There was a very strong energy of sadness that was felt and even though many hadn’t seen each other years, they were not really talking to each other. There was a silence that was moving through the temple and everyone seemed to feel it.

One could see that the vibe was waking many of the characters up in a new way than they had ever experienced themselves, which started taking affect as soon as they arrived to this magical temple. One could see an inner seriousness that was washing across many faces.

Apparently word had spread into the cartoon world too because Bugs Bunny and Tweety bird were in the front row and looking especially somber.

Fairies were flying about making sure everyone had seating and adjusting the lighting and testing the microphone,
‘Testing, testing, 1, 2 3
Testing testing 1 23
Welcome, welcome.’

Then there was silence. It was the kind of silence that can’t be planned, it just suddenly appears and the longer it remains the deeper it goes, capturing the attention of all. Stillness followed. There was hardly a movement in any of the guests. It was as if time stopped for a moment and then as if manifesting herself from the silence, Tinkerbell appeared on the stage which extended off of a branch of the Golden tree about half way up. She was tiny and could hardly be seen. She was just a dot of light to most at the meeting.

She stepped up to the microphone and even though she was difficult to see her voice was clear as a bell.
‘Greetings to you all. Thank you for coming.’
As many of you know, I have been away for many years
‘And I have learned many things. One of which is how to expand and condense my body,’ at which point she suddenly grew 100x larger than she was a moment before and became the same size as Cinderella and was clearly visible for all to see.
‘Whoa! Cool trick!’ whispered Batman to Spidey.

‘So now that you all have come, I will not waste your time.
This meeting is urgent and each and every one of you is needed. This just may be the greatest assignment of your careers.

As you may or may not know, we are summoned to here to help the Humans. It has come to my attention that while our stories have brought much joy in the minds of children and inspired much play and creativity, we are being exploited and we are being used to cause and grow an empire of money of business which is empowering the using of weapons to destroy happiness, forests, and is truly wiping the Light off the Map of the World.

We have all been manifested by human thought. Each and everyone of you was written into being by a human being,
And for that, we are very grateful as many of us enjoy seemingly enchanted lifestyles.

There was a general nod of agreement amongst the crowd.

Bottom line, my dear Fairy tale and magical Kingdom friends, we are contributing to massive suffering on the planet Earth and we have to participate now in ending it. It is the ground from which we were created…. the innate human heart desire to ‘save the world.’ Well, the world we are here to Save is Tibet. The Palace we are here to Free, Barbie and Princesses, Is the Potala.

‘Well,’ Tinkerbell continued, ‘it is now our turn to use our creative intelligence and powers to give back to the Human realm that created us. As you all know our life in stories is fluffy and nice but in the human reality there is a real Palace, Santa’s Palace that is under siege real people that are being imprisoned and tortured by the King who stole the Palace. There are real forests that need saving, and the Kings on top of many Countries, especially the one that stole the Palace are causing bloodshed, and fear to pervade the Kingdom. The humans are in a dark time.

We are being called by the Great Guardian Mother to no longer be a distraction for the human realm calling us pretend and making plastic toys which look like us to give to their kids and make movies about us which make millions and millions of dollars which then go back to empower the evil King Network to continue bloodshed. To put it simply, we are being used by the dark force.’

‘The Great Guardian Mother has issued a plea to us all
And I quote her, ‘we are to remind the humans of their Light and save Santa’s Palace’

‘Uh, excuse me Tinkerbell, you said we are to use our creative intelligence? How? What do you mean remind humans of their light and save Santa’s palace? We didn’t realize Santa even had a palace, we thought he lived at the North Pole.’ Said one of the attendees.

Yes thank you for your questions: let me explain.
As I was saying, we have all been manifestations of thought
And our characters have impacted the minds of humans in more ways than we realize, as we are manifestations of aspects of them. Just like Santa. He is a manifestation of an unconscious desire for a Father of Peace. Christmas celebrates a divine boy child who came to Earth to help guide Brothers into Peace. Well, just as he was real so is a Father of Peace, Who wears red robes and giggles and spreads gifts year around to the peoples of the world. The gift they all so desperately need. LOVE.

I have come to find out in my travels and schooling that this mythical creature is based off of a real human being. He is known to the World as the Dalai Lama and he is a real King who lived in a real Kingdom of the Snowlands, Tibet. His Potala Palace sits high in the Snowland Mountains where the rooftop of the world meets the Heaven’s above. Much like our mythical Santa has a North Pole workshop so is the Potala Palace a physical manifestation of a Palace of Compassion. This Palace is under siege and bloodshed has ravaged the land for 60 years.

Our characters have been written and enjoyed but toys made out of us are made by humans who are working like slave workers for pennies! Our writers write us with values of human love and care – especially you Barbie! – But the human businesses using our archetypes are making money off us and its being used to support the very business which is destroying the happiness of humanity by spreading destruction, censoring free speech, using weapons as Law, bullying the world, and killing human beings is they have a picture of the Dalai Lama. I am asking all of you to join with Santa and have your writers incorporate the values of Barbie into their business deals. It is unacceptable to exploit us anymore to perpetuate suffering for real living beings! Our toys are being made in factories of suffering under a Government that stole the Palace and killed Santa’s family. We all now must come to work for Santa and only have your fans by your toys, which come from the True Santa seal toy workshops, not slave shops. No poison on our toys like China puts on them.

I am calling you to uplift your fans by bringing our voice to not be silent about Tibet and say to your writers and CEO’s that they must align their Company’s values with the values of Compassion and not killing. No matter what the cost! Don’t let a bully who runs sweatshops in China, genocide torture in Tibet, and countless inhumane manpower activities – don’t let that bully you. We the Superhero Team stand with TIBET and we vote Dalai Lama as our Santa and we save Christmas! We help humans choose to raise the light and lay down the gun by mirroring it to them in our stories. Show them what life in alignment with the intention and instinct of compassion looks like by helping them first be law of attracted to it and second to be FREE to say align with it’s Law. This is the power of the Spiritual Sun Love of Dalai Lama – we see an authentic Santa and we join him to co create Peace on Earth. Our Law of Attraction wants it.

~ may all words be offered to bring light and benefit to our suffering world. Karmapa Chenno ~

Julie Christine

Golden Age Fairytale: Preparing our Mind Wednesday, Nov 15 2017 

Because we are in the Dark age we need to prepare and open our minds to expand to hold a view of this Reality based Fairytale…….to see that we are on the edge of catalyizing our Golden AGE.  Like one or the other.  Love or Anti love.  Dalai Lama or Xi on top your head? or your Government?  Love as power or ?????

Discernment. Discernment is key. Free speech is second key. People sharing same view proliferating thru internet and our realization of such logic is tipping point for Love have its turn on the world scene of True Power in our humanity. (i.e. our Intelligence and Activities)

Once upon a time of now we could see we lived in a magical world where beings would manifest whatever they thought of. It was the world of Human life on Earth. Unfortunately the beings were in the dark pattern of manifesting war, torturing others, bullying and controlling by fear and wealth. The dark male manifesting power was exemplified in the world of Politics and Movies that are showing how thoughts manifested in a script become scenes acted out.  Same like life.  What are our leaders acting out? What do you empower?

This ability to manifest thoughts can be quite a magnificent divine gift to manifest Heaven on Earth, or it can be the worst curse ever cast onto a people or a planet and the poor animals that live here when the power is used to manifest Hell, or suffering onto the beings of Earth. Just as War is scripted, so is peace.

This Reality based Fairy tale is a compilation of thoughts to help us manifest our divine existence on planet Earth and be the great lovers and caretakers of Earth and the animals as it was meant to be in the mind of our Divine Mothers of which we have heard very little about in our world of stories. She is in all of us, so may her thoughts in us, her instincts in us, resonate with the words in this tale and in so doing, may we bring this Fairy tale to life with our OWN freed will. 20171031_133554

As any reader knows, he or she is empowered with an inner freedom, which can accept or reject words that appear to them on a page. They can accept or reject the view or picture the words paint for them to see in their minds eye. They can accept or reject the feelings the words are attempting to transmit from the words to the reader. The writer of the words is simply a messenger of the movies, i.e. the Scripts we play out and live our lives.

An example of this would be the words written in our Laws. They are words written to express a moral code or idea of the people writing the words. These are then translated into codes of conduct of which people then live by. Words are not just in Laws; they are also in religious texts. Same thing, Words being used to create a picture of what and who we are, and what and who we are to be. Do not discount the Power we have to turn our world into a fairy tale by shifting our perceptions of what is possible. That is the power of Story telling and what story we wish to live out in our precious human life.

Stories are the scenes we play whether in our daily life, watch on the movie screen, or act out in armies. They are all stories of our life. This story is a divine story thereby could be called a Fairy’s tale of Freedom. The Mother of all Fairytales for it is about a Golden Age of tree of WE and how we Manifested our Olympic Golden Age.

It is an incredibly easy story to transmit a future view of a Happy ever after on Earth tale, but it is up to you, the reader, to be able to accept or reject the view. To empower it or deny it within yourself. That is why it is blissful to write and also an agonizingly horribly painful to write about the ruthless dark story time we are in now.

The Fairytale ending is a victory of Light, but the beginning is hell and this writer is not sure which aspect of the story to begin with? Since the future victory doesn’t yet exist in present reality, and the painful present of the palace under siege is not only difficult to read, but difficult to tell for it places the heart into Hell.

So, our story will interweave them together to not overwhelm either the writer or reader in too much future fantasy, or too much pain reality but somewhere in the middle addressing both with the use of many fairytale characters and voices.

This is the type of story that you can skip around in because any part is meant to be beneficial and it doesn’t matter which little fairy tale you read first for each chapter of this Fairy tale is meant to be a bridge from ideas and characters you may have history with, and presenting and updated story and view of the characters and scenes for this 21st Century Golden Age Fairytale montage.

The writer encourages you, the reader, to let yourself open your mind and heart to seeing old things in new ways, or allowing a new deeper meaning of a story bloom for us as we read these tales, for they are written to the inner child in all of which wants to be healed, loved, and participate in a healed and loving world.

As any adult reader reading these words knows, our world is far from a healed and loving world and yet, it is our thoughts, the stories we tell and choose to live by, which make the world of reality now either a hell or healed and loving reality.

So imagine if you will that we all have a Golden seed inside us this story is energy to bloom that golden seed, delivering golden words for your Golden Age. Please imagine you are a golden vessel receiving these golden streams of thought to catalyze the building of our Golden age in cities ravaged by our Dark Age wars. images-24

May this story help you believe again in goodness in our world. If you find your adult mind rejecting the view, take a moment and loosen some of the thoughts you may have that may be part of propaganda or programming from your world and try to just let the view land in your heart. Please try to hold the view so that it can have a chance to come true.

Whether thoughts are manifested as Governments of Pain or Fairytales of Peace – it is the same. Human thought and human activity. The Stories of our Life. I write this story as an offering to our manifesting a 21st Century Olympic Golden Age activities and a Free Tibet. Please enjoy the journey. Om Mani Peme Hum. May the union of Compassion and wisdom awaken in the treasure of our hearts.

~ may all words be offered to bring light and benefit to our suffering world. Karmapa Chenno ~

Julie Christine

Golden Age Fairytale: Miracle Christmas 2017 Free Santa’s Palace Wednesday, Nov 15 2017 

2017 Christmas Miracle Love Tree story.LibertyUSA Operation: Free Santa’s Palace

A Message from our Golden Age Christmas Tree
Once upon a real time there is a tree that can speak
In the tongue of each and every human being.
She spoke in the tongue of everyone
As she spoke in the language of which we call Love

Everyone could understand this magical speaking tree
as if receiving direct messages just for each He and She.
She is called by many names including
The Miracle tree of WE,
And she holds our Human family Tree,
As well as the celestial realms above
and this is her story for Love

human being
Thank you for sitting with me
For this signals an auspicious time for your humanity.

So dear ones, it’s time you hear my voice
For a great gift has been given you
but you are destroying it with your free choice
This precious human life Is so difficult to find

And is but a fragment of the fullness of your true nature mind.
So if you are to make full use of the gift of which has been given
please listen to these words
to help you live in more of your heaven

As you sit beneath my branches
you will develop an ability to see and feel my view
So please, relax and let me take you on a journey into me
You may close your eyes, lean against me,
and allow my words to lift and carry you

As you can see I am rooted in the Earth.
This is my home. And its yours too.
Look up beyond what your eyes can see
My trunk reaches to the Heavens and the celestial cities
I am the Mother Tree in the forest of Life
holding all your family trees throughout time
and my branches hold all the beings in your Nations,
as my fruits.

I speak in a language that all of you can hear
because you are all a part of me
you are my family of which I hold dear

I am speaking because I am sick and need you to heal
When you arm with firearms and throw missiles and bombs
it burns Me, and your family and devastates Mom’s.
You are killing me and yourselves unnecessarily
And This is not intelligent activity

I am also known as the Tree of Logic
Because my view is unbiased
and rooted in love
I can use logic to point out to you what does not make sense.
In hopes it will uplift your intelligence.

I have been given the power to speak
And you the power to hear
And Because we are interconnected
a piece of me is in you,
therefore you have the seed to comprehend me,
your Spirit Mother tree

You will innately trust me
Like infants trust their Mothers
You are all my children as well as
My sisters and brothers.

I am intelligence to help you see
Enlightenment on our Family tree.
You are all seeds of potential fruits
And It’s time for you to bloom.

I speak to talk you out of your weaponry
So you can engage in being miracle workers for the Tree
Working to grow Mountains of recycled weapons
Catalyzing a Golden Age for your humanity
And reducing the pain of life on Me.

To give you an idea of what could be
I will sing you a song
To Offer your gun to this Tree
I will show you how to transform such things
Into Beautiful Iron Mountains for mans sexual and spiritual healings.

Please visualize A bootcamp man dance –
And see the men of all Nations Dancing their victory Dance –
allowing Brotherly love to WIN all wars
laying down the gun at the doors of life
so hate doesn’t have a chance.
To separate brothers ever again.
~ Mother

What would love man boot camp be?

I will tell you on this Tree tv

Open your ears and rest your mind

On what I say to you tonight



Lets go.

Are you ready soldier to stand

Up for being a divine man

Do you want to be treated with care

And touched with love oh everywhere

Well brother now I do decree

That would be the service of LIBERTY

To guide you back into you heart

And help you make your divine start

Countdown 5,4,3,2,1

Transform Gun

That’s right you heard just what I said

That weapon there is a tool of dead

It brings nothing but pain again

So please offer your gun now to say

I Pledge Allegience as Man to Man

I am here as a Man freewill

to tell you, brother,

I will not kill.

I will learn to speak and deal

With my feelings and keep it real

I am Tantra man evolving now

With this promise and my vow

I want to taste my heart alive

And know how to love all the days of my life”


5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I offer this tree my gun

Now it’s time I taste true fun!

~ may all words be offered to bring light and benefit to our suffering world. Karmapa Chenno ~

Julie Christine

Oct 2017 Libra New Moon silent Prayer Friday, Oct 20 2017 

Liberate means to Free. How do we liberate ourselves from Killing each other? Sunday, Oct 30 2016 

Greetings. On behalf of Our Liberty I write an answer: More details are given in blog video’s http://www.vimeo.com/libertyusa

We do it MENTALLY first. We must Check our OWN mind? Do you believe in World Peace. Do you believe humans can live without killing each other? If you do believe in it…when do you believe it is to manifest? not in your lifetime? how do you see it happening? what would have to happen? deep down do you believe in the power of Love or Gun ruling? etc. etc. My point in writing is to point out as Individuals and as a Collective… if WE can’t conceive it, and believe in its potential reality in our NOW, then it can never birth.  Individually, as a Country or human race. That is why I write. So we can recognize our obstacles in our mind to our World Peace and remove them/dissolve them/disempower them. First comes the recognizing of the obstacle thought.

Let’s go back to WW2. Hitler said kill and death happened. The power of the word then human activity made it manifest in the world.  At the same time His Holiness Dalai Lama is saying Love, Benefit, Care. Jesus too. They are mirroring and saying to humanity to empower love. When we do then divine life on Earth can manifest. Its always here we just haven’t aligned fully with it. and that is why i write.

Taking this logic to our current ‘politics’ in America and China.  War is manifesting killing.  America is Hitler.  China is Hitler.  We the People are Hitler until we say no to fear and reasons to bear arms against each other.  The crime is the same. Can we see that? Equalize the crime, we can equalize our liberation from the crime with our Logic of common sense of cause effect. Its not rocket science!

Liberty Tree: Grow a Tree of Life of all those who mentally can agree with the thought. Disarmament. Love as Power. Humans as Friends of Nations. Networked in 21 Century Healing activities. Elect an American Leader who values Love, Equanimity, Compassion and Joy will follow for USAll.

To His Holiness Dalai Lama on his 80th Birthday and to ‘We the People’ of our human family Wednesday, Jul 1 2015 


Dear Your Holiness the Dalai Lama, Divine Father, Lord of Love and Friend to Humanity,

On the auspicious occasion of your 80th birthday, I write to thank you for the compassion you show to all sentient beings.  From my Christian roots I see that as God loves his Son, you have loved us All.  I stand with you and pay homage to you and your unwavering commitment to peace in Tibet and worldwide.    May this auspicious occasion mark a profound movement for awakening and change in our human family.

Your kindness and wisdom inspire me not only today, but every day and in all aspects of my life, and with that inspiration I hope to help inspire my country to stand united with you in nonviolence.  May we rise into our hearts and stand united in our human right to Love, our right to train in it, honor it, and embody it.  I believe to love is our basic divine human right like instinct from Mother to child.  or Heavenly Father to Son. Or YOU to USAll. Same love. 

May China and American People (i.eihuman beings) and all Nations join in a Friends of Nations Network and organize ourselves to do our sacred dances for your Birthday and for World Peace.  May these dances be expressions of our awakening our love inside us through loving you and each other in organized activities.


I see people understanding that we can use our intention to make the pure lands out of our toxic suffering Earth by working together doing purifying work.  I see an unarmed Red Army of Loving activities and a happy Chinese with clean air. I see the World celebrating a free Tibet because i see the worlds people joining on a Tantra love network and exiting the terror, militarized, armed force age.  Your Birthday is a Day we can all sign up for the same service.  To serve our heart. To save our hearts.

As the center of all that is good, around you I see new activities as our human race joins together to help dispel each others misery as our life purpose.  We thank you as children to Father for walking the path of Love, holding the energy, and we humans who feel a real spark of love inside our hearts when we see your face, hear your name, or even just think of you, join in one flame.

may that spark they feel of authentic feeling of happiness or love be our primary basic human right we protect.  Now we the people come to value Our right to love and feel authentic true love.  Our expressing our love to you as a Global human race is a key to our humanity surviving and the world sees how China Government is trying to censor our love for His Holiness.  that is undermining our very human nature. This is beyond politics. It’s a fight to save our humanity with the thread of love that connects us to our humanity.

Now more than ever, I pray that all of us global citizens who feel the spark of love inside our feeling body when we think of His Holiness to join as one from all over the world.  This is a massive number of people and energy!  May this movement help Chinese soldiers feel too as we invite them to be at liberty to speak love and feel care and giggle, and be friendly humans.  May we have a system that can retrain and reboot the heart of humanity and armed forces.

I pray on His Holiness’ Birthday all men and women from whatever Country, use it as a day to honor & practice loving kindness.  On that day, may we speak our I love You’s, and our I’m Sorry’s to each other and catalyze a world healing.  That is what love does.

We the People could try it for just one day.   We pick a time when we caused Death to another and take responsibility for it and apologize. Rather that righteously hold onto to a wrong.  Example:  America apologizes to Vietnam, Middle East.  President Obama, I ask you to speak on behalf of this type of ‘Responsibility.’  China apologizes to Tibet.  Germans apologize to Jew. White to Black. Black to Black.  Man to Woman.  Woman to man.  Mother to child.  Child to parent. etc….We the People cannot wait for our leaders to lead to Peace. They won’t. They will keep us armed and in the same paradigm of fear and destruction.  We the People in each Nation must extend the olive branch and break the patterns of violence.  We can catalyze Olympic of Love activities all over the world.  Love can do this. On your Birthday your Holiness, I hope we do loving activities on Earth.  I pray that one day all armed forces/uniformed personnel could join in a world team activity that does not require carrying a weapon, but rather clean water, food, etc….

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG3V5ja3oM8  This is a video demonstration of such a tantric dream for us all

I believe we the Humans are recognizing this core, root spiritual value of love that we must resurrect in our World now. Our human right to love is our most precious resource, our most valuable commodity!  So I say to China, if wearing a Tshirt saying I am a Friend of His Holiness the Dalai Lama or I LOVE the Dalai Lama is against the law, we see the crazy.  It is unacceptable.  I believe now the world is awake enough and connected through the internet enough to see that any regime making love illegal must not prevail and those caught in service to that system are not free!  So I pray on your Birthday all can taste the freedom to love and be loved.  A Compassionate day and service.  A compassionate tantra boot camp service and training.

I see all brothers dancing their sacred dances to each other and to you. Like the Earth is a World Peace Birthday cake and we are heart flame candles dancing on the cake…i see all army of Red and Red, White and Blue getting paid to do healing and helpful activities under the new command of a Motherland Compassionate Commander in Chief.  I see the Red Army dancing in a Zumba street Olympics of Peace parade and giving a flower to a Tibetan.

Your Holiness, your love has touched us all over the world and we have reached critical mass.   Now, it is my prayer that this flame of love we feel for you as citizens from around the world – we can recognize we are meeting in the heart of our humanity and By celebrating him we are resurrecting lost love in ourselves.  The more Free He is the happier we all will be.  Love expands when we do loving activity.

My wish is for you to go home with the royal blessing of We the People of China, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Russia, America, and all peoples of the world. May we forget about how it will happen, just put faith in love and know that it will happen because it is what is right.  OUr hearts feel it.  China’s heart feels it.  The Worlds heart feels it.  I can say this because We are all interconnected and my heart feels it.  Let us end our dark age and officially begin our Age of Light.  I offer my spark of light to the Spiritual Sun that your aspirations to benefit all beings be fulfilled in this life.  I see how the benefits can happen for people and for business but i am already writing too much.

Your Holiness, May you return home to your Potala in a Happy Free Tibet and a Happy Free China.  May a Love Olympic torch or spark of light in our hearts be felt directly and in that feeling….may we trust in it and connect with each other.  This is a Fire Olympic event and as we raise the Spiritual Sun of Tibet with you is lighting up our Compassion as power in our humanity.

In service to the cause of Peace on Earth and helping make Purelands in our world now as a business model and intention. Your Holiness ignited my faith in goodness in human and to you and your divine qualities I bow and I serve…and may Spiritual Mother Amma and sister Oprah add their flames to this movement and prayer.

your heart daughter,
Karma Yangchen Lhamo,
Julie Christine,
aka Libertyusa

October 2013 075

as usual i have written lengthy. i apologize.  May Love & Compassions seed ripen in us humans and prevail now.  Om mani peme hum.  May there be auspicious circumstances and may we See you in Tibet as we humans pull together to restore our planet to her bounty and rise out of these dark ages.  May suffering be dispelled by us dispelling misery rather than creating it.   May there exist a Tantric global network doing the good work.

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